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Carnival of Personal Finance #47

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47th Carnival of Personal Finance

The Carnival has returned after a twenty six week whirlwind tour (that’s six and a half months) of the personal finance blogosphere and has finally made it back to Blueprint. This week I have a little surprise that I think you’ll enjoy, adding a little fun to the usual presentation of a Carnival.

If you are brave enough, here is a map of the 47th Carnival of Personal Finance. Each entry has been listed on a Renaissance faire-esque “map” and if you hover your mouse of a particular submitter, it should give you a brief message about what the article is about. (FYI, there is no significance to the articles with the white backgrounds, the original map simply had those backgrounds there already so I re-used them)

The usual listing of articles is visible after the jump. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Carnival this week and thank you to all that contributed.

Five Cent Nickel discusses Withdrawing Your Roth IRA Contributions.

JLP of All Financial Matters writes about the Steps in the Asset Allocation Process.

FMF at Free Money Finance presents Money Saving Tips: The Best Ways to Save on Cars (Buy an Air Compressor)

mbhunter at Mighty Bargain Hunter presents What’s this??

AboutPMI makes a case for getting private mortgage insurance instead of a piggyback loan.

Penny Nickel presents Socially Responsible Investing: Part 1.

George at Fat Pitch Financials presents Future of the Carnival of Investing.

The Laws of Finance wonders… does dollar cost averaging make cents?

Madame X at My Open Wallet presents Summer Numbers, a look at a summer place.

Stock Market Beat writes about Plantronics’ recent advertising binge.

Wenchypoo at Frugal Wisdom presents Obesity Epidemic Extends to Inanimate Ojects. Wenchypoo makes an excellent point that I brought up last week, which is, unless you’re changing your own behavior to reflect rising prices, you shouldn’t be complaining about them.

Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality presents Gas vs Water and is curious why no one has expressed outrage over the rising price of bottled water.

Kay Bell of Don’t Mess With Taxes writes “Making your gas money go farther.” It looks like $3 a gallon gas will be around for a while. So it also looks like it’s up to drivers to do what they can to make the pump price bite a little less severe.

Cathy from The Family CEO writes to about a Upromise Cashout opportunity.

Amanda at Young and Broke presents Ease up, already!, her thoughts on the recent runup in gas prices and the response of the pf blogosphere.

Nick of Punny Money writes about The Science (Fiction) of Coupons

The folks at Firevalt mention briefly the importance of diligence when it comes to frugality.

At Financial Reflections, X makes an excellent point about the importance of setting small financial goals. Doing your monthly budget without a goal in mind is only so much bean counting. Here’s how I’m learning to make my budget work like never before.

Bob Vineyard, CLU at InsureBlog presents Gamblers, a look at the demographics of the medically uninsured and brings up an excellent point about the purpose behind medical insurance.

Adventures in Money Making wonders Where Does Paris Hilton Invest Her Money? Considering how conservative she is, I’d be a nice mix of Treasury bills and corporate bonds.

Big Cajun Man presents Budget Spring 2006: What’s in it for me, saying, “Highlights from my point of view of the Canadian Government’s spring budget.”

Harrison Loke at Journey To Financial Freedom presents The 9 Level of Personal Finance.

IRA at Inchoate Random Abstractions presents Salary Estimate for Stay-At-Home Moms.

Tom Hanna at Financial Options presents The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for May 8 to 12, 2006. A rundown of economic indicators due out this week, plus Treasury announcements and auctions and a few select earnings reports. Updated throughout the week with links to the economic indicator results as they become available.

Jeffrey Strain at Personal Finance Advice presents Would You Rather Be Fat Or Poor?

Cap of Stop Buying Crap writes about a true story of how going from rich to “poor” can be a rough transition for some people in “From Riches to Rags.”

LAMoneyGuy asks “Do you have a will?” I, like him, do not have a will.

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade presents Probate Without Money

Nina on Queer Cents writes about Living Together, a question that both gay and straight couples tackle very often.

A Geek’s World discusses the Fair Tax Plan.

Joe Kristan at Roth & Company Tax Update presents Tax Cout to ISO-AMT Victims: You’re Still Screwed.

Paul’s Tips gives good suggestions on how to get a job paying more than $100,000 a year.

Einzige asks the Scariest Job Interview Question and invites you to answer it. If asked the salary I would like, I would tell them how much it they would need to offer for me to leave my current position flat out. Are you tipping your hand?

David Lorenzo of Career Intensity stresses the importance of knowing your point of origin when discussing your cycle of continuous importance.

directionzero at presents The Debt Wall Of Shame – How Much Do You Owe?

Tricia of Blogging Away Debt writes about why her son will not have his college educaton paid in full. This article isn’t what you think it would be about, the skyrocketing cost of education, but instead about how the importance of something is magnified and approached with greater appreciation if paid for on your own. I wholeheartedly agree, great article.

frugal presents MyTwoMillionsAt28 dot com, a discussion about how, on paper, frugal was once worth more than 2 million in the era. “Since the option strike price only used the market closing price, on that single day my fortune changed by more than one million pre-tax dollars for the worse.”

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22 Responses to “Carnival of Personal Finance #47”

  1. Thanks for hosting

  2. Flexo says:

    Neat! Thanks for hosting and keeping it creative!

  3. Cap says:

    very neat map heh. good job!

  4. Jonathan says:

    Holy crap you must have a lot of time on your hands 😉

  5. Thanks for hooking me up!

  6. Nick says:

    Heh, I bet it’s no coincidence that mine’s right next door to the pub! Fantastic job, jim!

  7. FMF says:

    Hey, why am I linked to the clown!!!!!?????? 🙂

  8. Tricia says:

    Awesome map! Thanks for hosting this week and giving us a little surprise 🙂

  9. mapgirl says:

    FANTASTIC Carnival! But Tsk tsk for not having a will! There are boilerplate wills you can buy and fill in from places like Nolo Press. It’s not enough to name your spouse and children as beneficiaries on an insurance policy. There’s a lot of other stuff to consider. (cute egg photo, btw)

    Thanks for a beautiful carnival post!

  10. frugal says:

    You have the most creative blog carnival that I have ever seen. It makes the reading more fun. Thanks for hosting.


  11. Blog Carnival index: Carnival of Personal Finance #47

    CARNIVAL OF PERSONAL FINANCE is now up at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity!

  12. Nice! I forgot to submit an article but looks like you had plenty…

  13. Wenchypoo says:

    Your link love went out yesterday–man, what a MONSTER carnival! I had to get popcorn forthis reading.

  14. 2 million says:

    Noce job! Love the map.

  15. hgstern says:

    WoW! What a fantastic job! I love the map, and the theme it implies.

    Thanx for all your hard work on this!

  16. InsureBlog says:

    And it’s Carnival Time!

    This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is a treat! Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has put together a clickable Treasure Map encompassing all 37 entries. What a hoot!

  17. Amanda says:

    Love the map – thanks for giving Young and Broke that great looking castle!

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  21. Thanks for hosting! Love the map!

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