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Buying Frontline Online

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Frontline Plus Blue for DogsA few days ago I wrote about how we got a new dog and all the new dog expenses. One of the more regular expenses will be Frontline and I couldn’t resist a little bit of rhyming. 🙂 Frontline is a product we’ll need to buy regularly for Toby and so the best option typically will be to buy it online.


What is Frontline? Frontline is a product that helps protect your dog or cat against external parasites like fleas and ticks. It comes in a “pipette” package and you simply apply the liquid inside directly to the skin. They recommend that you put it between the shoulder blades because then your dog or cat can’t lick it off. They claim that Frontline will kill adult fleas in 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Got lice? It’s supposedly effective on those guys too, stamping them out in 48 hours.

Frontline is officially classified as a NFA-VPS medicine (Non Food Animal medicine – that can be dispensed by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person). These medicines need neither a clinical assessment of a pet nor a prescription.

How does it work? The active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, a chemical that dissolves into the skin and coat of your pet. Within 24 hours it’ll disperse over your pet’s body surface and then concentrates in the skin’s oil glands. Over the course of weeks, the fipronil is secreted into the skin and hair, which protects your pet against external pests.

The animal rescue recommended that we put on Frontline every 6 weeks, rather than every month, which would make a 12 month supply last 18 months. She wasn’t too keen on the idea of using chemicals, so she spread out the regimen.

Frontline Top Spot vs. Frontline Plus: There are three versions of Frontline: Frontline Spray, Frontline Top Spot, and Frontline Plus. The Spray version is for a severe flea and tick infestation and used by vets in a clinic for a quick treatment. The Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus are more preventative measure applied every four weeks to provide protection against an infestation. It also kills existing infestation, but it appears to be designed to prevent. Frontline Plus includes an extra ingredient, (S)-methoprene, that kills flea eggs and larvae as well.

For now we’ll be using Frontline Plus because it only costs about a dollar more per dose.

Buying Frontline

Buying Frontline is very straight forward. All you need to know is how much your pet weighs and you can order the proper dosage online. Tobey is a stout 31 pounds and so he’ll need FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs – Blue For Pets 23-44 lbs.

Here were the prices I found online for a 12 month supply:

Hold the phones, my friend Nick told me that 1800PetMeds pricematches and I found their policy here – looks like we have a winner.

As you can see, the prices can vary by a significant amount. In fact the cheapest I found, ThriftyVet, is almost half the price of the most expensive one I found, PetCareRX! That’s a staggering difference considering this is an OTC product. It’s like seeing the price of Tylenol vary significantly from store to store. Fortunately I kept looking because the big brands were still charging far too much for the stuff.

Reader Harold did some digging and found that for ThriftyVet, the domain registration, PO Box, and about us pages don’t match up. I haven’t ordered from ThriftyVet but that seems a bit fishy, so consider yourself warned. Remember to do your due diligence whenever you’re ordering products online.

Before I buy, does anyone have any recommendations for a store I missed or perhaps a recommendation on whether I should use Top Spot or Plus? We still have a dose from the rescue and we’re still several weeks from using it so we have quite a bit of time before we need to buy any ourselves.

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146 Responses to “Buying Frontline Online”

  1. Dana L says:

    I ordered the Advantage from thriftyvet and it was a lot cheaper than the other online companies. It’s the same medicine, doesn’t expire until 2014. Lot number is stamped on the bottom of the box and matches the vials. The only difference is the picture of the dog on the front. On the back of the foil this is printed,”This product is labelled for sale in Australia only. It is illegal to sell this product, as labeled, in the USA”. I guess that’s because the US doesn’t want us to find out just how much more we’re being charged here for it!
    I live in South Carolina and my package arrived in 4-5 days. I’ll order from them again!

    • Iris says:

      I ordered from Thrifty Vet and it’s not the same. The viscosity is different and it leaked all over the packaging and i”m still waiting to hear from them. Do not order from Thrifty vet. Not a legit operaton

  2. V says:

    Please NEVER purchase your Heartguard from PetCareRX. After 1 1/2 of purchasing from my vet,I decided to try and save money by getting the Heartguard from PetCareRX. 9 months later, my dog was infested with baby and adult heartworms. PetcareRx at first refused to reimburse more than $150 (total cost was $800). Then they came back and said they would only reimburse for the treatment they “deemed” necessary. This occured back in October of last year, and they have yet to pay me one nickel. My vet has been around for over 19 years. She said she has seen more dogs come in with heartworms from these supposedly FDA approved online dealers who are passing bogus product. It’s not worth the $10-$20 you might save- I learned the hard way.

