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CarMax’s Friendly Buying Experience

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Originally published May 30th, 2005.

With the recent passing of my girlfriend’s 1990 Toyota Celica, she’s been feverishly researching cars and collecting pricing information on used vehicles. As part of her research we took a trip down to the Laurel CarMax facility to check out the feel of some cars and what we’d expect to pay. If you aren’t familiar with CarMax, and they’re only located in some states so there may not be one near you. But they pride themselves on no-haggle pricing and being a friendly sales environment where they don’t try to pull a fast one on you like traditional horror-story-type dealerships.

As soon as you walk into a CarMax, and if you wander around, you’ll be greeted by one of their sales representatives almost immediately. They’re not forceful but they will ask you if you’re being helped if you wander the dealership alone. How knowledgeable they are about cars depends on the person but the person who helped us, David, was there for three years and had a pretty good understanding about the cars he was showing us.

CarMax sells a large number of used cars, the Laurel, MD location sells the most out of any of them. David told us one month they had a quota of 1,100 cars and crushed it by selling 1,400 – the execs came down and cooked them steak and lobster. The reason CarMax sells so many cars is because they’re valuing turnover and sale frequency over the profit per sale. It’s obvious when you talk to these folks that they aren’t trying to sell you an expensive car, they’re trying to sell you the car you want. Even the sales commission structure works this way.

The commission structure at CarMax works as follows: a salesman makes $150 per sale plus bonuses if they sell warranties, financing plans, etc. Quota at CarMax is ten cars. If you average thirteen cars in a 6 month span, you are part of a Director’s Club. Sell fifteen cars and you’re in the President’s Club. As you join these clubs, the commissions increase so it behooves you to sell as many cars as possible. The quickest way to do that is to match a buyer with the car they want – not try to sell them a car that’s more expensive. A $50,000 car nets the same commission as a $10,000 car – but you can move cheaper cars more often!

Anyway, that gives you an idea of the inner workings. We showed up at the CarMax to find a Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or a Saturn of some kind. The Laurel location didn’t have any used Corolla’s or Saturn’s in my girlfriend’s price range and mileage but we did find three Civic’s she was interested in looking at. Another benefit of CarMax is that you can find out what sort of financing they can secure for you in under fifteen minutes without an obligation. After a quick credit check, my girlfriend could get an incredibly crappy rate of 6.45% on a 5 year loan on a Civic ($14k sticker, $4k down). You can always buy the car and secure your own financing within three days without incurring any interest penalties (for them floating the loan to you for three days).

David told us about the CarMax MaxCare Extended Service Plan too – which covers what your typical manufacturer’s 3-year 60,000 mile warranty would cover. This is important because if you’re buying a gently used car, you probably only have a fraction of the manufacturer’s warranty remaining. All you pay is a $75 deductible ($50 if you take it to a CarMax) and it sounds pretty sweet. The price for five years of coverage was a flat price of $1,199 on a $14,000 car – $1,149 for only forty-eight months.

David knew that we weren’t going to buy a car that day (it was pretty obvious) but he was very polite, helped us with all that we needed, and when we thanked him he was very polite. He never made us feel uncomfortable and I appreciated that. We asked for a business card in case we did decided CarMax was the best option and we were on our way.

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41 Responses to “CarMax’s Friendly Buying Experience”

  1. Tim says:

    So, do you feel that the $14K was a good price? How much is that same car at a traditional dealer? I suppose it would be lower than the dealer’s sticker price but higher than what you could negotiate the final price down for. But perhaps not…like you said, volume is key…so maybe the price is just as low as a dealer would go…that would be very interesting to find out.

  2. jim says:

    No way, $14k is NOT a good price for that car. In her research, she’s found that CarMax is more expensive than private party sales, Ebay sales, and most used car sales at a dealership. The only price CarMax seems to consistently beat are those cars that are “Certified Used” from dealerships (like Honda’s Certified Used car program, etc).

  3. Spike says:

    I bought my jeep at CarMax in Dulles, VA. I can’t say it was a good experience.

    They sold me the car but didn’t give me the title. It hadn’t occured to me that in the 40 different papers I signed to purchase the car, the title was not among them. That became a problem when I was trying to get a license plate. Turns out, CarMax didn’t even have the title. The title was in New York because it still had a lein on it or something.

    When I asked “whats up with not giving me a title?” they responded, “Its legal to sell a car in Virginia without a title.” So A) thats pretty stupid on the State of Virginia’s part, and B) as for CarMax, it may be legal, but it just ain’t right.

