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Blueprint Comment Policy

I felt a need to write this post because lately I’ve been removing some comments that I personally considered spam but others might not. I enjoy it when readers leave comments and interact with each other and me, it’s why I started this blog in the first place – to discuss personal finance news and ideas. What I don’t like is when someone leaves a comment like “Great post! Visit http://myrandomcommercialwebsite.com” because I see that as spam. I feel that if I lay down some ground rules then everything will be out in the open.

Please follow these guidelines and I won’t remove your comment because I think its spam, even if you do leave a link to yourself:
1. Add to the discussion – If you leave a constructive comment (or criticism) and it contains a link to yourself because it furthers the discussion (great example here [3]) then by all means leave it. If it’s a “I wrote about this too” comment, please use trackbacks instead because I will mark it as spam. If it’s a one liner response with a link, I’ll spam that one too. And please don’t leave a link to your site after you name, we already have one.
2. Don’t pitch your product – If you’re pitching a product, even if it’s relevant to the topic, then I’ll unfortunately have to remove it. If you’d like to advertise, that’s a different story and you can contact me [4] about it.

Those are the only two hard and fast rules and I think they’re fair. With regard to links in signatures, please don’t. In the past I’ve allowed it but this is a change that I feel makes for a better user experience. Any signature was already nofollowed plus you already get a link via your name, so a link in the signature adds no value. Please understand and adhere to this, I appreciate it!

Official Comment Policy:
The following policy outlines the rules and guidelines which apply to all user-generated content on this site including comments.

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