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Cancel Sprint Without Early Termination Fees

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You can no longer take advantage of the change below to cancel your service contract. However, wait until January 1st, 2010, and another material contract change will let you escape your contract. Between January 1st and January 31st, 2010, you can cancel your contract because they are increasing the monthly regulatory fees from $0.20 to $0.40.

If you have a Sprint cell phone contract and have been waiting for a contract change in order to cancel your contract, an opportunity while you were watching the ball drop in Times Square! Sprint announced that they would be increasing the Administrative Charge to $0.99 per line, which is a material change to the contract and is your chance to get it terminated while avoiding the early termination fees (ETF).

From their website:

Administrative Charge
Effective Jan. 1, 2009, the Administrative
Charge will increase to $0.99 per line. For
details on surcharges, please see Sprint Terms
& Conditions or visit

If you can cancel (ETF waiver), it may be a way for you to get some additional services for free because they’ll want you back on contract or to stick with them. A warning though, as an experience by one Consumerist reader has shown, Spring won’t give up without a fight. Unfortunately, you’ll have to do it before the end of January because you need to dispute changes within 30 days.

Good luck!

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12 Responses to “Cancel Sprint Without Early Termination Fees”

  1. Drew says:

    Simply awesome. I’ve been debating leaving Sprint for some time now, since there is a local carrier that offers unlimited everything for much less than Sprint. This was the bump I needed!

  2. nickel says:

    I’d be all over this, except I’m paying $30 for 500 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data. Plus I get a 15% discount from a former employer.

  3. Eric N. says:

    Good find jim! Now hopefully some resourceful people can dig up something for the other cell phone companies… 😉

  4. thomas says:

    Not a Sprint user and I’m tied to Verizon because all my family is on it and the free between V members is what we need. Now if only the Nextel merger would hurry up and go through so the Mrs. can have her family on the same carrier.

  5. Gary says:

    How do I document and insure that I have requested a cancellation within the allowed time.

  6. Donewithsprint says:

    I did this in January of this year (’09) and it worked great until today (march 30) when I got the cancellation bill with $600 in etf charges on it. I just called and hopefully fought my last fight with them. I am so glad to be off sprint. I can’t even begin to describe the nightmare that company has been for me. They assured me that they would remove the fees, we’ll see. I went online and chatted to do the cancel etf free because they wouldn’t do it on the phone. They kept telling me I couldn’t do it and switching me to different departments. Got it done in a half hour online, but I had to be very very persistent and keep repeating like a drone that the change in billing had a “materially adverse effect on me”. Good luck 🙂

    • brandi says:

      I just want to say the exact same thing just happened to me. I cancelled in December ’09 and today (2/22/10) I got a notice that I owed $355.22 in ET fees. Do they do this and hope we don’t notice? What a steaming pile of crap. Sprint just tried to screw the wrong woman. Blog, here I come!

      • Donewithsprint says:

        that’s awesome, I got all the charges reversed and am holding on to all records of conversations and billing for at least five years. They hit me with eft charges two years after I switched my service from Nextel to Sprint (and yeah, sprint owned nextel at the time) and I was assured that there would be no etf. They never sent a bill, never in the whole two years did they interrupt my service and all of a sudden I get a collection call from them for this b.s. $200 charge. Of course, after three days of arguing and trying to nail down what exactly it was from, they reversed it. I would guess that all told, sprint probably reversed close to $10k in bullshit billing during the time I was with them due to their errors in billing me. I am still bitter more than a year after canceling and I am on a crusade, sister.

  7. sleep says:

    According to Sprint’s terms and condition:
    “If we change a material term of the Agreement and that change has a material adverse effect on you, you may terminate the Agreement without an early termination fee by calling within 30 days after
    the invoice date of the first invoice you receive after the changes go into effect.”

    After dealing with several “service” people, I got to a supervisor and quoted the above, stated that my contract had changed between Dec 09 and Jan 10-it worked-thanks for all of the above comments just saved me $200

  8. ty says:

    i got my statment but i have waited more than thirty days can i still cancell?

  9. RG says:

    Same boat here, only noticed the change in fees on Feb. 8th. I don’t received a paper bill, rather I pay online. The increased fee was posted to my online account on Jan. 10th, giving me until Feb. 10th to opt out. I however feel this is unjust since they sneak up this change, never mailed a letter and here I am 10 days past the deadline wondering if I should just terminate the contract anyways and try and dispute the ETF, what a headcache!

  10. Donewithsprint says:

    By paying the bill with the increased charges, you are implying your acceptance of the increase in charges. I am NOT telling you to not pay your bill by any means; however, I WOULD try to cancel prior to paying… ASAP! if you want out of your contract. I have been with alltel for a year and I LOVE the service, and I LOVE the fact that i have not had one single problem with our billing at all during the year that I’ve been with them. (again, do the cancellation via online chat so you have a printable record of your conversation)

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