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Bonus Bucks Newsletter

I’ve been trying to think of ways registered readers could be awarded more Bargaineering Bucks since right now the two main ways are to comment (1BB each) and log in each day (1BB a day). When I think of these ways, I am eager to tell you guys and Jeremy at GenXFinance.com [3] suggested that I just setup another newsletter just for Bonus Bucks opportunities. Brilliant!

If you’re a registered user, you probably received a few emails from me today. I’m sorry about that. First, I tried using some WordPress plugin to send an email to users. Then I pulled the emails from the database and tried to email you from my GMail account. It failed about halfway in both cases and so I had to find a third solution… which was an email newsletter. Hopefully this one will do the trick!

If you’re interested in receiving Bonus Bucks offers, simply sign up for this email newsletter and you’ll get them sent directly to you.