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Buying A House? Check Your Credit History Now

A lot of my friends are thinking about buying, or have already bought, a home this summer. If you’re planning on buying a house in the next year, check your credit history right now for inaccuracies (it’s free!). According to Consumer Reports, about 13 million inaccuracies [3] are discovered each year, which means there’s a uncomfortable chance your credit report will have something wrong on it. Hopefully it’s something harmless, but if it isn’t then you’ll want to correct it asap.

Not buying a house for several months? This is actually the perfect time to check because it can take as many as 90 days to correct error (yeah, ninety days) because the bureaus need to research your claim.

Check your credit history for free at the government mandated AnnualCreditReport [4] website. You can get a copy of your report once every year from each of the three bureaus. If you’re buying a house, I’d get all three at the same time to verify accuracy. If you aren’t and just want to use it, I’d stagger them out a few months so you can get a rolling 3-month old view of your credit history.

Happy house hunting!