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Bored? Read These Goodies!

Flexo takes a look at the US News and World Reports Investing Guide, Part 1 [3].

Nickel gives two options (really only one is any good) on how to correct an overcontribution to your Roth IRA [4]. I may have to do one of these for last year… argh.

JLP has a great resource listing all the tax benefit phaseouts [5], this is something you should bookmark.

MBH write about sixteen ways that being disorganized could cost you money [6]. MBH also mentions that he’s a P on the Myers-Briggs, seeing as how I’m a P as well, it’s surprising that I would despise him so much. Incidentally, I’m an ENTP with a strong emphasis on both E and N, a slight emphasis on T and a moderate emphasis on the P.

FMF takes a look at poor financial health of the average American [7]. “The average U.S. citizen works 44 years, then retires with a $46,000 net worth, excluding home equity.” Holy crap.