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Roundup: So Many Brands Owned By So Few

This image was shared on Reddit this past week and it shows how many brands are owned by a small number of holding companies. If you were like me, you probably intuitively understood that many brands are owned by other companies but the extent that it happens is pretty stark. This covers only consumer goods and doesn’t even include several other large companies, like UK giant Reckitt Benkiser Group – they own French’s, Clearsil, Lysol, Trojan and many other huge names.

What’s fun is how the brands are organized, you can sort of go around in a circle and match up similar items. You start with all the P&G cleaning products, go counter clockwise towards Johnson and Johnson and Unilever for personal hygiene products. Move upwards towards food and candies with Mars, Kellogg’s and General Mills. Continue onward into beverages in Pepsi and Coca-Cola, and then Kraft and Nestle owned solid foods. Nestle helps us bridge the gap by also owning some makeup and personal hygiene products. Fun huh?

Onto this week’s gems:

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