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Castle Window Installation Review

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I ordered nine windows and three sliding doors from Castle Windows about a month ago and, as promised, they were custom manufactured and delivered within a month. I spoke with their installation scheduler last week and scheduled the installation for yesterday, with the crew scheduled to appear between 7am and 9am (they were driving from Mechanicsburg, PA – 2 hours away). Yesterday, they appeared at 8am, windows and doors in hand, ready to get to work.

Just a brief word about the crew, there were two of them, they were Castle guys, and they were consummate professionals. I’ve seen a lot of construction or home improvement companies just subcontract out the work after they’ve secured the contract. In fact, you can make a very comfortable living selling construction work and then, after you’ve secured the contract, subcontract the work out to some other outfit. Castle didn’t. Why would I even care who performed the work? I care because I don’t want to overpay (which you certainly would if they subcontracted out the work) for the work by going through a middleman taking his/her cut.

What surprised me the most was that these two guys (only two!) installed all nine windows and three sliding doors in six hours. This includes removing the old metal windows and sliding doors, disassembling the security sensors, dismantling the molding, installing the new windows and sliding doors, pumped in the installation, caulked the trim, reinstalled the molding, and cleaned up the workspaces (vacuuming with a dry shopvac)… in six hours. Two guys. It was amazing and it was top quality work too.

After I inspected each of the windows and doors (opening each window, testing each latch, sliding open each door, testing each lock), one of the guys ran through the operation of the windows for completeness sake. After that, I signed some papers, shook each of their hands and they were on their way. Overall, I had a great experience throughout with Castle Windows and I’d recommend them.

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167 Responses to “Castle Window Installation Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Had half the windows installed two weeks ago.. still waiting for the others to be installed..because they came in the wrong size due to being measured wrong and made to the wrong size. The ones that WERE installed, it was a HORRIBLE installation.. crooked, caulking that looks like helen keller did it with her feet,etc, just a mess. SO.. while waiting for my other 5 windows.. today it rained.. my brand new 10 foot bay window with the oak trim all around.. it is leaking like a sieve. POURING water in. And.. tomorrow we are due for hurricane Irene. Today.. it was just raining.. So.. I called the company and said.. OMG.. the window is POURING in water.. and they FINALLY called me back after two phone calls and said that maybe they could get someone other there tomorrow.. too busy today.. and nothing they can do in this weather anyway. What??? So.. I ran to LOWES, bought 80 dollars worth of buckets, tarps, metal flashing to use to try to have an indoor gutter to control the leaking into two 30 gallon buckets.. and now I wait. Oh.. did I mention I bought this house a month ago and dont even live in it yet because I wanted to get new windows, get floors done etc before I move in? So.. I now have have new/leaking windows, water running down my newly painted walls and out over my hardwood floors.. and waiting to see if Castle, who couldn’t come TODAY.. will show up tomorrow..during a hurricane. Yeah right. Yet… they keep telling me that they want me to be happy and will take care of things.. Lets see if they repair my walls, the warped hardwood floors, etc.

  2. PA Friend says:

    I had 7 windows including a bay one, and a seeding, my project was supposed to be done with a moth after sign the contract and did get done after three moth, the crew that work in my house was great, they came did what they where there to do, clean I’m happy after every thing was done.

    But I did had problems with costumer services schedule, it since to me that at the office no every body now what is going on. if you have a problem they don’t have a desire to be batter or they treat you like “craze women on the telephone”; every body has a tile like manager of costumer services, supervisor of installations, supervisor of area… Which I founded interested. There are not many willing to help or not one has the authority to do that when you need it. When I address my concern to the office manager in PA area, at the end of my phone call he tread me by tell me that I could be law suit if a express my opinion true this web and by also tell me that “ west what this conversation it is been recording” I know about my civil rays.

    It is a good product but just be careful when you are going to sign a contract because after you do you are stock with it,

    • Heidi says:

      I am just wondering if there was a language barrier between you and the company in question because I am still trying to figure out what you are trying to say and I have had a great experience with customer service. They took care of all of my concerns and it only took 1 phone call.

