Buy Costco Gas without Costco Membership

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Costco Gas StationsCostco has since closed this loophole so you’ll need a Costco Membership to get gas there.

A friend of mine just tipped me off on this trick where you can buy gas at Costco without a Costco membership. All you have to do is swipe an American Express card first, when you would normally swipe your membership card, and then swipe it again for payment. Afterwards, it will let you buy the sweet sweet nectar of condensed dinosaur bones at rock bottom prices without the $50/year membership. It’s that simple.

Normally, you have to swipe your Costco Card or the American Express Costco TrueEarnings card in order to authenticate in their gas station systems. It appears that you can simply use any American Express card in the authentication phase because the American Express Costco TrueEarnings card is just an AMEX with a Costco bar code.

I’ve confirmed that this works in Maryland and others have reported success in other states (except those that require an attendant to pump your gas, like New Jersey and Oregon). Locate a Costco nearby (check to make sure it has a Gas Station) and give it a try, Costco gas is usually many cents cheaper than local competitors.

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114 Responses to “Buy Costco Gas without Costco Membership”

  1. Sumyong Guy says:

    No thanks. I’d rather be a member. I heard you aren’t really getting away with anything.Since Costco doesn’t make hardly any profit from the gas it sells. Ok you might save .02 cents on every gallon so if you put in 10 gallons you just saved .20 cents WOW !! way to go. Thanks for the advice though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because $50 a year is sooooo expensive you idiot.

    • steven says:

      can’t afford just over $4 a year but can afford to insult somebody…must be a demoncrat libturd on welfare. get of the net, it’s costing you money you piece of human excrement.

      • Thomas Frieder says:

        if he’s a libtard you idiot, he’s already smarter than you, half the items in costco are cheaper elsewhere so you are a fool to pay for a membership

  3. Parker says:

    If you want to talk stealing, check how Costco backdates your membership for the months you couldn’t use it. Or if you renew online rather than wait in line at the store, your in-store/pump card remains invalid/expired. I wish Fedco was still around since they treated their members with respect rather than a herd of cows to be milked.

  4. Felissa says:

    He never said he wasn’t paying for his gas, he just didn’t pay the $50 membership fee…and what if he had used a friends card, or had a gift card??? He still would have got his gas without purchasing his own membership card. With the economy the way it is, and with people having to tighten their belts, maybe Costco should allow non-members to purchase gas….They make money off of them either way at the pumps. I am not a member, but I used to be and I do love them, but not everyone has that extra $50 or $100 dollars to spend, I know a lot of people who live paycheck to paycheck who are basically broke after their mortgage payment, car payment, utilities and insurance.
    @ Mikeg, a dollar is a dollar, and they add up.

  5. Nick says:

    Get over it guys, it is not stealing.
    You want to know why? and this idea is stupid in its own as well.

    *most* american express cards have a yearly fee.
    Costco has a yearly fee.
    They both have a deal where if you have one you get american express free without the annual fee by just paying for a costco membership.

    So you really aren’t saving yourself any money by not getting a membership when you are using your AMEX card.

    You want to know a trick? You can use “old” membership cards at the gas pump then use whatever debit card you want. (they only allow one credit card and you guessed it…it’s AMEX)

  6. john says:

    2 people can be on an account
    just pay 25 each and you have a costco membership

  7. Koji K says:

    Do they accept cash payment?

    Need to save when one person is working for the family???

  8. Frank says:

    People who pay up-front for these “Memberships” know they will get certain perks for the $50 they spend. It’s a ‘Members’ Priviledge” – Hello!!!

    If you don’t want to pay for a membership then just shop elsewhere, and I do hope Costco fixes this little loophole so I don’t have to sit in extra long lines because of schemers. Besides! Then you’ll have something to do with your free time. (Screw over somebodyelse.)

  9. Linda says:

    I agree with Frank! YOU have a choice to join Costco or not. NO ONE is forcing you. People complain about Costco. Guess what? Shop somewhere else. I can’t believe people are so stupid. IT IS THEIR CHOICE! You lose your choice when the government forces you to do something. If you want to complain, complain about the government taking your choices away! The government is slowly taking away our freedom. COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT!