    I took about 4 months before I finally got a title…. I had to drive around on a succession of temporary tags up until then. For a no-hassle process, it sure was a hassle.

    Anyway, if you are going to buy from CarMax, make darn sure the car comes with a title.

  4. Parker says:

    I HATE Carmax!!!! They sell you cars for Kelley Blue Book Retail (Which NO bank that I am aware of uses!!) and the claim of the cars being quality is BS!!! I bought a 05 Focus ZX3 from one of their Chicago locations. the cars HAS been is a Wreck!! It HAS been through a hailstorm!! And it has several Large burns in the Interior plus the interior is screwed up from the hail repair guys!! So, my attorney is preparing some Legal Paperwork for them.. 🙂

    • Jerry says:

      So you trust carmax and dealers? Did you ask to see the cars autocheck? Did you take your car to a certified body shop for colision uni-bodya & frame inspection? Did you not inspect the interior before you purchased? Now your asking a attorney to help you?
      Your an idiot! LOL !!!

    • Johnny says:

      Why’d you buy a car with hailstorm damage and large burns in the interior!?

  5. ME says:

    So send car max a fax…

  6. George says:

    I have purchased my 4th car from Carmax. Maybe you all have the time to go and play silly games with regular car dealers, but I don’t. Also I might add that too many of my friends have bought cars from private party sales only to have them disappear as soon as the cash was in hand. Also being ex-military, I have seen all sorts of scams pulled by regular car dealers on unsuppecting kids.

  7. an employee says:

    Parker keep in mind that you did indeed purchased a FORD FOCUS, a ongoing version of the Escort, there is a 5 day return policy, you can always have the vehicle inspected by your own personal mechanic, as far as hailstorm, as long as the vehicle was not sold or at least taken care of any defects then carmax will retail so long as the structural integrity of the vehicle is not altered. Plain and simple. Carmax does not advertise never been in hailstorm or other natural disasters, but mainly flood and frame damage.

  8. Mooha says:

    I just bought my 8th car from Carmax yesterday. I won’t buy a used car anywhere else. I have spend a month researching the car I want. I then check prices on the net, at local dealers ect……. Yes Private party sales on Auto trader are a little cheaper than carmax, but Local used car dealers have never been lower in price than carmax on comparable vehicles in my experiences. Other dealers are always 3000 – 5000 dollars more. I have never had any luck trying to get a used car dealer to come off a price by 3000. Maybe 500 – 1000. To me theres no sense in taking a chance buying a private party car. I will say this, for the first time ever yesterday, The car I chose came up with an accident on the car check report. Turned out it was a fender bump and it got repaired and repainted, They had an identical car on the lot with 3000 less miles at $1000 more sticker. It checked out ok so I went with the clean report for $1000 more. As far as I know they just claim not to sell cars with frame damage.

  9. Glenn says:

    Well, it is true that you will find cars on or other websites for cheaper sometimes….however, there is no warranty, guarantee, or reconditioning. My experience with carmax is that they fully recondition every car on their lot – which most people selling a car on the street never do. That peace of mind is worth a few extra bucks to me. A friend of mine used to work for them, and the best part is that sales associates and sales managers do not come up with the prices (most trad’l dlrships just price it for whatever will make them money) it all comes from analytical purchasing agents who know the market better than anybody. When I bought my Accord from Carmax, the other big thing I noticed was that almost every window sticker had a compare to KBB retail price of xxxxx which was always 4 or 5 grand higher than the carmax prices. I would only consider buying a used car from carmax!!

  10. Lisa says:

    To the person in VA that thought they walk out of the dealership with a title in hand, no dealership gives you the title idiot…The title is sent to you from the DMV after the dealership reassigns it!

    • Jerry says:

      Dear Lisa, that is true but no one can walk away wit ha title when purchasing from a dealer. When you buy a car from the dealer, that dealer must have his buyer sign the back of that title, new buyers signiture must be executed on the spot in order for dealer to do the re-asignment and title application submiting. In that guys case, it sounds like carmax had no title period, they probably lost the title and were selling vehicle with no title in hand, who knows! Lisa, I agree with you that this guy is an idiot, but Lisa, I also believe that you probably suck dick real well.

