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Carnival of Personal Finance #12

After a nice Labor Day long weekend, the Carnival has returned with the twelfth edition at the Savvy Saver [3]. There are a lot of good money-saving articles this week as well as your usual smattering of investment advice and housing bubble articles. There are quite a few I think should not be missed and here are just a few of those:

Building Wealth wrote a piece on that crazy guy with the suit of question marks [4]. My friend actually sat next to him on a plane ride (and he suggested you borrow it from the library or read it in the bookstore, not actually buy it) and I’m surprised to know all that information is available for free online. Read Tom’s article for more useful information on how to get the government to pay $2938042039842309 for you to get a Ph.D.

Financial Fruition shows us another example of how shopping around can save you big bucks [5], this time it’s with eyeglasses and contacts.

Want a reason not to save six month in your emergency fund? Financial Reference gives some good reasons why that is too much [6]. He argues that having that amount in lines of credit is sufficient in most cases if you have the discipline… read on to hear the argument.

The Happy Capitalist has an article on disaster preparation with respect to your financial documents [7] and you should not miss this. I think this is clearly driven by recent events (Hurricane Katrina) but something that everyone should plan for.

See you next week at Smart Money Daily [8]!