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Called About PayPal Debit Card

I just received a call from PayPal (CSR was named Francis) about them wanting to send me a debit card and whether I had any questions about it. I told them I wasn’t interested, he thanked me for my time and said they’d cancel the card, and bid me good day. At first I thought it was a phishing attempt of some kind but the individual didn’t ask for any information at all.

A little digging and I saw that the number, 402 935 7733, is actually a verified Paypal number according to Paypalsucks.com [3], so it looks like it was legit.

Geeze, I thought it was annoying I had to click “SKIP MESSAGE” every freaking time I logged into Paypal (I’ve said no to the debit card about 230948203498230 times now), but now they call? Unebelievable.