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Buying Frontline Online

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Frontline Plus Blue for DogsA few days ago I wrote about how we got a new dog and all the new dog expenses. One of the more regular expenses will be Frontline and I couldn’t resist a little bit of rhyming. 🙂 Frontline is a product we’ll need to buy regularly for Toby and so the best option typically will be to buy it online.


What is Frontline? Frontline is a product that helps protect your dog or cat against external parasites like fleas and ticks. It comes in a “pipette” package and you simply apply the liquid inside directly to the skin. They recommend that you put it between the shoulder blades because then your dog or cat can’t lick it off. They claim that Frontline will kill adult fleas in 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Got lice? It’s supposedly effective on those guys too, stamping them out in 48 hours.

Frontline is officially classified as a NFA-VPS medicine (Non Food Animal medicine – that can be dispensed by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person). These medicines need neither a clinical assessment of a pet nor a prescription.

How does it work? The active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, a chemical that dissolves into the skin and coat of your pet. Within 24 hours it’ll disperse over your pet’s body surface and then concentrates in the skin’s oil glands. Over the course of weeks, the fipronil is secreted into the skin and hair, which protects your pet against external pests.

The animal rescue recommended that we put on Frontline every 6 weeks, rather than every month, which would make a 12 month supply last 18 months. She wasn’t too keen on the idea of using chemicals, so she spread out the regimen.

Frontline Top Spot vs. Frontline Plus: There are three versions of Frontline: Frontline Spray, Frontline Top Spot, and Frontline Plus. The Spray version is for a severe flea and tick infestation and used by vets in a clinic for a quick treatment. The Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus are more preventative measure applied every four weeks to provide protection against an infestation. It also kills existing infestation, but it appears to be designed to prevent. Frontline Plus includes an extra ingredient, (S)-methoprene, that kills flea eggs and larvae as well.

For now we’ll be using Frontline Plus because it only costs about a dollar more per dose.

Buying Frontline

Buying Frontline is very straight forward. All you need to know is how much your pet weighs and you can order the proper dosage online. Tobey is a stout 31 pounds and so he’ll need FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs – Blue For Pets 23-44 lbs.

Here were the prices I found online for a 12 month supply:

Hold the phones, my friend Nick told me that 1800PetMeds pricematches and I found their policy here – looks like we have a winner.

As you can see, the prices can vary by a significant amount. In fact the cheapest I found, ThriftyVet, is almost half the price of the most expensive one I found, PetCareRX! That’s a staggering difference considering this is an OTC product. It’s like seeing the price of Tylenol vary significantly from store to store. Fortunately I kept looking because the big brands were still charging far too much for the stuff.

Reader Harold did some digging and found that for ThriftyVet, the domain registration, PO Box, and about us pages don’t match up. I haven’t ordered from ThriftyVet but that seems a bit fishy, so consider yourself warned. Remember to do your due diligence whenever you’re ordering products online.

Before I buy, does anyone have any recommendations for a store I missed or perhaps a recommendation on whether I should use Top Spot or Plus? We still have a dose from the rescue and we’re still several weeks from using it so we have quite a bit of time before we need to buy any ourselves.

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146 Responses to “Buying Frontline Online”

  1. Willow says:

    I’ve been ordering Frontline for my cats for 4+ years now. I always ordered from 1-800petmeds until recently. I was trying to save a little money so I ordered from Thrifty Vet. What a huge mistake. My cats have always responded well to Frontline until I used the stuff I received from Thrifty Vet. It’s been over a week since I applied it and they are still scratching like crazy and I’m even starting to see an occassional flea on me and/or my furniture. This NEVER happened when I ordered from 1-800petmeds. Within 24 hours my cats were flea-free and happy and I never even SAW a flea on me much less anywhere in my home. I’m really starting to believe that I received some kind of “bootleg” product. I’m not happy and my cats are even less happy. I’ve never had a problem with Frontline doing the job it’s supposed to do until now. I will never order from Thrifty Vet again. I’ve spent the last few days apologizing profusely to my babies who are still suffering. I’m going back to 1-800petmeds. It’s worth the $30.00 difference if my babies don’t have to suffer.

  2. PJD279 says:

    Don’t order from this company. It’s based in Blaine, Wash but ships products from Australia which are NOT approved for sale in this country because they have NOT been approved as manufactured by the FDA. I have read all the comments here and I just am in awe of the stupidity of some folks when it comes to putting a product on their pets to save money. Would you do the same with medicine that YOU take? I don’t think so, but if you consider your pets second class citizens,please continue. My vet matches the lowest price I can find on the Internet, so I know where my pets’ meds come from !Some of these comments just blow my mind….sorry….but they do.