  10. samuel says:

    as of july 2011 the amex swipe no longer works but im not sure why you would want costco gas they put bare minimum additives just to pass most of the time places like citgo and marathon produce gas for costco id stay far far away

  11. Ali says:

    its idiots like you who will drive the price higher and higher
    and yes even you who wrote this blog

    if you pay 100 dollars year for costco with the cashback you would easily get your money back at the end of the year and guess what you have good quality products, good gas and really yummy frozen yogurt for great prices i mean where else will you get an 18 inch whole pizza for 9.99 no where

    so stop being a cheap bast**d and pay so others can enjoy these great offers instead of saving a buck here and ending up paying fortune later on

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  13. pimp says:

    sometime i just ask someone in line for their card and they let me use it. Is that stealing? or what about im in my buddies car and he needs gas so i let him use it??? point is your all rejects and this is more of a hack then an attempt to steal so stop making moral points like they add up at the golden gates or something. They sell gas to make money, they sell gas for people with their memberships only to make customers feel special while warping them in the brands warmth of perceived savings. It all BS and it just gas, you still buy it and who the F!!!! cares! This is a cool hack, fun to do and makes me feel a whole lot more special and cool then buying a wack membership so they can track me. P.S I LOVE COSTCO AND THE RETURN POLICY THEY HAVE. ONE OF THE LAST GREAT CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT AMERICAN COMPANIES LEFT, THEM SENDING THE MONEY TO CHINA IS JUST THAT MUCH MORE AMERICAN. eat it!

  14. Michael says:

    Costco is only 3 cents cheaper than the Chevron gas that is across the street.

  15. Anonymous says:

    why dont you tell everyone about your trick…so costco can see it too….””dummy””.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yup, cheat the system and brag about it! Too cheap to be legit like the rest of us.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lmao, it’s amusing to read these comments.

    I’m cracking up at how mad some of you are getting because someone found a way to cheat the system.


    Carry on now, you self righteous costco members are oh so amusing.

  18. That is pretty cool. Even though I have a Costco card I rarely get gas from their. I usually go to my local gas station since it is closer to my house.

    Gas at Costco is usually only about 2-5 cents less anyhow.

  19. MitziMo says:

    That sounds great! Thanks for the tip. Nice of you to share. Doesn’t bother me that you’re a bargain shopper at all. NO WHINING ALLOWED! Anyways, my only concern is when Costco decision makers get ahold of this article and make changes.

  20. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to comment, as I am a former employee. Each side has very valuable points. Yes, there are benefits for being a member and have the luxury to access gas that is cheaper than most gas stations. BUT did you know, if you are earning 2% cash back with the executive card, it EXCLUDES: gas purchases, tire centre purchases, cigarette and liquor sales? Aside from purchasing gas, there are many other perks of being a member: discount car rentals, reality discounts, home & internet offers, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
    For those who are unable to purchase a membership, or are not interested in one, you can ALWAYS shop as a guest. In the member contract, it does not specify that guest are not allowed to purchase gas. As for the double swiping american express, I have to say bravo to you, because I’ve seen many tricks over the years and this is something new– although I’m not sure posting it to the public was a good idea, but your intentions o helping others was very unselfish (A Tip to you: read the fine print of your american express card… its a terrible company for credit business) BUT please be fair to others who do purchase the membership. Buy the gas a guest, you are not stealing or cheating the system this way. This company does provides hundreds of jobs PER wharehouse which helps those who are fortunate enough to have a job and allowing them to have a steady income!
    Cheers everyone!

    • Tyler says:

      I have worked for Costco for years and we have never made more than 1 cent pl or 4 cents pg over the cost per barrel..that pays for the site the workers ..Costco makes 0 profit on gas … its strictly for the members benifit

  21. musicgirl1965 says:

    This does not work!!!! My membership expired on July 31, 2012 and on August 1, 2012 I tried to get gas and it rejected my membership card at the pump with a message to renew before trying again. Just pay the $55 and be done with it or go somewhere else for gas. I didn’t realize my membership had expired so I was not trying to pull any scam. I have since renewed and it works fine at the pump.

  22. Terry says:

    So I have a few hundred in Costco Cash cards and we have been using these to buy gas. My husband went to buy gas and our membership had just run out. He said that he wasn’t able to buy gas. I just called Costco and they said the Costco Cash card is all you need and no membership card is needed to purchase gas with the Costco Cash card (gift card).

  23. Scott says:

    What a cheapscape! How dumb do you feel having to look over your shoulder as you “cheat” the very system that is able to bring you low prices because it depends on everyone pulling their weight…from the employees, to the vendors, to the customers who buy the $55 membership.

    I think it’s your generation’s lack of responsibility that makes you feel this is such a good thing to do that you would take the time to promote it on the internet.

  24. Tyler says:

    and yes u can always use a cash card to buy gas ..but with that youll need a friend to buy them for you or a card to get in the door…

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