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Blast From The Past Elsewhere Articles

Posted By Jim On 01/27/2006 @ 11:25 am In Personal Finance | No Comments

So the four other blogs in the Money Blog Network have been around for a while and some of you might only be familiar with their recent writings with the rise in the popularity of personal finance blogs. Well, having followed them for a while now, I’ve decided that this week we’ll take a look at some of my favorite articles from their archives.

AllThingsFinancial started on blogger and he recently (last September) moved all his content over but he’s been at this for at least a year (when we ran into each other). If you look into his archives and poke your head into September, you’ll read about his Hurricane Rita experience. First is the calm before the storm [3], tracking the monstrosity [4], a quick departure [5], a few days of silence, followed by a story of the evacuation experience [6], some photos [7], more stories of being displaced [8], returning home [9] and surveying the damage, [10]getting electricity restored [11] (but no internet! [12]), and finally the conclusion with the “I’m Back” post [13].

Deep in the annals of Five Cent Nickel’s archives is a great post on being diligent when reviewing your medical bills [14] along with a more recent article about his wisdom teeth experience [15], specifically the billing. And just to round out the whole medical trifecta is his reaction to a seriously overdue medical bill [16]. Pay your bills!

I went all the back to mid-2003 for Consumerism Commentary – that’s a full year and a half before I started blogging. Back then ING was offering a 1.8% rate [17] and was facing competition from Capital One’s 2.25% rate! He also wrote a few article on being upside-down on a car loan [18] and even an article on the often discussed topic of saving early for retirement [19]. You want to talk about experience, Flexo’s been blogging for a long time now.

Finally, Free Money Finance’s archives chock full of goodness and if you ever have the time, you should just slide right through and read them all. That being said, this post lists his promises [20], why you should listen to him [21], and some common-sense ground rules for readers [22]. Also worth noting is he’ll be on the Blogonomics Cruise [23]!


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