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Best Zero Percent Balance Transfers (Updated March 2011)

The offers on this page are out dated, you can find the latest news when the April update is released.

If you thought the offers from last month were juicy, this month is going to surprise you as some issuers are really pulling out all the stops. I’ve been watching balance transfer offers for years and it’s been quite some time since someone offered a $100 in cashback as part of a new account promotion and tied it to a card with a 0% balance transfer [3] or 0% purchases offer. I think the issuers are starting to really get aggressive in competing with one another and you, the consumer, benefit from it.

The story last month was longer promotional periods, this month we get to see a little bit of bonus action on the front end coupled with more standard balance transfer promotional rate periods.

0% Intro APR and $100 Bonus Cash Back

As I mentioned in the opener, this month we see the Chase FreedomĀ® MasterCard come with a 0% Intro APR (3% balance transfer fee) coupled with a $100 Bonus Cash Back. Here are the high hitting bullet points:

No Balance Transfer Fee

As I mentioned last month, this Discover More Card was the only one offering a 0% balance transfer with no balance transfer fee and unfortunately this offer was terminated in February 2011. Last month, it was rare. This month, it’s extinct. There is, however, good news out of the Discover balance transfer camp, the 24 month offer was extended.

Longest 0% Balance Transfer Period

While the no balance transfer fee version of this card was terminated, the 24 month balance transfer period Discover More offer was extended. The longer balance transfer introductory period comes at a cost, there is 5% balance transfer fee. This card still features all the niceties of the regular Discover More card, including cash back bonuses and the like.

3% Fee, 21 Month Transfer Period

The Citi Platinum Select Card is still here with a slightly lower balance transfer fee (down to 3% from last month’s 4% rate). The promotional period is longer than the usual twelve months yet it has the same fee, making it better than your standard year-long offer. This card also offers 0% APR on purchases for 21 month.