  3. Laura says:

    I bought Frontline Plus for my dog and for my cat from Thriftyast year. It was the same as the Frontline Plus that I had bought in the past from Pet-Meds and from Pet RX. However, at a much less price. Did not have any fleas or ticks on my little ones. Plan on buying from them again this year. No negative comments. It is actually the same produce, but at as much lesser price. Works Great!!

  4. Barb says:

    I also found this Thrify Vet Online. But was hesitant. Then I read where Pet meds would price match. But when I contacted Pet meds they said that they could only drop the price some, but not that much. They said that Thrifty Vets stuff was not the same Frontline product and that it was not FDA approved. When I Thrifty emailed me , they said it was the same stuff.But I think I will pay the extra at Pet Meds and be safe.

    • Cedar says:

      I just ordered from 1800petmeds with the prices from The easiest way to order through petmeds, and have them price match, is to call in your order instead of paying online and having them reimburse you after you call. The woman taking my order was very helpful and didn’t hesitate when I told her I was doing a price match. As always I am impressed with petmeds; the shipping is fast, they have great customer service, and they price match so I save money.

      • Cedar says:

        *update*I just received a call from 1800 petmeds they will not match the prices of thriftyvet because they are not fda approved. please remove my post thank you

  5. sjc1701 says:

    After reading complaints about ThriftyVet, I hoped I hadn’t been foolish to order Frontline Plus from them. Happy to say I received my order in a week and am quite satisfied… best price and good service. I did see it pointed out that this product comes from Australia… same manufacturer and no big deal to me, better it come from Australia than China!

  6. picasa says:

    I bought Frontline from ThriftyVet last year. My order came home in a few days. It was the same stuff I used before. The only difference was that the box has a sticker with the weight in pounds and the original print was in Kg. It was made in Tolouse, France. I going to order again for my new puppy there is more than $30 compare with the other companies online.

  7. Bob Dobbs says:

    Use coupon code TWEET for a dollar off at thrifty vet

  8. Brenna says:

    I’ve ordered Advantage for both my cats and dog from Dippy name, but the prices were great. I’ve been very pleased with them and will definitely order again.

  9. ThisBeATest says:

    This is just a test msg to prove that ANYONE can post a message here …


  10. Meg says:

    ThriftyVet when asked where they were based and if their products were the original Frontline items did not respond only offered a $1 coupon. When I repeated the inquiry, they did not reply at all.
    I am not going to risk ordering from them.
    The shelter we adopted our pup from works with I am going to give them a try.
    Good luck everybody with your fur babies.

  11. Meg says:

    After sending Thrifty Vet a third email stating I would be posting their lack of replies I have just received a response from them. According to it, they are a Canadian based operation and their Frontline is an original product.
    Since the savings are significant I might be reconsidering my previous decision and I might be ordering from them.

  12. Aaron says:

    I just got off the phone with 1-800-PetMeds (I’ve ordered from them before) and although the customer service rep was shocked when I asked her to price match the price of $88.99, she verified the price online and matched it. She then let me place the order right over the phone. I couldn’t be happier saving money and still being able to go with a well-known company.

    • TONIE G. says:

      Hi Aaron,
      I used to be a loyal customer for 1800PetMed.
      In 2007, 1800PetMed did the price match for my dogs Frontline Plus from for the very first time. But when I call the second time to place my order, they pist me off!!!! 1-800-PetMed told me. that they could not price match again. I ask WHY NOT!!! 1800PetMed said,” is not license to sale in the the USA and is not approved with the FDA/EPA approved pet medications” That’s why 1800PetMed could not price match.
      I send an email to because i need it an answer. They never respond my email.

      So now I order my Frontline Plus from They have resonable prices. Plus they give you a 5 or 10% off your order. Please, I would like to know how many pepole have place their order from them. Please comment!!!!

      • Aaron says:


        Good to know that site. It looks like it would be a good deal. Another site that I found that is a little deceptive in the deal is They do it so if you order 12 doses you get 4 free. So you pay $145.98, but you get 16. So if you calculated it for the 12 doses, it’s only $109.49 with free shipping. If you look at their Contact Us address, it’s TN based. Here is the link:

        Thanks for sharing the great deals.


  13. Kim says:

    Well I very soon will switch back to Frontline. Have been a loyal customer for years. Always worked well. My groomer suggested trying Advantage however. I had thought maybe a switch would be good. The fleas have been under fair control however this year alone I have already found half dozen ticks embedded in my dog. Over the last five plus years I have only found maybe 1-2 that actually got embedded and that was early on in the season before treatment with Frontline had started !!! These recent ticks were found after a couple of months application of the Advantage. So I am just going to go back to what I know works. Also use on my cats. You have to be real careful though….because you cannot use the dog Frontline on a cat. Will make them sick and could be fatal.

