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Career Intensity Ten Book Giveaway

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David Lorenzo has been generous enough to provide me ten copies of his latest book, Career Intensity (which I reviewed), so I can give them away to anyone and everyone I choose to. I’m not a huge fan of the “comment, you get an entry” or the “link to me, love me and you can an entry” type contests but instead I’m going to ask that you all answer a question and the ten best answers will get a copy of the book. The contest will run for one week and change, until May 19th, when I will list the winners and ask that you contact me with your address. (you don’t have to answer all of the questions, answer whichever ones you want!)

Here are the questions:
1. What does Career Intensity mean to you?
2. What is your ideal job and how does it differ from your current job? Why?
3. Name one thing you need to improve at and how you plan on getting better.
4. Why do you think you should get a copy of Career Intensity?
5. Check out David’s blog and list an article that you liked and why.

Good luck and thank you!

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6 Responses to “Career Intensity Ten Book Giveaway”

  1. Dave Lorenzo says:

    Great idea!

    Good luck everyone.


  2. caroklyn cox says:

    continuing education

  3. Eric Miller says:

    Career intensity is having a focused, definite plan for one’s career path, being willing to learn and grow to succeed along a chosen path, and prohibiting anything from interfering or inhibiting success.

  4. Tim MMF says:

    That’s cool you got 10 copies.

  5. Nick says:

    1. Career intensity means approaching each day with the vigor needed to propel yourself along whatever career path that you’ve chosen. You need to be excited about what you do no matter if you’re working for a big corporation or for yourself. You need to be self-motivated and always doing what you can to better yourself, your skills, and your standing.
    2. My ideal job involves owning and operating my own business as a self-starting entrepreneur. Ideally it would involve a skill set that I’m proficient with and incorporate the things that I love best about being by myself. A sense of freedom to do what I want and the flexibility in my schedule to work as hard as I can for short periods of time before resting again. Currently I work for a large Fortune 500 company as a design engineer. I spend about 10% of the time designing and 90% doing paperwork and financials. It’s not what I signed on for, and I hope to not have to do it for too much longer.
    3. I need to improve my “people skills” in general and my ability to network in particular. It’s not that I’m unfriendly, I just have a hard time building meaningful relationships with people who I don’t really care about (most of the time.) To get better at this I’ve started becoming more involved in community and volunteer activities. Through doing so I’ve met some people who could really help me achieve what I want.
    4. As a young person now is the perfect time for me to increase my knowledge about the job market and making the most of my career. I’m always looking for something new to learn and think that David’s book would help me a lot in the long run.
    5. My favorite post on David’s blog was Weekend Visualization. I’m currently trying to setup my own little internet universe so I have a lot of things that I want to get done in a very short amount of time. My goals are very aggressive. This weekend I spent almost all my time working on projects and I never would have done it without a detailed plan that I had cooked up on Friday. Visualizing what I would be doing this weekend helped me to actually do it.

    Those are my five answers. Here’s hoping that I win a book :).

  6. JBL says:

    1. What does Career Intensity mean to you?
    CI happens after I’ve aligned my work or job with my values and interests. When this allignment occurs then I will innately feel motivated to do my best in my job and to push my limits to find the best way to use my skills and knowledge in the organization.

    2. What is your ideal job and how does it differ from your current job? Why?

    I think that I’m pretty close to my ideal job at this point in my life. However, I’m still looking for ways to add more value to my organization (which happens to be a nonprofit) and to better utilize my interests and skills.

    A nonprofit organization offers some neat challenges that aren’t in forprofit organizations since there’s no profit motive driving the organization. Instead, it’s mission focused and you have to serve various customers from donors, students, faculty, managers, and other partners.

    From what I can see, a common problem in nonprofits is a lack of a clear strategy or plan to achieve the mission.

    I have many “ideal jobs” for my future, some of them encompass social entrepreneurship in educational choice.

    3. Name one thing you need to improve at and how you plan on getting better.

    Networking, I definitely need to work on the depth and breadth of my network. I plan on learn how to brand myself and come up with a way to frame my story.

    4. Why do you think you should get a copy of Career Intensity?

    I hope to receive a copy of CI, for the obvious reason that I would like to implement his ideas in my own career. However, I am also organizing a weekend alumni program and I wanted to see if David Lorenzo would make a good speaker for the event.

    5. Check out David’s blog and list an article that you liked and why.

    How to Ask for a Raise. This blog article covers, probably, the most nerve-wracking experience for me. He provided some valuable tips for me on how to discuss a raise with the COO. I hope it works!

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