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Carnival of Personal Finance Submission

I’m collecting submissions to the Carnival of Personal Finance and for some reason the submissions from Conservative Cat are experiencing problems. If you’ve received an email bounce-back, rest assured that Flexo (Consumerism Commentar) and Bruce (Conservative Cat) have been emailing my hotmail account (cetyle [at] hotmail (dot) com) with the submissions.

The contact form [3] should still work but if not, email my hotmail account directly please. I’ve received submissions from the following: Free Money Finance, FiveCentNickel, Multiple Mentality, Clutter2Cash, InsureBlog, Boston Gal’s Open Wallet, Sitting Pretty, Pacesetter Mortgage Blog, CFO: Chief Family Officer, Frugal Underground, Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog, My Open Wallet, Smart Money Daily, StopBuyingCrap, Fiscal Times, 2ยข Worth, Searchlight Crusade, Canadian Capitalist, The Happy Capitalist, OKDork, MightyBargainHunter, AllThingsFinancial, NCNBlog, The Common Room, MyMoneyBlog, and Fat Pitch Financials.

If you aren’t listed and you’ve submitted an article, I didn’t receive your submission as of Sunday 4:10pm, so please send it again via the contact form [3] or to the hotmail account.

Sorry for all the confusion and the problems!