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Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Summer has arrived, and that means that teenagers are looking for a way to make more money. Summer is a great time for teenagers to switch to full time work. High school students can learn a lot from a job [3], and summer time offers the chance for teens to make even more money, since they don’t have to work around school and extracurricular activities [4].

If your teenager is trying to figure out how to make a little more money, here are some ideas for great summer jobs for teenagers:


This goes at the top of my list because my sister and two of my brothers worked as lifeguards. You have to go through proper training to get your certification, but it’s worth it. You can work on your tan, while doing a job that pays decently. Lifeguarding isn’t all sitting in a cool chair and blowing the whistle at rowdy kids, though. You will probably have to help clean the pool and the locker rooms as well.

You can also teach swim lessons. As good lifeguard can branch off to teach private lessons as well as group lessons, and get paid for that as well.

Restaurant Server

I loved being a waitress. One of the great things about being a restaurant server is that you always have cash from your tips. It can be hard work, since you are running around on your feet, but it can be a great job that results in good pay if you are able to charm those you wait on. Plus, in some restaurants you get perks like free or discounted food.


From working at a fast food restaurant to cashiering at a local craft store (like I did for my first job [5]), this is one of the more common jobs. It helps to be able to count change, and do simple sums in your head. You might also have to do light cleaning. Try to develop a good manner with customers, and you could find yourself with a job as a cashier.

Sales Person

It’s also possible to make money as a salesperson. In some cases, you can work on a base wage plus commission. This is a great way for teens to learn how to hustle to make sales. Performance is rewarded with a bonus, so it’s a great way to earn extra cash. The better you do as a sales person, the more money you make over the summer. Learn how to develop rapport with customers, and you could make a great sale that boosts your stash of cash for a good long while.

Start a Business

Anymore, it’s possible for almost anyone to start a business [6]. Teens in my neighborhood have a flag business. For a yearly subscription fee, they come around and place a flag in front of your house on holidays. It’s also possible to start lawn care businesses, babysitting services, and engage in other activities that can earn money. There are even teenagers who make money online. I learned firsthand that I wanted to work for myself after I spent time teaching piano lessons. Summer might be the perfect time for teens to get a start on entrepreneurship.

What are your ideas for teen summer jobs?

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