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Buy Status Symbols! Buy On Credit! It’s Good!

Yeah you read that title correctly, I’m telling everyone to go out and spend more frivolously. Spend spend spend! I want you to buy a brand new car, put that addition onto your house, max out that credit card! It feels so good to spend doesn’t it? Get a home equity line of credit to pay for that new hot tub or that 3/5/6/7/X3/X5/Z4/M/whatever BMW, it feels good to have a more expensive car than your friends! Just do it!

Let’s be honest, the United States economy can’t survive if people spend like I do. It can’t survive if they spend like NCN [3] spends (thought NCN’s done his fair share in ths past!) and it sure wouldn’t survive if we were all mighty bargain hunters [4] pinching five cent nickels [5].

So, go spend. Have a good time! 🙂