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Carnival of Debt Reduction #25

Posted By Jim On 03/06/2006 @ 5:23 am In Debt,Personal Finance | 4 Comments

Break out the silver, the Carnival of Debt Reduction celebrates it’s twenty fifth edition this week and I’m proud to present fourteen fabulous articles for your viewing pleasure. Remember folks, if you’re a contributor, try to keep your submissions relevant to debt management & reduction- there were a couple submissions this week that didn’t look like they fit but I put them in because I’m not a snob and it’s really not a big deal anyway.

Without further ado… the Carnival begins!

  • DeputyHeadmistress at presents her homemade pizza recipe in Homemade Pizza [3]. My apologies, DeputyHeadmistress sent this to me with a note that said the key to reducing debt is to spend less, which means you should eat out less and make pizza more. Sorry about that and great recipe!
  • Free Money Finance presents ‘Generation Debt’ is Going Deep into the Red [4], a look at how 20 and 30 year olds are spiraling deep into debt and why he thinks that is.
  • Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Why is being debt-free so unpopular? [5] where wonders if the only reason to own your own home and being debt-free is that you “sleep well at night.”
  • Big Cajun Man (aka Alan) at Canadian Financial Stuff presents RRSP or Mortgage Then? [6]. For Americans (Canajunfinances is a Canadian personal finance blog), RRSP refers to Registered Retirement Savings Plan and is similar to an Individual IRA in the US.
  • Jose Anes at Money and Investing presents Who Looks at Your Credit Report? [7], which is a listing of a bunch of people who might be looking at your credit report.
  • Stacy at Birds & Bills presents Frozen Assets [8], a unique way of ensuring you don’t overspend on that credit card. Clever!
  • Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade has a great article titled Getting Out of Paying Pre-Payment Penalties [9] where he discusses pre-payment penalties on mortgages and four ways to get out of them. If you have a mortgage, are subject to a prepayment penalty, this is a must read.
  • Jesse Mecham at You Need a Budget presents Do You Live on the Edge? (link dead), a clever analogy and a quick read.
  • Caitlin at Clutter2Cash presents a look at how she got to where she is in Our Credit Card Debt Story [10].
  • John at Our Money Matters presents A Quarter of a Million Dollars in the Red [11], a brief tale of how he acquired his debt and the starting point for his journey out of it (inspired by Clutter2Cash’s article above).
  • Harrison Loke at Journey To Financial Freedom presents Top Ten Causes of Debt [12] recaps an article that appeared on Bankrate about debt.
  • No Credit Needed Network [13] presents its Updates For Week of 3-6-2006.
  • nickel at fivecentnickel.com offers up his article Debt Reduction on a Grand Scale [14] which discusses the national debt and suggests that you write a check to help us all out. My check’s in the mail buddy, right next to yours.

Not Really About Debt…

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