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Castle Window Installation Review

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I ordered nine windows and three sliding doors from Castle Windows about a month ago and, as promised, they were custom manufactured and delivered within a month. I spoke with their installation scheduler last week and scheduled the installation for yesterday, with the crew scheduled to appear between 7am and 9am (they were driving from Mechanicsburg, PA – 2 hours away). Yesterday, they appeared at 8am, windows and doors in hand, ready to get to work.

Just a brief word about the crew, there were two of them, they were Castle guys, and they were consummate professionals. I’ve seen a lot of construction or home improvement companies just subcontract out the work after they’ve secured the contract. In fact, you can make a very comfortable living selling construction work and then, after you’ve secured the contract, subcontract the work out to some other outfit. Castle didn’t. Why would I even care who performed the work? I care because I don’t want to overpay (which you certainly would if they subcontracted out the work) for the work by going through a middleman taking his/her cut.

What surprised me the most was that these two guys (only two!) installed all nine windows and three sliding doors in six hours. This includes removing the old metal windows and sliding doors, disassembling the security sensors, dismantling the molding, installing the new windows and sliding doors, pumped in the installation, caulked the trim, reinstalled the molding, and cleaned up the workspaces (vacuuming with a dry shopvac)… in six hours. Two guys. It was amazing and it was top quality work too.

After I inspected each of the windows and doors (opening each window, testing each latch, sliding open each door, testing each lock), one of the guys ran through the operation of the windows for completeness sake. After that, I signed some papers, shook each of their hands and they were on their way. Overall, I had a great experience throughout with Castle Windows and I’d recommend them.

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167 Responses to “Castle Window Installation Review”

  1. Tom says:

    THE WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! AVOID THESE PEOPLE!!! I had windows installed and I ended up having a hole in my wall, my alarm system destroyed, and get this, no refund for the damages. If you value you your home do not let these people work on you home.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Tom,

      I work for Castle windows out of NJ please call me regarding your issues I would love to see if there is anything I could help with. You can reach me at (800) 360-4400 ext 269.

      Thank you,

  2. Jennifer says:

    I had a new sliding door installed. They ripped my old door off my house. The paint on my wall is scratched beyond repair!!! The worst service I have ever encountered. Will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN!!!

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Jennifer,

      I have stumbled across your post that you have made on this site. I wish that I would have been able to find it sooner, but I wanted to see if your concerns were taken care of or if you had any new concerns. I am willing to address your concerns even if you are not planning on doing business with us again as stated, I can be reach at (800) 360-4400.


  3. Yvonne says:

    My 73 year old mother recently got new windows from Castle. Though she found their installation guys thorough and efficient, I looked at what she was charged and it worked out to over 500 dollars per window. Her windows are average sized, double hung. Nothing fancy. And they charged her over 700 dollars for a rickety lower range storm door (the kind with fixed glass that you have to remove to put a screen on).

    I took her to Lowes yesterday and found out we could get a much nicer, similar sized window installed for around 350.

    We called the Castle people to get a quote for our other home, and the salesman was really persistent and a BS-er.

    He claimed that the windows we were getting from Lowes would be poor quality (Pella), and then when we said that we would take a day to decide on the quote he gave my mom a ton of pressure and refused to leave the house unless she signed RIGHT then. My poor mom got so physically tired after an hour of this that she almost bought a window from him just to get him out of her house!

    Some of the things he would say were: “So our relationship means nothing to you?” Or “We will give you our 10K windows for only 7K — I guess the money means nothing to you?” And “I’ve got to eat and feed my children.” Because he could not answer questions about the differences in price and quality of their windows vs what we would get from Lowes.

    What was worse was that they never provided a receipt for the previous sale, even after we called them repeatedly after the windows were installed.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Yvonne,

      I do not know if the Castle I work for is the one you and your mother had the bad experience with but I would love to hear from you to see if there is anything I can help you with. I do not know why no one would provide you with a reciept but like I said I would love to hear from you. Please call me at (800) 360-4400 ext 269.

