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Buying Discount Postage Stamps

Did you know that you can buy postage stamps at a discount? It’s 100% legitimate and there’s nothing unethical or dishonest about it.

Stamp collectors often buy collections at a discount and sell all the non-collection quality stamps at a discount to be rid of them. You can buy postage stamps at a discount by buying these non-collection quality stamps from them. The savings aren’t astronomically huge, usually around 10%, but every little bit counts.

What’s the catch? From what I can tell, nothing. The collectors buy them in bulk at a discount, sort through to find anything of value, and then get rid of the extras. We know the post office isn’t losing money, so where is the loss? The person or estate selling the stamp collection to the collector is the one that bears the brunt of the loss, then it’s the collector if they get with a bunch of junk.

How much? I found one very informative seller, Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc. [3], and they had some pretty good prices:

Face Value % of Face Value Shipping
$100-$400 86% $3.50-7.50
$500-$1999 85% FREE
$2000+ 83% FREE

As you can see, the discount starts at 14% and ends at 17%, with some shipping costs. The prices I listed were for gummed postage (where you have to lick it) and with stamps being six to thirty-nine cents. You can see their whole PDF price list here [4]. It may or may not be worth the effort of buying stamps from a complete stranger, but I wanted to throw it out there if you ever wondered about this kind of stuff. I have no idea who these guys are, I never talked to them, but they were the only people I could find that clearly explained how it all worked. If you do a lot of shipping and don’t get discounts otherwise, buying discount postage stamps may be the way to go.

I’ve never bought discount postage stamps because I was a bit overzealous in buying Forever Stamps when they were first introduced. However, now that I’m going to be doing a lot of shipping because of the Bargaineering Bucks store [5], I’m trying to find ways to save a little extra on postage.

Have you ever bought discounted stamps?

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