    • Francis says:

      This comment should clearly be removed. PA friend is hiding behind a veil of anonymity and is beyond illiterate. This comment is not helping anyone make a decision. If has anyone moderating this site, they should be ashamed. Also it is very doubtful that anyone would threaten you with legal action for expressing an opinion on the internet. Maybe this PA manager was informing you that in the event you might choose to take legal action against Castle Windows, he would be ready to meet your allegations.

    • Fletch says:

      You really need to use that spellcheck

  3. Angry Customer says:

    I had made an appointment for an estimate on replacement windows two weeks in advance. The day before the scheduled appointment I recieved a call telling me that the person that was doing the estimate had a family emergency. Didn’t think anything about because these things happen. I was given a rescheduled date for the following week. The day before the reschedule date I once again recieved a call saying the same thing. At this point, I was aggrevated because it had been three weeks since the original contact. When I asked if there was someone else who wasn’t having a family emergency the lady tells me that we didn’t show for our last appointment. When I explained to her that she was the same person that called me last week it became very apparent that she had cancelled several appointments. I decided to go with window world. Called in, got an appointment for the next day and this time it wasn’t cancelled.

  4. Julie says:

    Greensboro, North Carolina. Dec. 5, 2011. Jeff, the salesman that visited us, was extremely arrogant, rude, pushy and totally dismissive of what I explained I was looking for in our project. When I shared with him that I had had other window installation companies out to give estimates, he seemed to have the intention to make me feel stupid. He only talked about what they did or did not do in their businesses, and then drilled me to tell him what they quoted me, and the details of what they explained to me in their demonstrations. This man continually pelted me with questions I could not answer (because I am NOT and window expert). When I shared with him that I was feeling very uncomfortable and felt like I was being made to feel stupid, he told me he was just trying to educate me. (I am a teacher, and I can tell you: people do not learn when they are insulted and pelted with unanswerable questions.) He didn’t educate me, he infuriated me. At one point he asked me what I would think if the vinyl on the windows turned a yellowish or bluish tint, I said that that didn’t matter that much to me; I wanted something practical that would allow me to open the window and to cut the drafts. He abruptly closed his salesman kit and said that, in twenty years, this is the first time he had ever heard that. I said well, it’s not that important to me; I just want something practical; looks are not that important to me. He told me that “THAT is not practical!” (subliminal message: “that’s STUPID, and you’re trash”) He stood up and walked to the door without even a handshake (and he left the door open on the way out!). After he left, all three of my children that were in the room shared that being in the room with this conversation was unbelievable. My 16 year old said that it was “more intense than watching The Hurt Locker.” My daughter noted how awful it was that he insulted us in our own home. My oldest son, who co-owns this home with me, stated correctly that there’s “no way we would be hiring a business like this.” As for “Castle, The Window People…” with salesmen like Jeff, they might be window-people, but they certainly aren’t ‘people-people.” I would suggest a more appropriate career for Jeff might be to be an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay.

    • Sue says:

      I can’t believe this! I had a very similar experience with a Castle salesman this evening and I live in NJ! They must be all trained in the same selling techniques. After almost two hours of going around and around about how only Castle has this or does that I finally pushed for a price. He became even more aggressive telling us that he was only trying to help us and we didn’t want to let him. And…after giving us 4 confusing sets of prices said he could take off $450, but when he started to leave (saying “I got it. I know you want me to go”), he said we hadn’t allowed him to give us a real discount. One they give when they know people are really interested! What kind of game are these guys playing? The price was more than double than that which another company quoted me last week. Should one avg size picture window and a 3-window slider cost $4k?

      • Anonymous says:

        We also live in NJ and just had a similar experience as well. We were expecting to get an estimate for windows. And what we got was two hours of the guy using terms like “brain dead” or stupid about people who didn’t sign a check, repeating how Castle does only one call and don’t bother calling back if we didn’t give a check that night. He said we wouldn’t get the same “discount” that he was offering at that time. They supposedly do too much business so it doesn’t make sense for them.

        The hard sell approach is a real turn-off, unnecessary, and stupid in this day and age. If a company is so confident about their product and pricing then they wouldn’t worry about giving an estimate, and certainly not worry about the customer researching their’s or other companies.

