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Your Take: Would You Buy a Doomsday Bunker?

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Underground BunkerAt the depths of the financial crisis, interest in doomsday bunkers soared as some people feared the collapse of the United States. CNN profiled Patrick Geryl, who spent $130,000 on survival prep and author of How to Survive 2012, and discussed what he was doing to prepare. While Geryl’s fear was a pole shift, and sounded a lot like the Mayan predictions of the end of the world, I wondered how popular doomsday bunkers were among our little community. I’d absolutely love it if one of you guys owned or lived in one, but I’ll settle for just what you think of them and this type of thinking.

On one hand, you might dismiss this as paranoia but I think that would be a mistake. Why did gold skyrocket in price? Confidence in the United States was extremely low several years ago and gold prices jumped because the value of the dollar dropped. Folks pouring their money into gold aren’t really much different than people stockpiling and buying doomsday bunkers. In fact, I would argue that the people stockpiling were smarter because in the event of an actual collapse, I’d rather have canned food, weapons, and a castle than heavy yellow rocks. In those post apocalyptic movies, people don’t rejoice when they stumble on a cache of gold.

What are your thoughts on doomsday? And doomsday bunkers?

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27 Responses to “Your Take: Would You Buy a Doomsday Bunker?”

  1. cvargo says:

    I have supplies for about 3 months, and am prepared to bug in. I do invest in gold and silver though.

  2. Shirley says:

    No, we would not buy a doomsday bunker. First, I do not believe “the end” is near and second, if it was I wouldn’t want to be around anyway. 😉

  3. Matt M says:

    No one even knows if a doomsday bunker would even work, it could very easily get destroyed in an apocalyptic event.

  4. daenyll says:

    If the system fails having the metals in hand is the only guarantee, some electronic or paper note saying you own something likely won’t get you anywhere. Better to be mostly self sufficient with goods to barter when necessary if it all comes apart.

    • saladdin says:

      I would not want to live where “every man for himself” means life or death. Today it only means “I want a bigger house.” Fact is, if there was truly a “doomsday” 99% of us would die within a couple years and children even quicker. You are not special. You will not be the last man standing. You will be killed over water and no woman would be safe. Humans are selfish and would kill you for a bag of jellybeans if it was down between you or them.

      • Jim says:

        Sadly, this is very true. Movies made doomsday scenarios look interesting but the reality is that in a true doomsday world, there is no happy ending.

  5. neerpatel says:

    I’ve got my gold, I’ve got my bullets. If I run out of one, I’ll use the other to get more!

    But really, if(BIG IF) society falls.. who know what will be traded! Water? Gas? Soap?

  6. Ron says:

    Emergency preparedness is something we should concern ourselves with. Having food, water and emergency fuel seems prudent. One week power interruption occurs often enough in the mid-Atlantic region for us to learn what we need.

    Prepare for Doomsday? No!

  7. Nick says:

    There are a lot of things I prepare for. Doomsday hasn’t been one of them. We have an emergency kit but no bunker… 🙂

  8. mannymacho says:

    Gold will probably hold value if the USA collapses, but in a doomsday scenario it would make sense to stick to the basics – first and foremost, water.

  9. Ben says:

    Imagine a lengthy power outage due to a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Think of what would happen to the food supply of millions with no refrigeration. Not too far fetched.
    There is a food dehydration plant that ships sealed food packages world wide to serve hungry people suffering from Haiti to Africa to India. I bought a few of the disaster preparedness packs that will keep indefinitely unless the seal is broken.

  10. Barbara says:

    No, If I go, everyone I love is going so I will go also.

  11. DMoney says:

    After being bombarded with 3-5 hurricanes in a 3yr span in south FL, we’ve come to learn the value of emergency kits and whatnot.

    Protip: Horde batteries. Lots of batteries.

  12. Shorebreak says:

    The military would determine your fate. Your bunker would be blasted open in a few minutes and your possessions, including gold and guns, would be impounded under martial law. You won’t be able to defend yourself either. The military has high-frequency sound technology where they can aim an ear-splitting high-pitched sound at their adversary which renders them incapable of fighting back. Another words, you are screwed any way you look at it. Oh by the way, what’s that drone doing following you around?

  13. I think I’d rather have a gun if the world fails, then I can go and take all these idiots’ gold.

  14. ChimChim says:

    Stocking up on Swiss made guns ands tons of Toblerone. That’s all one needs…

  15. I like watching doomsday preppers but in no way would I buy a doomsday bunker. I think if someone truly believe it is going to happen and they can afford it and enjoy it then good for them. I hope they enjoy their entertainment 🙂

  16. ryan says:

    Gold is only valuable if someone else wants it. I would think water, food, medicine, guns, etc. would be more valuable that gold.

  17. Ray says:

    I for one will be stockpiling bottle caps in the event of a post apocalyptic new world.

  18. elloo says:

    what a cheery bunch!

  19. Zoe says:

    I don’t much believe for the end of the world, however, I like the idea of doomsday bunkers and I believe people should prepare themselves although doomsday is arrive or not. Get ready for every situations, I think 🙂

  20. Doomsday predictions are a great excuse to prepare for everyday disasters. Actual bunkers are only needed if you expect nuclear fallout. Fortunately it’s a not a concern in the Southern Hemisphere, so instead of a bunker we have built a holiday home at our safe spot. Such a dual purpose solution is not a waste of money, and can even be a good investment.

  21. ani says:

    well if the bunker was sold by a politician from whitehouse or a general, why not.

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