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Posted By Jim On 01/13/2006 @ 11:17 am In General | Comments Disabled

I felt a need to write this post because lately I’ve been removing some comments that I personally considered spam but others might not. I enjoy it when readers leave comments and interact with each other and me, it’s why I started this blog in the first place – to discuss personal finance news and ideas. What I don’t like is when someone leaves a comment like “Great post! Visit http://myrandomcommercialwebsite.com” because I see that as spam. I feel that if I lay down some ground rules then everything will be out in the open.

Please follow these guidelines and I won’t remove your comment because I think its spam, even if you do leave a link to yourself:
1. Add to the discussion – If you leave a constructive comment (or criticism) and it contains a link to yourself because it furthers the discussion (great example here [3]) then by all means leave it. If it’s a “I wrote about this too” comment, please use trackbacks instead because I will mark it as spam. If it’s a one liner response with a link, I’ll spam that one too. And please don’t leave a link to your site after you name, we already have one.
2. Don’t pitch your product – If you’re pitching a product, even if it’s relevant to the topic, then I’ll unfortunately have to remove it. If you’d like to advertise, that’s a different story and you can contact me [4] about it.

Those are the only two hard and fast rules and I think they’re fair. With regard to links in signatures, please don’t. In the past I’ve allowed it but this is a change that I feel makes for a better user experience. Any signature was already nofollowed plus you already get a link via your name, so a link in the signature adds no value. Please understand and adhere to this, I appreciate it!

Official Comment Policy:
The following policy outlines the rules and guidelines which apply to all user-generated content on this site including comments.

  • Privacy Policy. All information in this site’s privacy policy is also applicable to its comments policy.
  • Responsibility. The author of a comment is solely responsible and liable for the contents of that comment.
  • License. By posting a comment on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, you grant JW Enterprises, LLC an irrevocable license to use, display, republish, sell, alter, or delete your comment in any way and for any reason.
  • User control. Once posted, a comment on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity may not be edited or revoked by the author. JW Enterprises, LLC does not have a duty to modify or withdraw comments at the request of the author. JW Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to modify or withdraw comments at its own discretion for any reason.
  • Changes to this policy. This policy is subject to change at any time. Changes will be posted in this location and become applicable immediately after publishing.

Commenting Guidelines

  • Language. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is an English-language website. All comments must be made in English. Non-English comments may be removed. Comments containing offensive or inappropriate language may be removed.
  • Unsolicited commercial comments. JW Enterprises, LLC is based in Maryland, USA. By leaving a comment on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, you agree to abide by all applicable United States and Maryland criminal and civil laws. Unsolicited commercial comments made on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity may be removed and are subject to criminal and civil prosecution under Maryland Criminal Law Code Title 3, Subtitle 8 and Maryland Commercial Law Code Title 14, Subtitle 30.
  • Signatures. Signatures containing website addresses are not allowed on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Comments containing such signatures may be removed. Please use the text field provided if you wish to display a URL with your comment.

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