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Blueprint on Vacation

From October 6th until October 9th I’ll be away on a business trip for work so I won’t be posting live. Some of them will be old articles I’ve written earlier when the site was less popular (so many of you won’t have ever read them) and some will be new post-dated articles that I’ve written in the last few days. The archived articles that are resurrected will be labeled.

From October 9th until the 16th, I’ll be on vacation on the sunny shores of Bermuda on a cruise I planned back in April. Booked through Travelocity, it’s a seven-day jaunt to three parts of Bermuda at a svelte price of about $1500 for the both of us. We’ll be departing out of Philadelphia (so no plane fare to bust the budget) so the $1500 will cover most of it (no drinks, which we’ll sneak aboard probably [3], and no excursions). The best part of it all is that we’ll get a $100 Target gift card after the cruise is over!

In the meanwhile, I’ll try to answer emails and respond to comments on the 9th, but otherwise you won’t hear from me until the 17th. Cheers!