      • Ivy says:

        Got the same pitch yesterday. The first five minutes in, I knew I wasn’t doing business with them because of the attitude but I couldn’t get this jerk to leave.

        I had an appointment for 6 he showed up at 5 to which was good but I was a bit fatigued because I had only walked in 5 minutes before myself and I was coming off a two hour drive (which should really have been 45 minutes tops…traffic from NY into Northern NJ. The Castle I was dealing with in in Mount Laurel and I had told the receptionist the day we scheduled that I didn’t want to deal with a company that far out in NJ as I am only three stops from Penn Station. She said they had people all over and some near me. So, when the gentleman arrives and we greet and I ask how long is this going to take he says like an hour and a half. I told him that I don’t have the kind of time. He then told me, in my home that I should respect his time because he drove all the way out here and the least I could do is respect his time and let him do his one and a half our sales pitch. From that moment, I knew if he told me they were windows laced with diamonds and pearls, I knew I wasn’t buying.

        The sales guy from Castle was just the second estimate I was attempting to get after receive a pretty straight forward one the day before. I had made the mistake of leaving the previous guy’s brochure and card on the dining table. The castle guy saw it and spent a good 20 minutes berating this guy and company, Sears, Home Depot all small window companies and all he really did was show me guarantees of other window companies that he claimed were no good and filled with misleading information. I kept wanting to wrap this thing up…for him to give me information in the form of a brochure or literature that I could review and compare it to the next companies and an additional two that I planned to get estimates from but he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t even give me an estimate. He said he did not come all that way just to give me an estimate, that he was going to leave with a deal. I assured him that he was not because I don’t operate that way. When I told him earlier that a hour and a half was too long he said ok, give him 45 minutes. My response was, we’ll see how it goes. As we hit the half hour mark and he hadn’t even gotten to the actual Castle Windows because he was stuck on “explaining and educating me” on windows (as if I really cared…no offense), I said that I have to leave in 10 minutes. He became very agitated, a little huffy even (all an act to intimidate me). He said he was going to call his manager or whoever to let him know that he was leaving because I wouldn’t even give him the respect, etc, etc, etc…. He got someone on the phone or feigned it and said that the person wanted to speak with me. I told him I’m not speaking with anyone and he supposedly relayed the message. He packed his things up and left and tried to insult me a couple of times along the way and his parting words to me were good luck with your cheap windows at Sears or Home Depot. I said thanks (which I think frustrated him more), then told my son to peep outside to make sure this guy doesn’t kick my car, waited five minutes, grabbed my handbag got in my car and proceeded to go grocery shopping like I wanted to do five minutes after meeting this man.

      • judy says:

        yes sue i agree, although i had a very pleasant salesman the price i got from castle was $620 per window (good sized double hung) but the next company that came quoted me a price of $250 per window…HUH?? their windows appeared very similar to the castle windows. strange. i’ve decided to keep shopping around.

      • Shawn says:

        I had an appointment from hell with castle. The vibe I got was bad I just felt uncomfortable. Mark was the salesperson he quoted 5200 for 11 windows, but getting him to the price was torture and after the fact. Felt. Could’ve gotten him lower. We were writing up contract and I told him to rip it up he was not pleased. The experience was similar to buying a car, awful. Nybdy have a recommendation for a good company

      • BILL says:

        Yeah….Crappy windows cost less….crappy installation too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    way over priced go to window world !!!!!

  6. SANDY says:


  7. dennis says:

    just signed contract spoke with chris he seemed wonderful about our new windows hope he is right in upstate middleburgh ny

  8. Jac says:

    My husband and I purchased these windows about 6 months ago, not only has our heating bill gone down signicantly, the sound quality is amazing. I would definaltey recommend this company to anyone who’s looking for a good quality window definaltey worth the price!

  9. Dave Wisler says:

    My wife scheduled the appointment and i found out last minute. I agreed to sit through the speal and listen and find out what they were offering. i can tell you one thing.the salesman has everything to do with it. If you look at the previous comments it is about the salesman and not the product. I will tell you to ask for Sheldon and you wont’t be dissapointed. We now have on order what my wife has been wanting for years. And i was thoroughly impressed with all that we went through in the 2 hours that it took to get everything ironed out and ordered. Castle, clone Sheldon and get him in the training process for these other sales people and you would do well. He has what you need to educate your clients and satisfy your customers. I can’t wait to see the rest of the process of the measuring and replacing of the products. YOu will hear from us as it goes.

