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Carnival of Personal Finance #4

If you haven’t been following the Carnival of Personal Finance, the fourth installment [3] has gone up at Smart Money Daily [4]. Here are the ones I found especially interesting (I suggest you read them all of course) and ones you cannot miss:

ModBlog – A Geek’s World has an interesting article comparing Social Security to a Ponzi Scheme… which is interesting considering Ponzi Schemes are very very illegal.

Andy Moskalyuk Online has a review [5] of the Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling [6]. I’m a gambling/gaming addict (maybe, maybe not, it’s been up for debate) and I complete Mensa exams to help me relax, so I’m really interested in what a bunch of smart people say about gaming. Actually, I don’t think I’m addicted and I’ve never taken a Mensa exam in my life, so this makes me especially interested in reading what a bunch of smart folks say about gaming. Plus, it’s a well written, in-depth review.

Finally, a friend of mine in the personal finance world, Nickel, has written a very good article about personal checks. He warns you that with all the information completely visible in plaintext, you should think before you write a check [7]. If you don’t know what the little numbers on a check mean and how dangerous they are, you should read his wise words.

Again, all the articles are very much worth reading, not just the ones I’ve mentioned here so do take a trip over to the 4th Carnival of Personal Finance [3] and read them all!