      • Mike says:

        Having worked in total loss settlements for a major insurance company for over 5 years part of my job required me to payoff loans & obtain titles to vehicles prior to issuing a settlement check to the customer. Here is what I know about titles…..Every state has its own procedure and is usually different than the other 49. Some states will not even issue a title until the loan is paid and lien holder signs off (CA) and then it can take 4-6 weeks to receive it after that. Other states are title holding states which means a title is issued and held by lien holder until loan is paid. Usually, the only people who have a physical title in hand is someone who owns the vehicle free an clear (i.e. older vehicles). If you are expecting to pay cash and walk out of dealership with title, than you should ask to see the title before finalizing the sale–you will still need to go to DMV and have new titled issued showing you as owner and no lien holder.

  11. Gavin says:

    Hey a 6.45% is actually the lowest going rate on a used car so it’s not “crappy”

  12. Brandon says:

    Gavin: This was written in 2005. Interest rates may have been different.

    Also I might add that too many of my friends have bought cars from private party sales only to have them disappear as soon as the cash was in hand.

    I cannot imagine that someone would buy a private party car and giving the other person money without the keys or title!

  13. Car Max Job Seeker says:

    Can anyone tell me about working for CarMax? How are they as an employer? And what about the training program? Can a part timer make any serious money?

    • Jerry says:

      Hey carmax job seeker…
      There okay, there like any employer. Best thing to do is apply, there always hiring, they have decent benefits. You could make from $0.00 to $700 or even more per weeek, it all depends. Try it out… Worst thing that could happen is you suck in selling cars and don’t make any money, but if you are a guy you could end up screwing some hot young high school/college girl who comes in to buy a car, if you are a girl another sales guy could screw you or you could fiund a new boyfriend .. LOL …

    • No!!! says:

      No, It is not the same company! You will not get rewarded for your hard work anymore!

  14. Djrobsd says:

    BUYER BEWARE: I looked at a used Lexus IS-250 at Carmax in January of this year. The car appeared to be fairly priced, but when I went to sit down with the sales rep and go through credit, my credit is excellent, and she gave me some ridiculous 9.9%APR. Sure, you have 3 days to get your own financing, but let’s get real, if you buy the car on a weekend, are you going to have financing within the 3 days? If you’re going to buy at Carmax, make sure you get your financing and have your check in hand before buying the car. My APR I got from another dealer was 6.9! In addition, they only wanted to give me $3000 for my 2003 Escape. I sold it private party for $8000, other dealers were offering me $5000 in trade. Carmax does not give you a fair price for your vehicle, period, so do not trade it in there. I wasn’t expecting to get $8000 from them, but $3000 was down right insulting.

    Overall, I like the shopping experience there, low presssure, and you get to drive a TON of cars all under one roof rather then having to go to different dealers to try each brand of car you’re considering. However, just make sure you sell your car first and get your own financing and I think you will really have a hassle free experience. 🙂

  15. GirlInVirginia says:

    I had an excellent experience buying a car on a weekend at Dulles CarMax. It came with its own title (sorry rude Lisa), they have their own DMV on-site and even ran me a new registration after 9 p.m. on a Friday night—saving me a trip to the DMV and hours in line! They were courteous, patient, helpful and offered me a decent rate for a 2007—7.75%, which worked for my payment needs (could vary for others). I highly recommend Dulles CarMax, buying on a weekend and refinancing if need be (I bought on Friday and they give you three BUSINESS days, which they even said meant 9 p.m. on Tuesday night to get new financing if I wanted.) Excellent experience, friendly, knowledgeable people, and a terrific deal on an excellent car—I really can’t complain! 🙂

  16. lasher says:

    car max is a rip off they try to sale me a car that was involve in accident i want to return it today since i still have two days left on my 5 day try out. I was suppose to give it to my girlfriend as a gift today now i have to go and search all over again because they are so shaddy. they claim that it was not in thr carfax report and miss it during thier 125 point inspection the lousy paint job was terrible even the manager was upset that they miss it on a 29,000 infinity g37. I hate them

    • davidson says:

      Hey Lasher.. wow, that”s crazy, I am sorry to hear that happened to you, and I feel bad for your girlfriend .. Hey , maybe your girlfriend can come and ride me for a couple of hours. bam bam bam zoom zoom zoom…… 🙂

  17. lasher says:

    another unhppy customer true stury
    “I purchased a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero from Carmax in Whitemarsh Md on June 27th, 2007. The car was in the 10k range and had apro 40k miles on it. I also purchased the extended warranty. This was the 3rd car I had purchased from there, all co-owned with my former husband. This was the first purchase on my own.

