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Carnival of Personal Finance #25

The twenty-fifth Carnival of Personal Finance [3] has been released over at the Frugal Underground (very well done, I like the word count twist) and this one clocks in at a hefty twenty-seven entries ranging in size from a mere 88 words to Searchlight’s entry at 1041 (I assure you, ever one of those words is worth reading).

Here are a few highlights I found interesting:

  • Nina of Sitting Pretty (whom I interviewed [4] in the PFBlogger Spotlight [5] series) has a fun post about her playing board games [6] as a child and how that translated to life today.
  • Future homeowners – apparently there is talk of making PMI deductible for new loans in 2007, something that isn’t permitted today. To read about it, check out Don’t Mess With Taxes [7] this week.
  • Debunking The Fallacy of Index Funds [8] is Dan’s entry, rounding out the Carnival, and the one I think should grab the attention of anyone taking the index-fund approach in their investing. Yes it’s over a thousand words, but it’s worth reading.
  • Enjoy!