    • Roxanne says:

      PJD, are you telling us not to order from, or is that your website?

      I think a lot of pretty sensible people would order their own prescriptions from Canada if they were half-price. Times are tough, and it’s hard to pay double because the FDA says we oughta.

      • NCT says: is a scam! I know from personal experience. Stuidly I didn’t check the reviews before shopping with them. Google Checkout is also a joke since they are just a software and not in charge of anything.’s emails don’t work and when you call you have to pry the info out of them. They can think of all kinds of reason why it has been a month and still no product and they canceled my order (listed as deleted on there site) and said they issued a refund…yeah right! Also I asked for a conformation email stating they were issuing me a refund they sent me my original invoice! Thrifty Vet is probably run by the same company! That’s what I get for trying to save money and being a cheap a$$!

  3. Yana says:

    I have never heard of either pet flea products or human products as having been manufactured by the FDA. I don’t know whether they have FDA approval, either. As I mentioned previously, I purchase my Advantage from a company in Australia and am very happy to do so. I don’t feel any obligation to overpay vets in my state who not only sell products at retail, but in cases such as Heartgard, require an annual office visit to give the prescription. It is enough to make a profit the standard way, by buying wholesale and selling retail. If it isn’t enough, the customer is being exploited. And I don’t pay state sales tax any time I can avoid doing so. I would encourage every thinking person to evaluate their own financial management, and always seek top value for the price. People who throw away their money to prove what class of citizen they are, are not of the same class as I am. Sorry, PJD279, but I think your comment was lame and I don’t like it when people tell others what to do.

  4. Winefred says:

    Has anyone bought the “red” for the largest dog then remeasured for your smaller guys?? The cost for the larger quantities is not proportional to the price and I was wondering how hard it would be to divide one of the large vials. I have 2 that use the purple, one the orange and one cat. Last year I bought from Vidal Pets but this Thrifty Vet is a better deal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I ordered from Thrifty Vet and received the order in about 10 business days as promised by the company. I’ll order form them again.

    Here’s additional background:
    I was going to order a 6-months supply of Frontline Plus from Thrifty Vet but after reading mixed reviews decided to order only a 3-months pack. I figured the deal was too good to pass and decided that my world won’t crash if I end up losing 30 bucks 🙂

    I placed an order and payed with PayPal. PayPal emailed me a confirmation. Also please note that PayPal advises a merchant NOT to ship any goods until a payment is cleared. So it’s not a delay on Thrifty Vet’s end; it’s just a good business practice.

    Also, I created an account with Thrifty Vet and was able to check my order’s status whenever I wanted.

    As soon as my PayPal payment cleared, which took 3 business days, my order was shipped. I received the package several days later. I’m a happy customer and my cat is flea-free.

  6. ebony says:

    PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT USE FRONTLINE!!! animals are tortured by the testing of this product with burnt skin, unhealthy living conditions, health problems, no love or affection, torture, and much more!

  7. Roxanne says:

    Frontline Plus is the same medicine at the same proportions, whether for dog or cat. My vet advised me to buy the dosage for Extra Big Dogs (88-132#) and aliquot it at 0.5 ml/cat (this was plenty for 6 cats).

    This is NOT TRUE for all flea medication.

    Frontline Plus sold in the US is measured by percentage; Australian is by weight/volume. They come out to be the same concentration.

    I have bought from PetShed for years with no complaints. I’m considering Thrifty Vet, but they seem to be getting mixed reviews.

    • Roxanne says:

      Follow-up to ordering from ThriftyVet: it shipped the next day and I had it within four days. Product is what I expected, and price was very good (I see a recent thumbs-up for another Canadian company, but I had already ordered). I would feel comfortable ordering from them again.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m fairly anal and thrifty, so I researched every discount online pet supplier I could find for Frontline. My dogs are big (100+ lbs) so I need the xtra large red package. I intended to get Frontline Top Spot since I’ve never seen fleas on our dogs, but get plenty of ticks due to the trees and occasional deer in our backyard. However, since the price difference was only a couple of dollars, I’m getting the Plus version. Best price I found was at after using a 6% promo code bpc6dis (a 7.5% code I found posted wasn’t valid). They’re a Canadian supplier like ThriftyVet, but hopefully without the occasional shipping issues mentioned. Regarding PJD279’s posting … give us a break. I wouldn’t have a problem using medication sourced from Canada for myself or my family. Do you really know where your vet is getting their meds? Did you research his vendors? And even if you did, so what. The FDA’s inspection record and their approval process is less than ideal, and it’s a valid complaint that they keep too many viable products off the market due to inefficiency, politics, and other symptoms of the federal bureaucratic process. But if you feel morally superior paying more for your pet’s care and ensuring a comfortable retirement portfolio for your vet, good for you. For everyone else, here’s a bonus tip if your dog gets ear infections as my Berner does on occasion. Make a mixture of half water & half apple cider vinegar and pour some in each ear (apparently it kills the yeast and perhaps other bacteria). Less than a week of once-a-day treatments with this homemade concoction cured a nasty problem that wasn’t fixed after spending literally $100’s of dollars in prescription meds and vet visits. It smells a tad funky (be prepared for a dousing when they shake their head after an application), but it smells better than the infection. I also used it on my Pyrenees when she got a mild case, and again on the Berner a year later, it only took a few doses in these cases to clear it right up. If it makes you feel better PJD279, the FDA does approve apple cider vinegar for human consumption (but probably not for inner-pet ear applications).

  9. Bugged says:

    I just used ‘nofleas’ as the code for a discount at thrifty vet and got $2 off.
    I’d ordered from them last year and had no troubles.

  10. Iris says:

    As stated before, I don’t think Frontline from Thrifty vet is the same I have used from my vet. The viscosity is less and when it arrived it had leaked all over the package. I think they are packaging something of lesser quality. If you want to save money and not give your dog the protection than go right ahead. Another lesson for me you get what you pay for. They also have been none responsive on refunding me.

  11. Jerry says:

    I have ordered Frontline Plus (12 Months) from about 10 months ago. The product is definately not a fake. It is packaged professionally but has slight differences in packaging since is is sold in autstalia. (Example : uses metric instead of ounces.) [ explains in further details on their website the packaging differences.)
    For 9 months I had no fleas or ticks until 4 weeks ago. I went on a hike and my dog had 17 ticks on her. They were all heading to the top of her head trying to get off and many already were acting groggy, not moving well. I pulled as many as I could off her. I also the next day found 3 dead ones on her sleeping pad. I spent over 1 hour with a flea comb going through here entire bodyh and did not find one still on her. This product works great. You should feel confident you are getting the real deal. I am definately ordering from them again today.

  12. Grizz says:

    I have been buying from for several years. Last Xmas Jazzy had 7 pups and I freaked out thinking of the cost for meds. Bought Frontline Plus Red X-Lg. Dog 88-132Lbs (40-60kg) – Qty 24 For $185.98 I take no responsibility for opinions that I give. This is at your own risk.

    Dosage is .001oz x dog wt.
    Volume on package/Largest wt. on package. Example .001oz X 132Lbs. = .132oz

    Make Sure that you mix it well and Whatever applicator you use It is in the same units of measure as you Calculate. oz. or mL. Can get needless syringe at farm store. Never use Dog Frontline on cats!!!!!
    Same website has Frontline Plus Green Cat – Qty 12 For $113.99
    Hope you find this useful

  13. megan says:

    I ordered from Thrifty Vet. Wish i had seen these comments first. They emailed me telling me my order had been shipped and reminded me to allow 7 -10 business days.

    Their definition of business day is Monday through Friday, although i get mail delivery on Saturdays as well. So, by my deliverable day count, it’s been 13 days and still no product. I emailed to ask which carrier they used and a tracking number, and no reply.

    I have started a dispute with Paypal.

    In the 20 years i’ve had cats, this is the first time i’ve ever had any with fleas, and yes, i thought it’d order online and pay less than going to my vet. (Had the first dose on hand in case they got a lot of ticks.)

    In the dispute, i said i’d like the product, but if they can’t provide me with a tracking number, then i want a refund.

    I’ll be glad to post a follow-up comment to let folks now how this turns out for me.

    If ThriftyVet does come through, i may consider them again. I realize things can get lost in the mail, which isn’t necessarily their fault. But if i don’t hear any response from them by the end of today, i likely won’t do business with them again (on their site they say the respond to email within a business day. As of this writing, it’s been a business day and no response).

    • WHy says:

      You expect mail from Aussie in 14 days during the holiday season? Oh my god.. get the net..

      • megan says:

        No, i thought it was coming from Canada, and i’ve never had issue with a long arrival time even during the holiday season.

  14. Larry G. says:

    Just fyi I did use thrifty vet and it is a scam I never received my product and he has my money.