    The car broke down the first time on September 3rd in Philadelphia Pa. on the way to my daughters birthday party. I called the roadside service number, and due to the fact that it was a Sunday and a holiday (Laborday weekend)I was told to start looking for myself for a rental car and towing and they would also try to find someone and call me back. They sent a tow truck to Pa from maryland to get my car(it took aprox. four hours) and could not find any rental car co open. I found one at the airport in Philly and picked it up, and drove back to Md.I had to put it on my credit card because the service dept. was closed and they couldn’t assign it a service number until Tues. but they assured me I would be reimbursed. The whole birthday trip was ruined with phone calls, waiting for the tow truck and having to get a ride from family to pick up rental. The next day I got a call from Carmax telling me that the rental I got from Hertz was too expensive and to bring it to Carmax (about 1 hour from my home)and they would give me a rental from their rental car co. and return the Hertz rental to the BWI location for me. Okay. When I brought it back to them I let them know it was a little under Full on gas, and that it had to be on Full when returned, ‘no problem’ they said. It was returned two days later(they forgot about it and forgot to fill the tank) How did I find out that they forgot to bring the car back and fill the tank? Over $300.00 was charged to my Visa, which took weeks to get reimbursed. Then they sent the check to the wrong address!

    November 23, 2007-2nd service problem- when they had the car for the 1st breakdown they somehow disabled the turning signals. This is the soonest I could get an appointment being that they are only open M-F 7am to 4pm, Saturday appointments are for oil changes etc. I live an hour away. For that month I used extreme care and hand signals to turn. They didn’t have parts and gave me a rental… again.

    December 17, 2007-3rd service problem/breakdown. All electrical lights going on, car wont start. Stranded at work. They pick up car and leave me rental. Bad cell in new battery. I pick up car two days later after leaving work early, and go to dinner with friends 1.6 miles from Carmax and after dinner all electrical service lights on again.

    December 19, 2007-4th service problem(or same problem not fixed properly prior) I return to Carmax with car after having dinner and all electrical lights on again… finally I am angry at this point. Service department closed and I speak to sales manager, who puts me back into rental that I just returned and they keep the car for over a week… other electrical problems. Unforseen, blah, blah, blah.

    Beginning of March, 2008-5th and final service problem-Stearing wheel shaking so uncontrollably car can hardly be driven. They tell me to drive it in anyway… I was very scared on 695 trying to control the car. I brought the car back at 8am. I sit down with one of the sales people and tell them I am going to go look outside for another car, that I am deeply dissatisfied with the car I purchased, that it’s a lemon and we will discuss it when I find something suitable on the lot. I went out and picked a 2006 ford focus, 2k miles on it, aprox 10k. When I get back in they tell me they will only give me 7k for the Alero… they say that they will buy back the extended warranty etc. and make it close to 8k. I am outraged! I was sold a obviously defective car, then when I go to give it back to them I am supposed to take a 2k loss?? I speak to the district manager, he is rude and abrasive. All this is taking hours, waiting for this manager to call back, this person to appraise the car, etc. It is now close to 10:30pm, I have not eaten all day and am nearly in tears. A different sales person comes in and says ‘ We are just buying back your old car at the price we sold it to you for and you’re buying the Ford, right??’ I said I didn’t think so… He says well that would be the fair thing to do’, I said that I agreed, but I didn’t think so. He said ‘ Wait, I’ll go call the district manager’ I said okay, thinking maybe they came to their senses, and have decided to play fair. The salesman comes back and say GOOD TO GO–let’s go sign the papers.’ We have all the papers signed for Carmax to buy back the Alero at the price that they sold it to me, and the purchase of the Ford Focus when all of a sudden the sales person comes RUNNING out of office and scoops up the papers and says he’s sorry, that he only left a message for the district manager and he finally returned the call and Carmax will not buy back the car at the price they sold it to me for. I will have to ‘eat the 2k’ I am crying, sobbing at this point… it’s 11:30 at night and they are mopping the floor and all the lights are out and I’ve been there for 15 1/2 hours and I haven’t eaten since the night before. I agree to take the loss and tell them I want a copy of the papers that I signed previously. They gave them to me. I wrote to the company and got no response. Two days after the Alero was on Carmax’s website for $9, 900.

    I don’t think what they did was legal or ethical. I will never do business with them again and I will make it my mission in life to make people aware of their shady business practices.

