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Your Take: Be Careful Selling Airlines Miles

At least on Craigslist anyway.

I just read a somewhat sad story [3] on Fatwallet about a user who will probably be losing all of his American Airlines AAdvantage miles because Craiglist sold him out to American Airlines. It appears that Craigslist notified American Airlines of his ad to sell airline miles, which is usually against the terms of service, and they were able to match up emails and names to find his AAdvantage account. He had 200,000 miles in his account and most believe he’s going to lose them unless he gets some special intervention.

On one hand, I feel for the guy because 200,000 miles is a ton of miles but he is breaking the rules. The problem is that a lot of people break the rules. I know a lot of people who buy a few miles from friends, or strangers on the internet, so they can get the extra thousand miles to get a free flight. When I was in college, I used to sell Southwest Rapid Reward vouchers to other students or to small businesses on Craiglists and other bulletin boards (back when they still did vouchers). I know that it’s all against the program’s terms of service and I had no ethical qualms about it (maybe I should!).

Now if he were to instead sell magazine subscriptions, which he would set up using those miles, would that have been more legit? Same end result, just a less efficient methodology… I don’t really know.

How do you feel about this? Did he get what he deserved? Did he only get what he deserved because he was sloppy?

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