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Buying Frontline Online

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Frontline Plus Blue for DogsA few days ago I wrote about how we got a new dog and all the new dog expenses. One of the more regular expenses will be Frontline and I couldn’t resist a little bit of rhyming. 🙂 Frontline is a product we’ll need to buy regularly for Toby and so the best option typically will be to buy it online.


What is Frontline? Frontline is a product that helps protect your dog or cat against external parasites like fleas and ticks. It comes in a “pipette” package and you simply apply the liquid inside directly to the skin. They recommend that you put it between the shoulder blades because then your dog or cat can’t lick it off. They claim that Frontline will kill adult fleas in 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Got lice? It’s supposedly effective on those guys too, stamping them out in 48 hours.

Frontline is officially classified as a NFA-VPS medicine (Non Food Animal medicine – that can be dispensed by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person). These medicines need neither a clinical assessment of a pet nor a prescription.

How does it work? The active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, a chemical that dissolves into the skin and coat of your pet. Within 24 hours it’ll disperse over your pet’s body surface and then concentrates in the skin’s oil glands. Over the course of weeks, the fipronil is secreted into the skin and hair, which protects your pet against external pests.

The animal rescue recommended that we put on Frontline every 6 weeks, rather than every month, which would make a 12 month supply last 18 months. She wasn’t too keen on the idea of using chemicals, so she spread out the regimen.

Frontline Top Spot vs. Frontline Plus: There are three versions of Frontline: Frontline Spray, Frontline Top Spot, and Frontline Plus. The Spray version is for a severe flea and tick infestation and used by vets in a clinic for a quick treatment. The Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus are more preventative measure applied every four weeks to provide protection against an infestation. It also kills existing infestation, but it appears to be designed to prevent. Frontline Plus includes an extra ingredient, (S)-methoprene, that kills flea eggs and larvae as well.

For now we’ll be using Frontline Plus because it only costs about a dollar more per dose.

Buying Frontline

Buying Frontline is very straight forward. All you need to know is how much your pet weighs and you can order the proper dosage online. Tobey is a stout 31 pounds and so he’ll need FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs – Blue For Pets 23-44 lbs.

Here were the prices I found online for a 12 month supply:

Hold the phones, my friend Nick told me that 1800PetMeds pricematches and I found their policy here – looks like we have a winner.

As you can see, the prices can vary by a significant amount. In fact the cheapest I found, ThriftyVet, is almost half the price of the most expensive one I found, PetCareRX! That’s a staggering difference considering this is an OTC product. It’s like seeing the price of Tylenol vary significantly from store to store. Fortunately I kept looking because the big brands were still charging far too much for the stuff.

Reader Harold did some digging and found that for ThriftyVet, the domain registration, PO Box, and about us pages don’t match up. I haven’t ordered from ThriftyVet but that seems a bit fishy, so consider yourself warned. Remember to do your due diligence whenever you’re ordering products online.

Before I buy, does anyone have any recommendations for a store I missed or perhaps a recommendation on whether I should use Top Spot or Plus? We still have a dose from the rescue and we’re still several weeks from using it so we have quite a bit of time before we need to buy any ourselves.

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146 Responses to “Buying Frontline Online”

  1. cosmikmonkey says:

    I’ve ordered many times from thriftyvet and have always been happy with frontline plus for both cats and dogs. Here are additional considerations regarding others’comments:

    1. The delays mentioned in comments for winter 2011 – these were abnormal delays and the result of historically bad weather and its effects in Australia. When I complained about my delay to thriftyvet they sent me a replacement order even though it was not their fault.

    2. My experience with fleas is that if you go without routine maintenance of their eradication then they will start their cycle and you have to catch each cycle to rid the pests. So if a person is not regular with treatment they will experience flea birth cycles that will need to be dealt with – it isn’t instant death of a living flea.

    In my opinion, if a person uses the product and still thinks their pet is getting fleas regularly, after a good 2 or 3 months of use, then they might see there’s a problem with the product. But until all the birth cycles are eliminated (and there are many)- I don’t think a person can adequately judge the effectiveness.

    3. As far as FDA approval or any United States government approval – they are so incredibly corrupt that if they don’t approve of something I look at that as a good sign. But basically since they are “paid for” mouthpieces for criminal activities – it doesn’t matter what their opinion is because the only thing for certain is that if its a good opinion – someone paid for it. If its a bad one, they didn’t pay enough or not at all.

    4. I doubt thriftyvet would be able to operate this many years successfully with repeat customers if they were a sham outfit.

    5. If there’s a problem with the product – suspect Merial first – mistakes happen all the time with the pharma outfits – of course they pay to cover those up.

  2. Judi says:

    Bought Frontline from Thrifty Vet 2 months ago. Our whole house and our son’s house from a 3 day visit is now infested with fleas. I think the Frontline isn’t really Frontline. I’ve never had problems before with Frontline and now we are fighting fleas like never before. Please don’t buy from them. They are ripping people off.

  3. purrfecttalker says:

    I ordered a yr. ago from a Canadian co. I thot was Thrifty Vet. No problem. I just ordered again, so I hope there is again no problem.

    However, I bought Frontline at my friendly Costco. Put it on 2 of the 3 cats, and even 2 weeks later both were scratching like crazy and one had bites all over both ears. I’ve heard others complaining about Frontline not working for them anymore, so not sure what is going on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Merial Only sells to veterinary hospitals. So all meds that you buy online are NOT FDA approved. The FDA’s job is to be sure that the drugs are properly handles once leaving the manufacturer. For all we know the online stores are getting them shipped from China in a crate that is not kept under correct pressure, heat, or humidity which in turn causes the delicate chemical structures of the drug to desociate and you could basically be putting 100 dollar water on your pet.

  5. Fluffin says:

    I have been using Frontline Plus from ThriftyVet for the past three years. My Mom and Sister have also been using it for their babies. This is a total of 9(nine) dogs and 2(two) cats! I live in an area that has a large TICK problem. My DH and BIL walked back to the lake on our property and both were plucking ticks off of themselves for 3 days!! My five babies have had about 5 ticks over three years that were embedded but DEAD. Once they bite the dog they died. None of our babies have ever had a flea on them. My Mom has a neighbor dog that has a serious flea problem. He comes to her house and they dogs play outside. Neither of her dogs have ever gotten a single flea from him! That is proof enough from me that ThriftyVet product WORKS! I do not care if it comes from Australia or Canada. What does it matter if the FDA approves anything. Look at all of the drugs the FDA approves then has to pull off the market because they later find out it causes cancer or some other life threatening disease. The FDA is just another government agency that is wasting our tax dollars.

    My last order, (4th) was last week, for a total of $187.00. Use TWEET at checkout for an additional discount. The order arrived within 5 days via first class mail just like the last 3 orders.

    My first pup, Bubba Lou, was on Sentential for heartworm prevention. I faithfully purchased it from my VET! Guess what? He got Heartworms. I must say that the company did pay for all of his treatment since my Vet had proof that I he had been on meds for over a year. So it does not matter, in my opinion, that it is better just because you buy it from your Vet. Do you really think that pets in Australia are less important then the ones in the USA? If you do then you really are ignorant, in the true meaning of the word.

    If for some reason you do not receive your order then you are protected through PayPal. Make sure you use your Credit Card. A simple call to Credit Card issuer will get you a refund. Yes it is a hassle, but when it comes to saving over 50% on the same product it is a no brainer to me.

    We are FLEA and TICK free in Delaware. We also have extra money to spend on more TREATS and Toys for the babies thanks to ThriftyVets.

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