  18. Set the record straight says:

    JIM the confused little boy:
    #1 APR’s are ALWAYS higher on used cars compared to buying a new car. Carmax doesn’t sell APR’s they sell CARS so blame the banks.

    #2 Of course Carmax is going to be higher than Private Party prices and Ebay. but compare cars apples to apples against other dealerships not only in features, but QUALITY and I bet you Carmax is right there with them in price.

    SPIKE the whiner: You had to drive on temp tags….the world just might end soon.

    PARKER the town idiot:
    #1 Carmax never states that the cars they sell were not in a accident. Most cars that you buy from anywhere HAVE been in some sort of accident. They only guarantee against frame and flood damaged cars.

    #2 Did you not read the FREE Autocheck report that’s available for every car before you bought?

    #3 If the car was such a sh1tbox with bad bodywork then why the F*@k did you buy it???

    #4 The legal threat….oh that’s a new one.

    DJROBSD the wanna be baller:
    #1 Face it DJ ROB….either your credit really is sh1t or you were trying to be a baller when you really aren’t one by buying a Lexus with too many miles on it.

    #2 The 3 days is 3 business days not 3 actual days. You buy the car on Friday and you have until Wednesday….make sense?

    #3 Your ’03 Escape WAS worth $3k….the other dealers offered you more so they could bend you over on the price of the car you were buying….next time don’t be so naive.

    LASHER the H.S. drop-out his bionic duo the worlds smallest violin player, aka: cry baby:
    #1 First of all you are an idiot because your illiterate counter part wrote a horrible story that was obviously a lie about 4 minutes before you wrote your elaborate story USING THE SAME F’ING NAME!!!

    #2 Just because your Alero broke down doesn’t mean Carmax is a bad place…..Carmax didn’t MAKE the car they SOLD it to you in GOOD OPERATING CONDITION when you bought it.

    #3 Did you REALLY expect them to buy your Alero back 9 months later for the SAME EXACT price you originally PAID for it? LOLOLOLOLOLOL F&ck it…next time ask for MORE than you paid for it while you’re at it.

    #4 Your last statement is a lie as Carmax doesn’t turn a car around in two days to resell…it usually takes a couple weeks.

    Good luck in life you all….so far all I see is FAIL.

    • James says:

      The chick who bought the Oldsmobile is unreasonable. She should be happy that they bought back the car for ONLY 2k less after depreciation.

  19. John T D says:

    Well with me being a first time car buyer at the age of 21 with no experience, obviously impulse buying. But the sales associate I already knew, real honest and not pressuring at all. I was looking for an 05-06 nissan altima and saw this nice black one for 16k. Went out to the lot for a look and the interior looked worn especially the leather. the a/c unit’s paint looked like it was operated by a cat with very sharp nails. So I told him never mind lets go back inside and look for something else, and as I was walking away with him and glanced back and there was another dark grey (a color I liked for a long time) and took a good look at it from the outside. I thought I was crazy, the car’s cosmetic was near perfect, to me, it is perfect. Not a scratch or dent. How about the inside? The looked like it came out of the factory just a week ago. So I went for a test drive and the 3.6L V6 was a dream! (compared to my previous 2000 altima 4 cyl.) The best part, its 2010, an average of car mileage a year is 12k/yr. 4 years average for a 2006 car would be close to 50k, this altima…35k with a sticker price of less than 15k for an SE?! Woah… Chris (salesman) something is definitely up. He showed me every record of this car, carfax, repairs (there were no repairs done to it, good nissan), and everything, all clean. Really? Yea. It was used as a fleet. SWEET! Age 21, first car buyer, 500 bucks down, and a 5 1/2 year plan financing, 11%. Ouch? It’s a chunk but there was no way I was sleeping another night without bringing this home. I wish I was this lucky winning the lottery. Carmax, you made my first car buy a good experience, hope to see my second car from ya.

    • John T D says:

      I needed to correct the engine’s size, it was a 3.5L V6…still a dream thought 🙂

  20. DJRobSD says:

    John T D:

    Go to your credit union and some local banks and see if you can get your loan refinanced to a lower rate. The going rate right now if your credit score is 720 or higher is 5.9% at some credit unions. If you can’t get approved, keep trying different banks, someone will want your money. If that doesn’t work out for you, wait a year, and then re-finance it. If you make all your payments on time, your credit score will go up and you can refinance into a lower rate loan.

