Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD: Blu-Ray Likely Winning

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If you look at the pie chart for Blu-Ray corporate support on Wikipedia right this second, you’ll see that a battle is currently being waged with Blu-Ray currently leading in terms of exclusive contracts. Well, if you have been keeping up with the news, it was reported recently that Warner has gone exclusively to Blu-Ray and that Paramount has a clause that lets it switch to Blu-Ray if Warner went to Blu-Ray. Warner switched and it’s likely that Paramount will join since one format certainly benefits everyone except the folks backing the losing format. Sony may have lost the Betamax vs. VHS battle but they got it right this time.

So, want a quick primer on what the differences are? Engadget has a great comparison but the basic gist is that Blu-ray discs will be more expensive because they carry more.

I hope all you folks who were early adopters and got yourself an HD-DVD player can return it in time. 🙂 [or I could be wrong, HD-DVD could stage a heroic comeback and this post will go down in the annals along with Chicago Daily Tribune’s erroneous headline of Dewey beating Truman]

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15 Responses to “Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD: Blu-Ray Likely Winning”

  1. Lazy Man says:

    I’m waiting for devices that play both formats to get cheap. Maybe we’ll see it for the holidays in 2009.

  2. Traciatim says:

    If blu-ray wins then I’ll have to skip over this generation of players simply on principle that Sony is evil.

  3. Aimee says:

    Disney is also on board with Blu-ray. The good thing, which is seldom mentioned, is that this will benefit computer users more as well. Just like DVDs hold more than tapes, Blu-ray holds more information than just HDDVD.

    We have a PS3 (which also plays Blu-ray) and have been loving the difference it makes in movies. Also, Blu-ray players usually upscale regular DVDs as well, so even they look better. 🙂

  4. RS says:

    I am having a very hard time understanding how BR is winning by so much. I do not know anybody that has a BR player (not even a PS3) but I know 6 people who have a HD-DVD player. I know that sample size is small, but I work for a computer firm and most of my friends are all very tech-savy and we all chose HD-DVD.

    How can consumers possibly side with Sony in yet another one of their attempts at making their own proprietary format? Does it not just make sense that the next-gen version of DVD is…wait for it…HD-DVD? I understand that right now, BR’s can hold more data, but HD-DVD has something like quad-layer discs coming out that will then be larger, so that really shouldn’t matter (plus, the only thing that supposedly affects is the extras, but does anyone actually care or watch them?).

    It really pains me that BR is winning.

  5. kitty says:

    I am waiting until at least 3 out of the following happen: 1) the winner is clear 2) the prices come down and 3) my current DVD player/recorder VHS combo stops working 4) there are either Blue Ray or HD-DVD recorders with hard disk.

    The whole Blue Ray vs HD-DVD contest reminds me of Beta vs VHS of the early days. How many of younger people even remember Beta?

  6. jim says:

    Blu-ray is winning because the companies producing the discs are signing on to their format. It’s a “better” format with more capacity but is a little more expensive. I don’t quite understand the backlash against Sony specifically though, it’s like people are in love with the idea of going against a “big corporation.” Don’t they realize everything is a big corporation and there’s a good reason for that?

  7. mjmcinto says:

    @Traciatim – I agree completely, sony is evil, and if Blu-Ray does win, I’ll be skipping this generation.

    @Jim – I can’t speak for everyone else, but the reason I think sony is evil is due to the way they treat their customers. A few years ago someone discovered sony was installing rootkits on the PCs of their customers that bought their CDs. Rootkits are bad, and are generally only seen in the world of computer viruses. So they installed software on thier customers’ PCs without approval, and did it in such a way as to try and hide it. Their response when they got caught was pretty much “tough, we’ll do what we want”. It ticked me off to no end, and I vowed not to buy anything sony from that day forward. If they respect me so little as a customer, I don’t want to be their customer.