      Thank you,

  4. Anonymous says:

    you are one in a million, probably an employee. They usually hire subs, theifs at times, and do sub standard work

    • Kathy says:


      The irony is that I have never worked for a company that was so laden with paperwork in order to comply with all applicable laws. Great pains are taken at this company to ensure that all workers are legal and insured. ALL guidelines in regards to paperwork are done to the precise T of consumer affairs. I’m sure that no company aspires to hire thieves as a general rule. No company wants dishonest people working for them because not only would they steal from the client’s but they would steal from the company itself. I can assure you that these are not our ‘hiring practices’ as you have alluded to. Please understand that there are over 200 individuals working at this company. If you have an individual concern that you would like to address, then please call me at my office line 800.360.4400.


  5. Eric says:

    Ok,… A Castle Rep just left the house. Sorry I didn’t read this thread first. We gave him a desposit on a Main Door/Storm Door combo, which was about $1,000 over a quote the wife and I got from Home Depot. I thought the price dif would be worth it based on the dif in door quality and installation. Many 2nd thought after reading this though. I life-time warranty (which sound suspect at best) is meaningless if the company no longer is in business, and based on this thread, I may not be much longer. Think I’ll call these guys and cancel. Here in Maryland, you get 3 days to rescind. Thanks for the comments.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Eric,

      I have had the luxury of stumbling across your e-mail from 2 years ago. Pleae note that our company is STILL in business dispite the current economicle times of our country. In fact we have been in business since the 1970’s and we are projecting a growth in the coming years. We regret that you had canceled your business with us at that time, but if you are still in the market for windows or wish to voice any other concerns, please call me at (800) 360-4400.

      You ever faithful company
      Castle Windows

  6. Joe says:

    It’s been a month and i still haven;t received my door yet. Not even a phone call. When i called them they said to wait for another week. Be aware before you sign the contract….fully read the contract. Once teh contract is signed, deposit is cashed, and 3 days is gone…you are in their hands…

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Joe,

      I have stumbled across your post that you have made on this site. I wish that I would have been able to find this sooner, I would assume that by now you have had your products installed. If there is anything else that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to call me. I can be reached at (800) 360-4400.


  7. Mike says:

    I agree with the previous poster…Company is all about securing the contract. WONT deal with them again….

  8. matt says:

    Castle subcontracts their work and changes the locking mechnanism on PRE MANUFACTURED windows to say that they make them. Ask them if they sub contract their work and if they say no, then you should tell them to leave b/c they are lying. Also, the reason they go done so fast was because the subs get paid per opening not by the hour sp there is no incentive to take your time but is better to rush and get it done… Buyer beware. I used to work in the business and have now moved on to a much better career but trust me I know!!!

  9. unhappy says:

    if you are thinking about this company: dont!! i never got what i ordered, the installation was horrible and had to be redone, i wish i had read all of these reviews….so much it makes me sick!!!!!

  10. Richard says:

    Castle Window, Inc. out of Chattanooga, Tennessee installed my windows. Which has since that time gone out of business. I called the same botox company and the receptionist was very nice. I have been unhappy with Castle Windows since the beginning. Unfortunately, the NJ Castle windows co. informed me that each site is privately owned and that our life time warranty is no longer valid since the Chattanooga company went out of business. We are certainly at a disadvantage now. They also stated that there was no corporate company to file a grievance with so what is our next step?

  11. Mrs. Wary says:

    DH & I saw Castle Windows from Mt. Laurel, NJ at a recent local home improvement show and gave them our name for an estimate for a new entry door. Salesman came to our house and showed us a very nice Pro Via door for around what we expected to pay fully installed. However, salesman would not leave until we signed the contract and paid 1/3 deposit. We did so against our better judgment only b/c we really liked the door. However, later in the day, we read many online complaints about the company. We also looked closely at their “contract” and their WINDOW (not a door) warranty. The contract makes no mention of quality of installation (i.e., good and workmanlike manner) or who is responsible in case they damage our home. If this type of stuff is not written in the contract, we can’t hold Castle to anything. We’ve decided to cancel the contract within the 3-day termination period and have already put a stop payment on our check. Lesson learned.

