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Best Site To Sell Your Stuff

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Recently I’ve been doing some cleaning around the house and thinking about how to unload some of the stuff we’ve acquired over the years. I have a ton of junk that’s just taking up space in closets, on bookshelves, in basement rooms, etc. Fortunately, with the power of the Internets, it’s actually quite easy to sell the stuff you don’t need. Here are my favorites:


Everyone knows the school store is the worst place to sell a textbook but there are easier and better alternatives. First, I’d check the bulletin boards of your school, both online and offline. By selling it through the bulletin boards you save on shipping and selling fees. My online favorites are and because you can list in minutes once you setup a Marketplace account. Then, you can enter the ISBN number (the numbers underneath the bar code), product quality, sale price and Amazon will set up the rest for you. For the convenience you do pay a price, takes a 15% commission on the sale price, so try offline first.

“Commodity” Goods

I’ve always said that eBay is the prime place for anything that can be considered a commodity. A commodity is a DVD, watches, a car part, or any number of items in which one of them is is essentially interchangeable with another. What you get with one particular I Am Legend DVD is going to essentially be the same as any other, minus different scratches and the like. For items like that, eBay is king. eBay is king because they have useful tools to help in the listing process of commodity goods and because you get access to a huge buying community. Commodity goods also ship well, which means that geography isn’t a liability as it is with furniture.


Used clothes are always difficult to sell but if it’s a particularly unique piece then you can always try local consignment shops. If it’s a suit, consider snapping a few photos, getting the dimensions, and listing it on eBay. In college my friend used to buy suits from Goodwills in affluent neighborhoods and sell them on eBay for a tidy profit, so it’s certainly possible. In general though you’ll probably get a better return donating them and taking the tax deduction.

Furniture & Other Large Items

Craigslist baby. Furniture (and other large items) is often big, difficult to ship and transport, so you’ll want to keep the buyer in the same geographic area. eBay isn’t a good option since shipping will make something too expensive. You can often find a major city Craigslist site near you but expect a lot of false positives. I recently gave away a dishwasher and had many false positives (and it was for free!). If you do have a weaker piece of furniture or a larger item that you don’t think you can sell and you don’t think Goodwill/Salvation Army will accept as a donation, giving it away on Craigslist is a good alternative to the dump or recycling facility. (large items can include basically anything heavy like tools, appliances, etc.)

There you go, four major clutter categories and the places you can unload the loot you’ve acquired all those years.

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8 Responses to “Best Site To Sell Your Stuff”

  1. CK says:

    Jimbo- I have to take issue with the textbooks.

    Your first place to inquire should always be the campus bookstore(s). It won’t take but a minute, many will even let you know over the phone (possibly even on their website) Then you’ll be able to judge whether an amazon/ebay/etc listing is worth the effort/commission/shipping/possible returns hassle.


  2. Monkey Monk says:

    I agree with the Amazon and recommendations. I’ve never seen a college bookstore offer anything close to what you can get by selling it yourself online. Both stores make the process so easy it’s really not a hassle at all.

    I actually prefer over Amazon and use them to sell all my old DVDs, CDs, video games, and books. I *hate* eBay (and by extension PayPal) so I never use them anymore. I know is owned by eBay but the streamlined listing process and payment processing is just so much more simple to use.

    Lately, I’ve started looking into a company called Swaptree where you can exchange old products rather than sell them. It looks like a good source to potentially swap finished video games. I’ve only listed a couple but haven’t had any takers so far.

  3. ConnieB says:

    Hey, liked the article. I generally just give my items away, but once in a while I do try to recoup a little of my initial investment. Next time I do, Ill use your list lol.

    Bookmarked / Stumbled!

  4. Ben says:

    eBay’s having a 2 week listing sale starting yesterday:

  5. Frugal Vet Tech says:

    I prefer to Amazon for selling books because they take a smaller chunk out of what I earn. I never try the college bookstore because they pay so little. If I can’t sell them online, I take them to a used bookstore and take what I can get for them (which isn’t usually very much, but then the books are at least out of apartment!).

    If you’re looking to exchange books, is great. You get credits for listing books and can then use those credits to “purchase” other books. Not a bad deal if you’re an avid reader.

  6. Posco says:

    Textbooks that go through frequent reprintings or new editions (damn those publishers) make your old editions obsolete and practically worthless. In that case, Amazon won’t help you; I’ve tried.

  7. Peter says:

    Another site, The Best Place To Sell used stuff moderates all ads/postings. They require disclosure of known defects, pictures, and a fair & reasonable price for both buyer & seller.

    The Best Place To Sell (part of The Sellers Catalog) is a great place to sell used stuff if you want to find a fair & reasonable price on good-condition items.

    You can post for free to sell, buy, or donate at The Best Place To Sell your furniture, appliances, sporting goods, office stuff, and more. But because The Best Place To Sell is moderated, it is unlikely you will find the scammers like on some of the other sites. Better still, The Best Place To Sell and The Sellers Catalog offers a telephone number for personal help to post your stuff to sell, or buy. All postings go through The Best Place To Sell.

    Through The Best Place To Sell and The Sellers Catalog, you are also asked to post things you want to buy or even donate. And since The Best Place To Sell also requires a buyer to inspect the item before fully paying, there should be no issues to deal with after a purchase. This also means the seller does NOT have to ship!

    Also, as a seller, or anyone who posts, you will receive feedback e-mails each time your ad is viewed.

    A basic post with pictures is free. Like other sites, you will need to “register” with The Sellers Registry, also free, but they do NOT spam, nor believe spam, and will often report those who do. The Best Place To Sell and The Sellers Catalog really do want their sites to be a safe, comfortable, and informed place to buy, sell, and donate good-condition used stuff.

  8. Curt says:

    Freecycle is a good way to give things away.

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