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Your Take: Do You Blame Presidents for Gas Prices?

Politics is a funny game. Every time gas prices go up, the party that’s out of power blames the part that’s in power for the increase. President Obama’s a Democrat and so the Republicans blame him for higher gas prices. When President Bush was in office, Democrats blamed Bush for higher gas prices. When prices go down, one party will take credit and the other will try to argue that President’s can’t affect gas prices. In reality, only one thing is true – Presidents can do very little to affect the short term price of gasoline. It’s just the reality of the global marketplace, foreign exchange, and a litany of other factors that one person, let alone one country, cannot change.

But how many people actually believe the rhetoric? It’s like soccer players falling after being barely touched and crying foul – almost everyone knows it’s just a ploy (especially once they get up and continue playing like nothing happened).

Do you think a President can affect gas prices and if so, why?