  12. chic davis says:

    I had much the sme experience with the company as Jim. I found the installers friendly and helpful. After the windows were installed, I found the house much quieter, and warmer during the winter months. It’s been very dificult to contact someone to do repairs to the windows that have been broken and the screens thqt now have holes in them. I came across this web site, after searching the web by name. But still don’t know how to contact them using a toll free number.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Chic,
      My name is Kathy and I work for the Castle windows located in NJ, what state do you live in because we includes screens in our warrentee, we have offices in some east coast states but not all. If we purchased a Castle windows in the area you are located in then we purchased their contracts also. Please let me know because if you are in one of the states that we did purchase then we may be able to help you.

      • just asking says:

        Kathy, you seem to know what is going on with this ‘review’ & are trying to help as many people as you can….good for you. My question is, Castle is coming to my home Saturday (would not come unless both of us are home as stated in most all of the reviews)….why is that? My husband and/or I can make educated decisions without the other. How hard-core selling is done here. I don’t have time for push-y sales people. Thank you.

        • Kathy says:

          Just asking, I am sorry I did not see your question prior to today. I know that there are many factors in the reasoning behind all homeowners and spouses being at the estimate. 1 is that it is a requirement through consumer affairs to make sure that all homeowners are aware of what is being intalled in their homes and another reason is that if both of you were not there to sign the contract the other person that was not there could leagally cancle the contract even after the windows are ready to be installed. I hope this was of some help to you.

      • LNegroni says:

        Maybe you can help me. I am still waiting for someone to call me to schedule an appointment to complete the windows’ installation, repair two windows that have problems (the locks are not working b/c the top 1/2 of the window slides down)and install new screens (the ones the windosw came with had not locks) . Also, I am still waiting to hear what is going to be done in order to honor the contract regarding having all my windows with double locks. The sales person indicated and wrote all windows would have double locks. The compnay is now claiming that only certain size of windows canhave double locks. I am in Connecticut.

        • Kathy says:

          LNegroni, I hope that your concerns were met, I will definatly be looking into it for you if you contact me. I want to pull your file and look at your contract. You can reach me at 1 (800) 360-4400 ext 269.

          Thank you

  13. Hmmm says:

    Wow I’m so glad I was able to say no to this salesman after reading this. I just had to deal with the exact rude hard sales tactic that just made me feel very uncomfortable. This man stood in my house over 2 hrs when all I wanted was an estimate. Pushed a price on me I was not comfortable with and got upset when I didn’t want to accept his offer huffed and puffed out my house like a child. 5800 for 5 windows but would reduce it down 3800 if And only IF I gave him a deposit today only. If I decide to shop around and call back it would go back up to the original quote. I already did an estimate with home depot and they were a lot more reasonable, so I am going to get another estimate and see how it goes.

  14. Anonymous says:

    We have read all entries posted here and we had a Castle representative come to our home recently. Have to say that the representive kept calling his office and did not provide us with a written estimate, as we had thought.

    Although he seemed like a nice fellow, he was not happy that we would not be making a split second desision and told us he would come back with the contract , if we needed any further info. Seems like the contact is much more important than the customer.

    Bye Bye Castle and no thank you.

    Good customer relations is the key to any successful business. We just do not do busines their way!

  15. Htelen Elliot says:

    So far am happy with the guy measuring , he was polite and mannerly.. He even moved his truck so my son could park where he always does.. I hope that the installation is the same, seems to be a good company. and the salesman , Sheldon, he was nice and explained all to me.. Hope to have a good experience with the installation of the windows I ordered..

