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BVC #3: NURU Personal Finance Cards Video Review [VIDEO]

The topic of the third Bargaineering VideoCast is a three-minute product review of the NURU Personal Finance Cards.

Since I read a lot of personal finance content, from blogs to magazine articles to Google Finance bboard pump-and-dump spammers, I’m not the target audience for these Nuru cards. My wife, who is also quite knowledgeable by osmosis, doesn’t spend all day reading this stuff so I asked her what she thought about the cards.

The cards are really good for someone who wants to learn basic personal finance, simple enough not to confuse and they’re good to educate you enough to get you on the path on learning. They’d be good for young people about to graduate college because you need to know all that information and you probably don’t know where to go to find it. It lets you know what you don’t know.

I posed my concerns about the $6.99 price point to Crystalee, one of the members of their marketing department, she made a good point:

One of the salient features of NURU knowledge deck cards is the fact that their hand-held size and key ring make them easily portable. They fit in virtually any pocket of a bag, jacket, jeans, etc. and are meant to be used as a quick-glance knowledge source, like a mini Personal Finance 101 class for anyone willing to pay a $6.99 tuition.

Although an introductory book could include the same information that is presented in our deck, it would not be in the same helpful portable shape/size, and nor would it have the upbeat tone that we make sure to use in NURU cards. We want our decks to reach people at different stages in life and commit to distilling the world’s best information for them.

Like I said in the video, leave a comment and I’ll give away the deck to one lucky commenter next Sunday (March 22nd)!

Please let me know what you think and thanks for watching!