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Bloggarific Linkfest

With the arrival of the new $1 Presidential coins comes the arrival of new collectors itching to get a full set of them, are you joining the speculators? MBH gives some tips for those of you looking to capitalize on the $1 presidential coin craze [3]. Flexo scored two rolls of the coins [4] early, maybe he’ll hit the lottery!

Changing gears from quick money to sloooooow money, FMF writes about the value of an advanced degree [5]. And from the department of terrible ideas, Dave Ramsey recommends skipping the 401k match and that you should pay off debt [6], something JLP doesn’t particularly agree with. As an aside, I was going to write a Devil’s Advocate [7] post about how the match isn’t worth it… but I couldn’t come up with any reasons not to do it!

Last but probably not least, Nickel writes about applying for a business card [8].