  16. Helen Elliott says:

    Just wanted to say the salesman was very nice and explained everything to me .. and the the guy Danny who came to measure was polite and nice , he even moved his truck so that my son could park where he always does.. I hope that the installation will be just as pleasant.I am looking forward to getting my windows asap.. all good so far..

  17. Brian/Connecticut says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing thier experiences with Castle. I got thier flyier and was considering calling them but I always read the reviews first. I just threw the flyer away.

    • LNegroni says:

      I think it was a great decision to throw their flyer away. I wish I would have done the same. I just believed in the salesperson. How naive of me. No company ever has treated me so badly, ignoring my calls and concerns and just not taking care of the problem. I wonder what are they waiting for.

  18. Maryann says:

    Castle is a nightmare! When I made appointment girl did not tell me that sales guy wanted 4 hours of my time! Yes, he said 4 hrs when I told him after the first hour that we needed to wrap it up in the next half hour because we had to get my daughter to her travel game. Bruce became very agitated and berated me. I firmly told him the girl who made the appointment should’ve told me we needed a huge block of time he called into his supervisor to ask if he should bother staying and giving the quote if he didn’t have more time. Fir an hour he repeated himself about how every other company was crap, he had his own $3mil business at one time and how they were the only company who would honor their warranty. He insisted they don’t subcontract. What a scam!!! He was pissed that I wasted his time because my hubby had to leave to bring my daughter to her game. The need both owners there bec they have to close the deal that day. He told me that if I couldn’t give a deposit today they will not come back to my home. I missed my son’s playoff game because of this windbag! If he didn’t repeat himself for over two hours and wasn’t so arrogant we woukve considered them. Soooo glad we didn’t! What a waste of 3 hours!

    • LNegroni says:

      I know exactly what you mean. It has been my 2011 nightmare too. I still have some hope that the company owner will respomnd to my letter of concern and to my requests.

  19. Granny says:

    Maryann – I too had Bruce and yes he actually took 5 hours of my night! He was a bit full of himself and he and my husband went off into a conversation about guitars and music. However, my husband and I were truly impressed with the actual product even though Bruce almost blew the sale. I also want to add that Bruce was actually NOT trying to “upsell” me. I wanted a french door for my patio but he explain why that would not work in my home. French doors are more money. Also I would like to add that ANY company is going to have its share of good reviews and bad reveiws. Also, people are very quick to bash a company/product but are not as quick to compliment. I know because I am a business women and get many more complaints than compliments. I would also like to add my husband was truly impressed with the construction of the product, the metal framing that prevents warping. Some of the other features my husband was impressed with include, the monorial system for the sliding back door, the lock for the patio door, the heavy brass handle and the above the door extra lock for the back door.

    The thick window pained glass is filled 98% with argon gas, the heavy metal open//close handles for windows with metal components throught the locking system. Coated metal hinges to preven corrosion, welded seals on all corners of the windows. Foam filling for insulation, tight fit of screeens for a snap in fit, UV protection, guranty for life on screens (although we realise the guarantee is only as good as the company is in business – most companies do not gurantee their screens).

    Again, there are good and bad for any company – I felt compelled to present the reasons why we liked Castle, The Window People. Often times when we compliment, we fail to list the positives so here they are. Hope this helps!

  20. Bruce says:

    OH NO! This website has me totally discouraged. I also bought two sets of windows (sliders) which I knew would be expensive. We also had a relentless salesperson (Zeus) that I nearly kicked out of my house a number of times but really liked their product, so didn’t. I am currently trying to get Castle to complete our townhome association application and no one is calling me back after three phone calls and two emails!! After reading all the complaints I am even more concerned. I am in NJ and really hopeful Castle gets this right!

    • LNegroni says:

      Keep track of all your efforts. Also, read the contract. I readd it and noted I cannot do anything like contacting Better Business Bureau. Consumer Protection or a lawyer. I just sent a letter to the company owner to see if in this way the company treats me with dignity, completes the installation and honor the contract the salesperson and I signed.

