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Your Take: Would You Buy a Doomsday Bunker?

At the depths of the financial crisis, interest in doomsday bunkers [3] soared as some people feared the collapse of the United States. CNN profiled Patrick Geryl, who spent $130,000 on survival prep [4] and author of How to Survive 2012 [5], and discussed what he was doing to prepare. While Geryl’s fear was a pole shift, and sounded a lot like the Mayan predictions of the end of the world, I wondered how popular doomsday bunkers were among our little community. I’d absolutely love it if one of you guys owned or lived in one, but I’ll settle for just what you think of them and this type of thinking.

On one hand, you might dismiss this as paranoia but I think that would be a mistake. Why did gold skyrocket in price? Confidence in the United States was extremely low several years ago and gold prices jumped because the value of the dollar dropped. Folks pouring their money into gold aren’t really much different than people stockpiling and buying doomsday bunkers. In fact, I would argue that the people stockpiling were smarter because in the event of an actual collapse, I’d rather have canned food, weapons, and a castle than heavy yellow rocks. In those post apocalyptic movies, people don’t rejoice when they stumble on a cache of gold.

What are your thoughts on doomsday? And doomsday bunkers?

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