    I usually order online. I have to get the seller. I found them on ebay and have been ordering for a couple of years now. Enjoy your pet. They are wonderful additions to the family !!!!

  14. Kim says:

    Ipet International. These products are from Australia. Have ordered Frontline for a couple of years now from this same seller.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I ordered some frontline plus from thriftyvet about 3 weeks ago. Haven’t received the frontline plus yet. There sebsite says you have to go through twitter to get to them. You have to go through paypal to get a receipt. They ripped me off for almost $50. I hope nobody orders from them after reading this. They are sorry thieves..

  16. Emily says:

    I ordered two 12 month supplies of FL plus purple from Thrifty Vet in April. I paid $171.98 and it was super fast, I think it got to me in like a week. I had no problem whatsoever but I did read that sometimes their shipping is delayed when they run out of stock. No, I do NOT work for Thrifty vet LOL

  17. Emilia says:

    I ordered Frontline from MAAK for pets. I put on my pets two weeks ago. My pets still have fleas and are scratching like crazy and fleas are junping on me too. Any one else have this problem. thanks

  18. Laura says:

    I have been buying Frontline Plus from Thrifty Vet for my dog and cat. I have been doing so for fours years, with absolutely no problems. It is the same product you find at 1-800 Pet Meds and all the other pet sites, but as a much lower price!!. It works! I have told friends with pets about Thrifty Vet and they also are very happy with the product.

  19. Candace says:

    Has anyone noticed that the Australia frontline plus says that it controls brown dog ticks for up to a month and paralysis tick only for up to 2 wks. I bought mine from Vidalspets. 6 month supply of purple 45-88lbs for 53.75

    • Michael Belardo says:

      The reason that Paralysis ticks are mentioned on the Australian packages and not on the U.S. packages are because Paralysis ticks only exist in Australia and are not found in the U.S. I called Merial today and they confirmed to me that they use the same dosage no matter what country they produce Frontline for. As long as the expiration date is good, you are getting the same product as you would from your Vet, but at much less cost. I just received my 12 month supply from ThriftyPet today. It took two weeks to arrive from the time I placed the order. Exact same packaging as the one from my Vet except the back includes information regarding Paralysis Ticks. Expiration date is 02-2013. They shipped two, six-packs. Both boxes arrived in mint condition and unopened. Hope this helps anyone decide whether to buy online or not.

  20. Steve says:

    Don’t order from ThriftyVet if you want it delivered in a reasonable timet!
    I ordered from ThriftyVet 11 days ago, and I still haven’t received the product. If they tell you they ship via First Class Mail, be aware it probably ships First Class from *outside the U.S.A.”, which can take much longer to deliver.
    I won’t order from them again.

  21. Kelley says:

    I have ordered from Thrifty Vet two or three times (usually order 6 dose pack). Never had problem with product or delivery. Seems to be good company to me. I have an eight year old mini. schnauzer. They tend to have problem skin, so, if there was anything in the product that was off or ineffective, I would have noticed.
    Case in point: Last month he was treated on a Sunday. My sons were diligent in keeping his bath appt. and washed him on Mon.! ARG! I didn’t treat him again, even though we’re at the height of flea season. Took him to get groomed. She found a few fleas on him and gave him flea bath. He is now miserable from the chemicals. (Need to talk to her!)
    All this to say, he is sensitive to many things, and he has had no problems with Thrifty Vet Frontline. BTW: it comes in same packaging as I’ve gotten at the vet.

  22. Grace says: is by far the cheapest place I have come across. Although I was skeptical the Frontline Plus arrived in 13 days and my pets are now only scratching from some form of allergy dermatitis caused by the previous infestation. The flea dirt has been shampooed off and no new fleas are seen.

    I’d rate them an 8 out of a possible 10, the only issue I had was paying through Paypal.

  23. Yana says:

    Grace, that’s interesting you should mention allergy dermatitis. My dog had that too, after being treated with Advantage. No fleas, though.

    I get the Advantage from , and delivery took 7 days from Australia to California.

  24. Sophie says:

    I just got my Frontline plus (purple pkg) from Thrifty Vet and it’s made from Australia. I’ve used the Australian Frontline plus before (about 1 yr) and I’ve had no problems using it. Like what was stated on the invoice, I received my pkg in a week. Pretty smooth transaction with Thrifty, so I will probably become a regular customer.

  25. Carla Friedrich says:

    I could have saved myself a couple hours of price researching online–if I had come across this website first. Thanks for all of the helpful comments and information.

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