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Carnival of Personal Finance #8 Available

This week’s installment is chock full of goodies [3] weighing in at a hefty twenty-four submissions. There are a lot of gems from a lot of good pf bloggers, some whom you may read regularly, and some who you may not. Here are a few of the ones I liked:

A must read if you’re considering rolling over a 401(k): Jonathan of MyMoneyBlog details his research and decisions in the entire process. There are three parts and here’s the first part [4].

You’ve may have read about the “true cost of ownership” for a car, well Free Money Finance extended it to pets [5]. This is actually a follow up post to his first post about how a pet only cost $48,000 [6] and recently increased his estimate.

Another insightful post from JLP this week, it’s about how much you need to save for future college expenses [7]. Since I’m only 24 (a week from 25!), this is something that’s at least 20 years away but with all the horror predictions of how much college will cost me, this post puts it in a little perspective. I’d check out some of JLP’s other posts too, he puts a lot of potentially complex financial topics into caveman terms [8].

And if you’re interested, my own article submission is on the value of home renovations [9].

Next week’s Carnival (the ninth) will be hosted right here, if you’d like to contribute please use my contact form [10] and I’ll get you included. First come, first served. Please follow the submission guidelines [11] outlined here. Cheers!