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Where to Buy Boric Acid

Longtime Bargaineering readers know that every spring we have our annual battle with ants trying, successfully, raid our kitchen area in search of food. We’ve tried almost everything, from traps to a service, and the most effective way, besides keeping things as clean as possible, has been boric acid as suggested in our post on how to get rid of ants safely [3]. This year, we continued the annual struggle and we turned to boric acid again because it’s the safest of all the things you can use. Just mix it 50-50 with sugar into a slurry and put it in places you know the ants, or other insects, go and watch them munch their elixer of death (or is it slurry of death?).

You can buy boric acid at most drug stores, whether it’s superstore like Wal-Mart or some place smaller like Walgreens. If not there, home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot always have it too.

If you want to simplify things, home improvement stores will also probably sell commercial products that use boric acid as a way to control ants, roaches, etc. That might be easier than making the slurry yourself, just read the label to see what else they use. We use boric acid because it’s pet safe in very small quantities, the commercial products may not be.