    “Set the Record Straight”: All I gotta say is you need to get laid…

    • John T D says:

      Thanks for the tip! Appreciate your aid very much 🙂 I will definitely keep that in mind.

      P.S. I do have a girlfriend and she does a swell job “setting the record straight”. No worries buddy. ^_^

  21. bigcarl says:

    I am in the middle of transferring a car to my local carmax location. All I have to say is everything is smooth. Many of the people posting on here, seem to be very unfortunate in their eyes. But many of the cases would not exist if you did your homework ahead of time, and actually compared apples to apples. I am having a car transferred up, that is less than ANY local dealer/private/ebay/classified add has. Not too mention, the one I am transferring is LOADED, not the base model that all dealerships say are loaded–making a bid deal about auotmatic windows and locks–(who doesn’t have that now???). Bottom line, if you do your homework, you are informed, being informed helps you walk away from something that don’t fit your wants/needs. Lots of the complaints are about something that was caused due to their own makeing APR (it is YOUR credit score), the car 9 months after your baught it–(HELLO…obviously their fault it broke down, you might drive like an idiot, or the fact that it is a ALERO–last time I checked they don’t make those anymore, and for good reason.

    As a rule of thumb… don’t rely on anyone, but yourself, remember they are selling.

  22. no problems here... says:

    I have sold 3 cars to car max, never purchased one. They do give blue book wholesale, pretty much without question. I could have probably sold it for more through private-party sale, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle just to get a few more dollars. At the very least, I will always take my car there for an appraisal when shopping for a car.

  23. KC says:

    We bought a Taurus a couple of weeks ago and are currently having another car shipped to our area for possible purchase. We noticed the Taurus had a nicely repaired “ding” in the windshield, took it in and they put in a new windshield. Our experience so far has been very positive and I would recommend them to anyone who is tired of the game playing at car dealerships. This couldn’t be easier.

  24. Happy in CT says:

    I bought my 2009 VW Rabbit from Carmax in East Haven, CT. I had two new cars totaled in a 6 month period from accidents. So I am REALLY all to familiar with buying from a dealer. I used my Costco Auto Buying membership to purchase both new cars, and I still had to haggle with the dealers.

    This time I used to get no haggle prices on new cars. I was very happy about that and would will definitely used them to buy my next new car. But ended up buying the car from Carmax the same day I test drove the car because it was nice to work with low to no pressure sales people and everything was handled the same day which was even better then the sales people.

    I may have paid a bit more then I could if I had haggled and spent all of my time working the dealer down to a reasonable price. Even then I don’t know if the car is any good, because most used car sales men ARE used car sales men and most probably would sell their own mother a lemon to make a nickel. Any money overspent on the car I consider a savings of stress and aggravation but most of of my time.

    But my feeling is that I have the same if not better odds, that the used car I bought was in decent shape, then from a regular dealer. I bought the warranty from Carmax, for two reasons; 1. This was my first non-Japanese (Honda/Subaru) car ever and 2. I drive about 30K miles a year to work and school.

    Also after checking prices on the internet, prices on the warranty were the same but the deductible was $75 at the VW dealer from Carmax vs. $100 using the VW Extended warranty. So it seemed like a really good deal. YMMV in regards to the Warranty, but it made sense for me to get it.

    I was really hesitant to get my car from Carmax, because of all the internet reviews stating the horror stories about Carmax. Carmax must have come along way as far weeding bad cars out since they started because I see more and more people having a good experiences with the Carmax cars. But what really helped change my mind was 3 people I know personally all had really positive experiences with Carmax and my experience just reinforced it.

    A couple things I would say about buying from Carmax is look at the interior if it looks worn then the rest of the car’s been worn too, keep looking. Try to buy the newest car possible also. It’s a used car just because it’s a Carmax car does not mean it’s in perfect condition. Do your homework. Like any retail business the ones who are upset scream the loudest, and the happy ones go away happy.

    Also I don’t have any affiliation with Carmax other than as a happy customer.

  25. Murph says:

    I have purchased three vehicles from Carmax and assisted in the purchase of a company vehicle. I have got to say that the salesmen/women are always professional. The service is always tremendous. Yes, I have come across situations in which I could find a similar vehicle for cheaper elsewhere after the purchase..but I trust Carmax and the vehicles that I have bought there. They bend over backwards to make the customer happy. My boss whined and cried about any little thing.. the workers at Carmax never questioned anything. They just made the situation “right”.

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