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Best Places to Hide Money At Home

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Ceramic Piggy BankI had a conversation over the weekend with a friend of mine who likes to keep a little bit of cash at home in the event of a zombie apocalypse. As I reminded him that zombies don’t take US dollars, I thought a little to how we like to keep some cash on hand at home too. My friend was talking a thousand dollars or two, we keep maybe a hundred bucks. While he was trying to up his chances of survival, we do it to avoid an unnecessary trip to the ATM if we find our wallet or purse a little light one day.

That led me to wonder where the best places to hide you rmoney at home was and fortunately the web did not disappoint.

First, there’s is no limit to human ingenuity. Just spend a few minutes looking through the slideshow WalletPop put together on the craziest places people hide their money and you’ll see things like inside a fake i-beam, the cookie jar, their attic, a fake roll of toilet paper, under the litter box, mason jar buried in the garden, and my favorite, an empty can hidden in the pantry. Hopefully all those people can get to their cash when the zombies start rolling in.

Now that you have a list of potential places, you need a strategy. Putting all of your cash in one secret spot works as long as the thief doesn’t find it. If they find it, then they have all of your money. Why not spread your loot over several secret hiding spots? If a thief is short on time and starts flipping over everything, they may quit after finding one stash. Thieves don’t have a ton of time so giving them a little offering like that may stop them from finding all the pieces.

Next, remember why you’re keeping the money at home and be smart about how much. We want to avoid the ATM so we keep less than $100 at home. We could keep $1,000 but that would be way more than we need, plus it’s interest we’re not earning by not having it in a savings account. So keep the amount logical, how much cash do you really need at home? Probably not as much as you think. Remember that in the event of a fire, you don’t want to feel compelled to save your money.

I feel obligated to point out this story of a woman throwing away a mattress that, unknown to her, held a million dollars of her mother’s savings. Saving money is good, saving a million dollars is great, but saving it in your mattress is a horrible idea.

Lastly, don’t be so creative that you forget where you hid it. :)

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98 Responses to “Best Places to Hide Money At Home”

  1. SeaL says:

    20k in hundred dollar bills distributed evenly under wallpaper in our place.Burglars broke in twice, never found anything.

  2. ellington1 says:

    never hide money in a can or mattress chose some spot that you can get too in a hurry in the event of an emergency or something like that my place would be in my kitchen in the cookie jar.

  3. Pmk says:

    The cookie jar is one of the more common places
    That ppl keep their cash in. My mum used to send
    me to the variety store to pick up bread for her as
    a kid. She’d always send me to the cookie jar to get
    50¢ so that i could buy some candy whole there.
    Every one of my friends parents did the same thing.
    What i do is this. I take a can of fruit the kind thats
    Stored in the tins with the pop tops that are similar
    To the ones on the chef boyardee pasta tins. I cut
    The bottom off it. Put the fruit in a plastic container.
    I thoroughly wash and dry the inside and outside of
    can(dont forget lid) i then shove the bills into the tin.
    I take papertowel thats been doubled, place it in the
    Tin to protect the cash from gettin glued to the tin. I
    then take my hot glue gun& i VERY CAREFULLY glue
    The bottom of the tin back onto the can. I have a few
    Cans like that. One’s chickpeas & the groosest of foods
    That i can thinkbof so that the hubby wont go opening
    The tins and find it. So far so good. He’s not found any
    Of my tins so my stash is safe yaaaay

  4. RY33 says:

    Thanks ton the internet all burglars now know to look in freezers and under cat liter boxes.

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