  15. megan says:

    Update: I got a reply a day or two after my intial post from thriftyvet. They said the item was being shipped from Leeds and may be held up because of customs. It would have been helpful to have that info BEFORE i ordered. I also thought it was coming from Canada, rather than the UK. I know lots of mail was delayed in the UK as a result of some winter weather.

    I opened a dispute on Paypal, just in case i didn’t get any product. On 30 December, I asked for my money back through the Paypal resolution center as i still hadn’t received the product. I did not get a reply, but I got my product today, 6 January.

    I’m glad i got what i ordered, but in the future, i’d rather pay a bit more and get the item in a more timely manner.

    • WHy says:

      good, then stop slandering people because of your impatience. Your Product arrived, and it was ordered during a holiday. You want it tomorrow, then gtf off of here.

      • sara says:

        Thanks Megan for the advice… Why is wacked lol

      • megan says:

        It isn’t libel. I was told in an email from this company that the product would arrive in a specified time period. It did not. The way this company phrased things, I was led to believe it was coming from Canada when I placed the order and then later on told there might be some problem with customs because it was coming from Leeds only after i enquired about ways to track my order.

        Those are facts.

  16. Chana says:

    I ordered from Thrifty Vet and never received the cat flea meds. I emailed, he wrote back with a link to Royal Mail in the UK (odd, since he is supposedly in Canada?)

    Anyway, I then wrote back and asked for a refund. No response. I got suspicious, and decided to Google him. WOW was I shocked at how many others had the exact same experience, and were gypped out of their money! He does the same thing with a lot of others, sends link about Royal Mail, Canada Mail, etc

    I will say, he’s got one good con game going here!

    I agree with what another poster said on another rip off forum: he thinks he does the “Canada Mail link” thing to pacify you to stall you so you don’t file a claim with Paypal. Paypal only gives you 45 days to file, so he figures if he can stall you past that, he’s in the clear. BASTARD!!

    I filed my claim, btw. I’m not being conned.

  17. Peter says:

    I ordered Advantage fea treatment for my dog. Thrify vet said they shipped it on 1/4/11. It’s now 1/25/11, and I have not received it yet.
    They claim it takes up to 15 business days!
    Where’s this stuff coming from?
    Does anyone have a phone number to contact them? It’s all been email so far.

  18. Bryan says:

    I am never ordering from again. It tookn 44 days to get the flea meds for my cats. I emailed them and they kept telling me it was delayed because of snow.

  19. Mike says:

    Have used Thrifty Vet twice now, Frontline Plus, Blue….and have received product both times within 10 days….Product is just fine and as advertized….Will use again….Not a “rip off” as some have stated….Do your homework and you will be satisfied…..

  20. Marcie says:

    I used Thrifty vet with no problem but just read many consumer complaints via google re the efficacy of product and accusations of fraud with payments. think they are out of Canada btw.
    your suggestion for 1800petmeds sounds best at this time.

  21. marcie says:

    just tried to order from 1800petmeds and they took the order for 82.98 as a price match and then sent me an e-mail saying it was below their cost and it would be charged at $124.00! I cancelled. Not a good way to do business!

  22. sara says:

    OMG… now I am soooo confused!!!! What are some legit. sites to buy Advantage for cats? I do have Advantage for large dogs but I am afraid to split it and use it on the cats. I usually get mine at the vet but it is very expensive and we have tons of strays I also do every month so any help will be appreciated as I am now afraid to risk trying Thrifty Vet. I called 188 pet meds they said to look under amazon for price matches… good tip! K thanks

  23. sara says:

    BTW/ I heard Thrifty was in Australia???

  24. Elinor says:

    Hello All ..
    I have to say that … I should have heeded most all the word on: I also ordered Frontline Plus. I have 4 cats & keeping those darned fleas under control is difficult & costly… however, I decided to give Thrifty Vet a try … due to the savings in $$. Stupid move .. I did receive my order & yes it was from Australia ( which is fine ) however, I did read that someone else did not receive the actual product or a generic type and that it didn’t work. Well, here I am with 4 cats and still, fleas, fleas, fleas … Their initial reaction was the norm when medicine is applied but soon after I realized … they still have fleas. I am sorely disappointed and will not go the saving money route again… as the saying goes “You get what you pay for” … a lesson I continue to experience but hope otherwise ;-(

  25. Donna5959 says:

    I have been ordering from thrifty vet for five years now…I have never had a problem with the product, or delivery. I have 3 great danes & three cats. I get all my flea supplies from them, and have never had a flea problem, and am a happy customer!

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