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Blockbuster Express Free Movie Codes

Blockbuster has had a rough few years. First, Netflix was and still is eating their lunch on mail-order DVD rental. Then Redbox swooped in and started crushing their in-store business by renting movies for $1 a day, sticking their kiosks everywhere.

June 17th, 2005, shares of Blockbuster (BBI [3]) traded at around $10 a share. Today they’re trading at 28 cents and the market cap is barely above $61 million. Netflix (NFLX [4]), on the other hand, traded at just under $17 a share five years ago and sits pretty at around $124 today with a market cap of $6.51 billion.

How far the mighty have fallen!

Well, to help combat this massive erosion of market share, Blockbuster entered the fight for in-store kiosk dominance with their Blockbuster Express service. Much like Redbox, there are plenty of Blockbuster Express free movie codes:

(courtesy of Fatwallet Forums [5])

Here is the Blockbuster Express store locator [6].


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