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Buying a House with Redfin Experience

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Redfin LogoFor the last few months, my wife and I have batted around the idea of buying a new home. There’s nothing wrong with our current home but we’d really like a place that had some character to it. A place that was slightly bigger and one that wasn’t quite cookie-cutter (we’re in a townhome now, so we’re identical to everything around us). We love our current house, so we don’t have a big reason to leave, and with her focus on school and mine on work, it’s one of those passive searches.

We use Redfin to do the searching because their technology is by far the best of any I’ve seen. The integration with Google maps, the search capabilities (you can search on the type of home, type of listing, whether it has a view, garage, etc.), regional sales data ($ per square foot, charted by date in a particular city), ability to save listings, and it’s ease of use make it perfect for house searching. My wife and I share the same account and save listings we like to show one another. You can search within some of the most convenient geographic restraints too – city, county, university, etc.

Their claim to fame though, is the fact that they refund half of the buyer’s agent’s commission (more on their commission refund). They pay their agents a salary, not a commission, so you pocket those savings at 1.5% the purchase price of the house, with a minimum commission of $5,500.

Redfin Experience

One of my good friends in Virginia recently bought his house after searching on Redfin and using one of their real estate agents. He was taking advantage of the $8,000 first time homebuyer credit and Redfin’s commission refund program, which put a lot of money in his pocket. Fortunately he spent some time explaining how the process worked and how, despite it being more work on his part, it was well worth it because he saved several thousand dollars using Redfin.

Redfin Agent Teams

Standard real estate agents work on commission when a home is bought or sold. Redfin agents are paid a salary and they work in a team. On a typical team there will usually be multiple realtors each specializing in one or two things. There are agents that only show listings, getting paid on a per show basis. There are agents that do the paperwork of submitting offers, negotiating, getting documents in order, closing, etc. Then there are agents that coordinate all that – coordinate the showings, which agent gets the showing, what gets shown, as well as ushering along the closing process.

My friend’s agent was Marshall Park and as you can see on his team there are two field agents and a coordinator. My friend, in his several week process, worked with three of them (only one of the field agents) from start to finish. Taylor Connolly, a name that keeps appearing on my searches because he supports our county, works with three field agents.

Viewing Listings

My friend said that the first step in the process is to view some of the listings. You search on Redfin, select some listings and request an agent to help you along. You talked to the coordinator and worked with field agents to visit each listing. Unlike a traditional agent, who probably drives you from place to place, you are responsible for finding your way around (though I imagine you can just follow the field agent?).

This type of “do it yourself” mentality is important because the agents aren’t necessarily very knowledgeable about the homes, your needs, and how the two can meet. Remember, their job is to show you the house you want to see, they aren’t picking houses they think you want to see based on your preferences. It’s a less personal experience but you benefit on the back end by saving on the commission.

Making An Offer

When you are ready to make an offer, there is a process online for you to kick off an offer. Before you start, you’ll need to upload a preapproval letter before they’ll let you submit an offer. After you submit an approved preapproval letter and an offer, you start working with an agent to get everything in order. From here, it sounded like the process was very much like a traditional real estate agent.

At this point my friend revealed that there was a heavy sense that Redfin was for the do-it-yourself crowd who don’t like the For Sale By Owner arena but knew enough that traditional real estate hand-holding was unnecessary. The trade-off here is that you don’t get “coddled” in the process but you also get a huge commission refund on the back end.

Another comment my friend made was that his agent, Marshall, was very responsible. He’d submit an offer online and get a phone call the next day. My friend is a pretty fast moving, no-BS type who doesn’t mince words, so to say he was “very responsive” is pretty high praise. What’s also cool is that you can read all the reviews of the agents, something you probably can’t do with traditional agents as easily.


At this point, the coordinator returns and handles the closing process. All the title insurance, lending, etc. is all done at this phase and while Redfin does send someone to the close itself, my friends said the person was pretty much clueless about the process. Again, this was expected so it didn’t bother him one bit. At close or just before the close, you can opt to have the refund applied to your closing costs or as a check. My friend chose to apply it to closing costs.

Overall, it seems like Redfin was a good experience for my friend, who bought his first house, but may not be a good option if you don’t like the DIY mentality. The commission refund is a really compelling offer and the DIY aspect doesn’t scare me at all. Plus, even if you don’t use Redfin to buy, I challenge anyone to find a real estate search engine that is superior to theirs.

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36 Responses to “Buying a House with Redfin Experience”

  1. Lisa Lamb says:

    I have heard that other real estate agents dislike working with RedFin agents. So all things being equal, an agent representing a seller may be less than helpful when you try to submit a bid using a RF agent. Thoughts?

    • Jim says:

      I don’t see why another real estate agent would care, they’re goal is to sell the house and so they should want to work with anyone. If they don’t, that’s just stupid on their part.

  2. Christa says:

    Hi! I’m a Redfin field agent (now termed associate agent) since June of 2012. To respomd to Lisa, I’ve had the experience of others agents with whom I’ve worked maybe being skeptical of us at first because we are really shaking up the system with our new business model. That said, once they work with us they love us. First, because we work as a team and have our areas of emphasis (showing hones all the time, writing deals, etc), we are experts in our field. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, because we only work with qualified buyers, we write really clean, solid deals and agents who stand to make a commission on the end really value that for obvious reasons. So glad you had an overall good experience! I love Redfin and cannot ever imagine going back to a traditional real estate agency relationship. Because we don’t work on a commission and get paid better when we get rave reviews from our clients, you know we are going to be honest and ethical and not just try to close a desk to get a commission out of it. By removing that piece of the game, they really have flipped the process to be more in the consumers’ favor. Check out the app too! It’s awesome and you can even schedule tours from it now!

  3. Karen says:

    I have been in the field of Real Estate for over 30 years. As an agent I do not like working with a Redfin Agent. I really do not care what company sells my listings as long as they are honest, know the business and work in the clients best interests. Red fin agents do not have a clue. Our clients are people and need to have their hands held while making a huge financial commitment. I have had 5 Redfin agents make offers on various listings. Two kept calling saying they were sending over the offer, which I never saw. Even telling the sellers to expect an offer which never materialized. Two were in escrow and both times the clients backed out with no reason. The 5the agent sent over an offer $75,000 under asking price. I guess when you are on salary you really do not care. Shame on them and the Redfin Company. Yes, I get a full commission, but I work hard for it and give 100% service.

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