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Carnival of Investing

Posted By Jim On 04/17/2006 @ 1:50 am In Investing,Personal Finance | 4 Comments

This week’s Carnival of Investing may be a little on the light side because the email forwarding is no longer working, I think Retire at 30 is MIA and I hope everything’s alright. That being said the selection of seven eleven articles below are of very high quality and since there are only seven eleven, you should read them all.

  • Five Cent Nickel discusses the importance (and how you should max out) of a Roth IRA [3], which is something every investor should be using.
  • FMF highlights parts of Dan Reingold’s Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst [4] and how Reingold recommends/warns that individuals should be investing in individual stocks, they should be investing with index funds [5].
  • Mighty Bargain Hunter talks about accidental investing in coins in “When’s a cent not worth a cent? [6]” which discusses the current melt value of regular coins.
  • Jason Coleman of Investorgeeks.com responds to an article by John Rhodes at WebWord.com [7] regarding Microsoft’s place in the Web 2.0 landscape and defends the software giant after their Vista delay.
  • The Canadian Capitalist talks about how investing in the blue bloods of the blue chips [8] (GE, Home Depot, Wal-Mart) might be a smart move if you believe that the latest BusinessWeek cover story can be a contrary indicator of a turnaround in the sector.
  • My Financial Journey takes a look at his excel spreadsheets detailing his retirement plan and his realistic rate of return [9]. An eye opening calculation he discovers is that if his rate of return on the $100,000 he plans to have by the time he’s 30 appreciates at 6% instead of the 12% he originally calculated, his expected nest egg drops $4.5 million!
  • Ed at A Penny Saved discusses how certificates of deposit might be coming back [10] into popularity as a short term investment vehicle.
  • Old Niu points out that the Nikkei 225 Index always seems to break out [11] again in late March. If you believe there is still upside for the Japanese market in the next 3-4 months, there is an almost risk free investment you can use to place your bet.
  • The Family CEO takes a look at the 529 saving plans she has for her two kids [12] and talks briefly about them.
  • My 1st Million at 33 discusses a less well known (at least less publicly appreciated) investing calculation known as the Kelly Criterion [13]. Using the formula, you can discern a mathematically correct amount you should be investing in a particular stock. This of course, depends very heavily on your ability to accurately determine the probabilities used by the equation.
  • Investing the Middle Way brings the investment discussion towards precious metals, in this case providing a guide to investing in gold and silver [14].
  • Harrison Loke of Finandom Blog writes about his number 1 rule, stressing the importance of stop loss, how much you should set it at to limit your potential loss [15].

If you want an entry, I’ll still accept them until Tuesday night after which the Carnival shall be closed to entries. Next week’s host is Kirby on Finance [16], I recommend that if you want to participate then you find a way to contact Kirby directly. The Conservative Cat and Blog Carnival email forms won’t be sending the emails to the right place.

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