    As for who will win the war, I think the jury is still out. More labels may be on Blu-Ray right now, but they’ll do what the customer wants so they can get the money. It will all come down to price. HD-DVD has cheaper players, and will probably get into more households b/c of this. Also, HD-DVD has better name recognition. Think about it this way. Most people don’t really know the difference between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, nor will they spend the time to find out. However, they’ll know that they have an HD TV with a DVD player. So that means they should get an HD-DVD player to go with their HDTV (or at least that’s the thought process I can see many people having).

    Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to call this one for some time.

  8. MonkeyMonk says:

    “How can consumers possibly side with Sony in yet another one of their attempts at making their own proprietary format?”

    You do realize that HD-DVD is a proprietary format as well (just as DVDs, CDs, VHS, etc.)?

  9. Jeremy says:

    Sony disgusts me and I was pulling for HD-DVD. Oh well, I have no need for the ability to play HD movies, and probably won’t for a few years. It won’t be long and you’ll be able to stream virtually anything you need directly through your cable or satellite anyway.

  10. Master Allan says:

    Traciatim – I will agree with you completely on this one. I often have a lack of self control with new technology purchasing devices such as cell phones, CD writers, music devices, GPSr, early and at prices 10x more than average Joe pays today. But if a company like Sony will take all the credit for bullying a consumer to use their products consider me skipping out on purchasing Blu-Ray for a looonnnggg time. I can’t see myself as a big spending customer of Sony with paying a 25% premium on their own versions of products and tech that is similar but just slightest different then the industry standard.

    Still pushing for HD-DVD!

  11. Eli says:

    Blu-Ray holds more (25GB vs 15GB). We all know that.
    As for Sony being “evil”.. no more than most “big businesses”. A lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon for BluRay, as oppsed to HD-DVD. Sony is BR, Microsoft in HDDVD. Dell and Apple are with Blu-Ray, and a lot of the player manufacturers. They are including them with they new systems (Dell One, for example).

    It is Beta versus VHS all over again. Beta was (in my humble opinion) a better product, but look who won out. As for this “battle royal”, I have been watching the news, following the trends of the companies, etc. Blu-Ray seems to be winning. And I doubt it will be the movie titles that end up the being the winner. If I’m needing to back up my system, I’d rather have a quad BR, not a quad HDDVD… (100 vs 60 Gigs of space). It’s a no brainer…

    (Wait untill quad layer, Dual sided… it’s rumoured…)

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  13. AMoore says:

    The death of HD-DVD seems to be accellerating. After the Warner announcement, companies have been dropping HD-DVD and going Blu-ray.

    – FS Films goes Blu-ray exclusive
    – Kaleidescape goes Blu-ray exclusive
    – Saturn (Largest German electronics retailer) goes Blu-ray exclusive
    02-07-08 SF Films (Sweden) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    02-07-08 Scanbox (Sweden) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    02-07-08 Filmax Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    02-04-08 BAC Films (France) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    02-04-08 Manga Films Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    02-01-08 ADV Films Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    01-31-08 Highlight Video (Germany) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    01-30-08 National Geographic Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    01-30-08 EMI (Japan) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    01-30-08 Sonic Solutions Scenarist Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
    01-28-08 Woolworths Retail Outlet (UK) goes Blu-ray exclusive in store.
    01-22-08 Grant’s Appliances to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.
    01-16-08 Senator Entertainment to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.
    01-16-08 Digital Playground to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.
    01-11-08 Constantin Film goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    01-10-08 HBO goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    01-05-08 New Line goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    01-04-08 Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive.

  14. AMoore says:

    Eli, the latest in Blu-ray by TDK is a 200 GB Blu-ray disk successfully tested. They boosted the per layer storage to 33 GB and did 6 layers on one side.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I bought hd-dvd first, and I was impressed. Then I heard that blu ray holds more, so I was like fine I will just buy both. I can’t lose I now have the xbox 360 and the ps3. I doubt that they are ever going to release the quad layer format, due to the fact that once one wins there will be no more copm. So there is no more need to improve.

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