  21. Granny says:

    Bruce – go with your gut. We too like the product and the warranty. Be your own person. If you research ANY company, you will find good and bad. We have had no problems and really love the product. All sales people are pushy, it is part of their nature and their job. Again, you will always find more bad than good. How many times have you been complained about in your business life versus the amount of times you have been complimented???? Have faith in your own decision making process. If you have done research and chose Castle, it was for a reason, and NOT because you liked the sales person.

    • LNegroni says:

      I did not know this site existed. Just after reading all these messages I feel validated. I have had the worst experience of my life with Castle Windows. My experience began in March of this year with a sales person who offered me things that apparently did not exist just for the matter of selling me the windows. Then the date for installation was a problem because it took like four months for those windows to be “built”. Installation was never completed because the installer came five hours late to my home and could not finish that day. Interestingly he gave me his phone number and told me to call him (not the office) if there was a problem with the installation. He was coming the following day to finish installation and never showed up. I called two days later and he said he had forgotten and apologized. He told me he was coming that day and never showed up. After that he never responded to my calls again. I am still waiting for the windows’ installation to be completed. I have been treated very badly by the Castle windows people. The have lied to me, they keep ignoring me and are trying to force me to accept changes to the contract just because their saleperson “made mistakes” (a person who has been working with them for 20 years and claimed to be the manager of the CT area). Two windows are defective, screens were supposed to have locks and they do not, windows were supposed to have double locks and some have not, caukling has not been completed and the worse part is that the last time they sent someone to complete the work it was a man who had no ID from Castle and even forced my screen door asking me to open the door alleging he came to install the new screens and finish the instalation. The man showed up claiming there was an appointment for that day(there was no appoitnment because the people from Castle windows were supposed to call to make the appointment.) It was a scary experience and while he waited outside I kept calling Castle windows. Ryan (or Bryan), was the last person from Castle Windows whom I spoke with. That day he apologized and told me my windows would be finished that same week and that he would call me that same day to schedule someone else to come to my house. It is almost a month and I am still waiting for Ryan or Bryan to call me. This is just a little of what I have gone through with Castle Windows.

  22. pepper says:

    I am so glad I read these review before I give them deposit. My salesman told me to give him check for 1/3 down before the final sales. I didnt give him a check. He say you’ve 3 days to cancel the order trust me I will be cancel the order. They talk bad about home depot & lowe’s window about the poor quality they have and Castle’s have the best warranty. It shows by these comment that they have the worst!!!!! I will wait to go with a replica company that you can call. When the girl call me to set up a measurement there was kids in the background and people talking like she was from home. The salesman told me the same contact me directly instead of calling the offices. That was kind of strange when I spoke with my mother. She say something is strange. So, I will be calling the on Monday to cancel. It is very good to read reviews because people spend alot of money for windows & recieve poor service. Walmart is better wit customer service because they honor all their produces.

  23. Linda says:

    Has anyone had experience with Castle Windows in the southeast? Would you be willing to discuss with me via email?

  24. Mark ortiz says:

    I had very bad experience with castle windows, I replaced sliding door then next time it rain it went down to my neighbor , second time they came to do the windows in bed room and living room and kitchen they did the wrong job, the people who came to install was in hurry and they did not know what are they doing, just put the windows and never finish the job, be aware of that, also called to speak with Manager they never called back, I will never recommend it to any one at all, the windows nice but the service is very bad,

  25. ROSEHILL, Yonkers says:

    Well, sorry for the bad experiences, i have my windows installed about two months ago this summer, from my kitchen to my attic and i am happy to say that i do not need an Air conditioner in my home any more- great savings for me. i barely use the fan to sleep because it could be 100 degrees out side, and my home feels cool when you enter, and i have no AC installed or and no fan on. they cost me $3000 less than what home depot had billed me initially. only two windows i can say are not locking out of 21 windows. But over all, i m happy i called them. Thanks alot.

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