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Blog Links of the Week

Nickel writes about the reward credit cards in his wallet [3]. Since I have no originality of my own, I blogged about the reward credit cards in my wallet [4].

FMF goes over the first key in investing success: making investing a habit [5].

Inflation sucks. [6] (well, on an individual level, it’s good on a macro level)

According to Flexo, Sharebuilder [7] is going to start offering options trading [8].

MBH sure has a lot on his plate… [9]

NCN has a VIP Seat to an upcoming Total Money Makeover Live Event [10] courtesy of a friend, how sweet is that? I don’t really know who Dave Ramsey is but I’ve never been to a television show taping (though if I had my choice, I don’t know if a personal finance show would be first on my list, it’d probably be Conan O’Brien). Cool anyway!

GenX Finance has a good post about the pitfalls of Lifestyle/Lifecycle/Target Retirement mutual funds [11], especially for the folks who like to put their funds on autopilot.

Need a Wii? [12]