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Carnival of Personal Finance #2

Welcome to Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and the second Carnival of Personal Finance! Started last week by the esteemed Flexo at Consumerism Commentary, this Carnival is designed to highlight the cream of the crop of articles published by your favorite personal finance bloggers this past week. To hear Flexo’s words and his introduction, read this entry [3]. For a future schedule of the Carnivals and their hosts, read this entry [4]. While this article has been published, we are still taking submissions until midnight tonight (Monday) and add them as they come in, so if you were on vacation this weekend and want to put in your post, let me know [5]. Thanks!

Flexo from Consumerism Commentary, site of the first Carnival of Personal Finance, crosses the wire first with his article on Eminent Domain Rules Officially Changed [6]. It’s been big news these days with the recent 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court effectively expanding the rules under which eminent domain can be exercised. It’s scary and you should read this article.

FMF at Free Money Finance has written “Yes, You Can Erase 15 Years of Debt in 14 Months [7]” which talks about how someone wiped away $12,000 in debt in a mere fourteen months.

Nickel at FiveCentNickel wants to clue you in on how shipping really works and why you shouldn’t let vendor shipping times scare you. Read more about it in his article, “Online Shipping Upgrades Are A Ripoff [8],” and I’m inclined to agree because it makes a whole lot of sense.

Ironman at Political Calculations has a good article on Marginal Tax Rates and Investment Choices [9]. He’s created a calculator that gives you actual numbers, specific to you, on how much money you would’ve saved if you went with a tax-exempt investment over a taxable investment based on your marginal tax rate. It’s a very worthwhile read and a very useful tool.

Mike Hillyer of The Wealthy Blogger wants to remind us all what’s important in life in his post titled “Death Is a Wakeup Call [10].” It puts a little bit of perspective in all of our lives and reminds us of what is important. Wealth is not always measured in dollars and cents.

JLP at AllThingsFinancial has a great post about life insurance, how many of you really know the answer to: How Much Life Insurance Do You Need [11]?

Jon at Smart Money Daily has a great story about two MacDonald’s restaurants in South Africa in his post titled “Succeed By Embracing Reality [12].” It’s an interesting tale of “thinking outside the box” and it’s relevence in today’s political climate with the arrival of China as a major economic competitor/player.

Smarty at Growing Money writes about how his plans to Ebay His Junk [13] and the his results [14]. If you have some junk lying around, this is good inspiration to go out and turn it into a little spare cash.

Keep them coming!