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Buying Acuvue 2 Contacts from Costco

So last week was the yearly optometrist visit and this week will be the yearly ordering of the yearly supply of Acuvue 2 contact lenses. My choices come down to buying from the optometrist, buying it from some vendor online, or buying it from Costco – where all frugal shoppers, who want to underpay for more than they could possibly use, go.

The “deal” at the optometrist was hardly a deal at all $160 for 8 boxes with a $30 rebate, or, $16.25 per box. I figure with the overhead those poor folks have they couldn’t possibly be giving me the best deal out there so I passed, though I always had the option of going back if I turned out to be wrong. A quick pop over to 1-800-Contacts showed that they also had the $30 deal on 8 boxes and their total was for 8 boxes of Acuvue 2 was $129.60, or $16.20, with free shipping – so marginally better.

I visited Costco today and saw that their boxes of contacts were $13.85 (no sales tax on contacts!) – nearly $2 cheaper per box than any other source. Plus, ending today, there is a $10 off coupon on 4 boxes (but not $20 off 8 boxes). Also, to sweeten the deal even further, if I bought 8 boxes I’d qualify for the $30 rebate for a final price of $80.80, or $10.10 per box. And, as if the bargain basement price wasn’t good enough, I can do the rebate entirely online and save myself the hassle of mailing it. Costco wins again!