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Buying Printer Ink Cartridges for my Canon i560s

Can you believe until this very moment I’ve never needed to find out how much a printer cartridge cost? I’ve been using computers for the better part of the last ten years and through luck and happenstance, I’ve never spent an entire ink cartridge. While at school, we had computer labs where I could print what I needed and now that I’m working… I do any printing I need right there. Until last year, I didn’t even own a printer at home. But now my trusted Canon i560s has informed me that she’s running low of fuel and will need a recharge soon (pretty neat features). The Canon i560s is a color printer and I’m surprised that only the Black and Magenta cartridges are low, Cyan and Yellow seem to be a “normal” wear. Anyone know why Magenta is used so much more than Cyan and Yellow? The cartridges aren’t particularly cheap but the set of 4 costs $19 from ABCInk.com (you actually get a 5 pack, two of the black) and approximately $30 at a Costco. It’s interesting to note the “page yield” of only 280 pages, assuming 5% average coverage, this obviously is why businesses use laser printers.

Update: It turns out that ABCInk’s price is a sale price and it ends 9/25, so I’m going to try to order it in the next few days. They seem to have a lot of sales so it sounds like there’s a lot of profit in ink cartridge sales (sort of like how Art.com [3] always has a double digit percent off sale)