  10. Thankfully I got out on time says:

    When I called to make an appointment to have new windows installed I was told that my husband had to be home for the appointment to take place. My husband took the day off from work and was available at home. The salesman told me that my husband HAD to sit with us for the entire sales pitch. I told him that my husband was available if and when we were to proceed with the purchase. The salesman became rude and obnoxious. He told me that I wasted his time. I assured him that I have done 100,000+ construction in our house and I did not need my husband to sit through this part of the conversation. At that time, the salesman called his manager-who in a nicer way, told me the same. After the salesman became almost aggressive and told us that “we had wasted his time,” we invited him to leave our home. This is a ridiculous policy…Castle lost out on an almost 10K sale…and after reading some of these comments, I am thrilled that I got out on time! Not only wouldn’t I recommend them, but I would tell everyone to stay away from them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    worst mistake i have ever made

  12. Anonymous says:

    the worst experience

  13. Anonymous says:

    Buyer beware. Hands down the worst experience with a contractor I’ve ever had. Sales rep was deceitful and misleading. I you sign a contract, don’t expect them to give it up without a fight even if it’s within the 72 hr time period. The will resort to bullying tactings saying they are going to take legal action and/or send the matter to collections. Castle Windows, aka Cardo Windows doesn’t make it’s own windows as stated and they don’t have 24 hr personal assistance as advertised in their brochure. If you don’t believe me try calling the about 10:30 at night and see who you get and note when someone gets back to you. My recommendation is go with someone local. Some who can provide you with a list of homeowners who are willing to provide their numbers as references. It’s not unheard of my window contractor did.

    • John says:

      Your contractor gave you his previous customer’s phone numbers? Not sure I’d like someone giving out my information like that.

      • Kathy says:

        Hello John,

        I work for Castle windows and I have personally handled when a customer or potential customer wants referals. I poersonally have folders from customers who wish to be contacted. When a customer states that they want or are ok with someone calling them that is the only time we give out the onformation. We protect the privacy of all of our customers and would never give out information that was not previously approved by the customer first.

        Thank you,

  14. JOSEPH says:


    • Kathy says:

      Hello Joseph,

      I hope you know that it is slander to post false reports. I work for Castle and I along with all of our employees are either American and/or in this country leagally.
      Just because someone does not speak english that does not make them illegal.
      As for your statement that our employees are abusive that is just obsured, I hope that you uderstand the alligations that you are making towards our company could land you in alot of trouble if proven to be false. I welcome you to call me to explain why you believe these accusations to be true. My name is Kathy and you can reach me at 1 (800)360-4400 ext 269.

      Thank you,

      • Michele says:

        Do you think some of theee complaints are due to workers fault not windows? Getting a quote on Saturday. I will see your windows for the first time 1 401 822 3540 I was a FL contractor for a decade. thank you Michele

  15. lydia says:

    Well Joseph you must work for Castle Windows and were paid to post this. I has a picture window replaced. Yeh, the salesman showed me the nice picture of their fleet and installer in all green shirts! That is just a come one. You never see these people. I live in Bergen County and you know what you get in Bergen County—sub contractors who don’t speak english!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a 54 year old woman and the one installer was just gauking at me===what a pig!!! You can imagine if with a younger girl!!! I did not trust to leave these people alone in the house so I sat in the kitchen behind a wall for 2 1/2 hours in the heat and humidity. These two were machine guns– I mean they never shut up!!! you would think that working with each other (my appt was 3pm) they would run out of things to say. NO WAY!! and they talk about women. The one asked to used by bathroom –well after 20 minutes I kinda figured it out. The guy did not even have the decency to open the window. After a 1/2 hour I walked into the hallway by the bathroom. Between the STINK and humidity i almost vomited!!!!!!!!!
    Now I had to go IN THERE!!!! and open the window!!! I had to open all the windows and doors in the house and spray air spray. As I was walking into the area where the men were they spoke to each other in spanish and LAUGHED!!! They thought it was FUNNY!!!
    OK, I am not baby, I understand that people have to go. BUT to NOT OPEN THE WINDOW and THEN LAUGH! Not only that they were suppose to clean up after themselves. I read that “I did not even know they were there”. No S0with me, I leather couchers will covered in dirt and soot!! I had to clean the entire living room and vacuum. I even had to sanitize the bathroom. No way I was using that TOILET before cleaning it!! And to boot, the outside was just a messy. the highlight was that they did not side one piece. I did not see it from the outside but when I sat on my couch and looked up sure enough bare wood across the entire window length. AND the WINDOW DID NOT SEEM LEVEL. The siding they took off was aluminum and when I asked to keep it they said NO!!!! You know why – because you can get high $$ FOR ALUMINUM. When they should me how to use the window — the man could not speak english all he said “you do like this”. I was so digusted later I realized he did not even show me how to take the screens off to clean the windows. AND THE WINDOWS NEEDED CLEANING. Smudge prints on the window, dirty hand prints on the inside of house not even by the window. These men were just PIGS in even sense. Castle window is a shit company. They never keep their original appointments – for measuring and installation I had to wait until late in the day because my original appt was in the AM. Whenever you call Castle windows– you get some snotty nosed teenager who will NOT CONNECT YOU WITH A MANAGER AND WILL NOT E4VEN TALK TO YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND THEY ASK 10 MILLION QUESTIONS. i JUST WANTED TO SPEAK TO A MANAGAER AND SHE WOULD NOT UNLESS i GIVE THEM PHONE NUMBER I GAVE THEM MY NAME — N0 tHEY HAD TO HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER. WHEN THEY LEAVE MESSAGES ON THE PHONE SOME YOUNG SNOTTY MARBLE MOUTHED TEENAGE LEFT A MSG. Good thing I AM NOT AN IDIOT (like these people) and figures it out. Everything you call it is the grand inquision and they SNOTTY. I put the $$ on my credit card just in case I had a problem – smart thinking – when I called I got a boy and I asked for a manager – no I had to tell him my whole story and then says let me get the schedule and puts me on hold for 3 minutes. Then a woman comes on!!! She WAS SOOOOOOO RUDE AND WHEN I ASKED HER WHY SHE WAS SNOTTY SHE SAID”I’AM NOT SNOTTY!!!” Yeh you want to buy a bridge? She was going to schedule someone to come out late in the month and on a week day. I said you r asking me to take time off? Very Ruddly was “WELL I CAN GIVE YOU A SATURDAY” I said very calmly that I was going to put the amount into dispute until this is resolved. All of sudden — someone could come out this coming saturday.
    THIS IS A MICKY MOUSE – COME ON COMPANY. Now i understand why there were so many law suits against them.

  16. Victim says:

    The customer service of castle windows sucks!!!
    When I called for an estimation, they came rapidly which is good. I waited for 3-4 weeks for them to build my windows. (I ordered 3 big and 7 regular size windows) The contractors came and finished installation. He then asked me to pay for the rest of the payment even there is one broken window. (I shouldn’t pay it all which is a mistake I made. I am deeply regret.) He said I still need to pay it all now. Customer service will call me in 2 weeks to schedule replacement. Guess what?? They didn’t call me. They deposited my check RIGHT AWAY but did not order my window for replacement until I called them 3 weeks after installation. I have to wait for another 1-2 weeks. I don’t get a call yet. The woman from the customer service of castle windows is rude and careless about customers.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Victim,

      I work for Castle windows and since I can not look into your case due to not knowing who you are, I would like you to call me so I can make sure that your concerns were met.

      you can reace me at 1 (800) 360-4400 ext 269.

      Thank you,

  17. lou says:

    from new jersey…the castle salesman just left. what an arrogant idiot this guy was,,,spent almost 2 hours telling me about how lost cost he was, bad mouthed the competition and gave us the this price is for right now routine. too bad, castle seems to be a nice window.

  18. FRUSTRATION says:

    Horrible experience

    • FRUSTRATION says:

      Ordered windows in July (33 total). Still waiting for the final 2 windows to be placed despite multiple contractors taking measurements, but each time showing up with wrong sized windows. It is now October. Also, the installation was HORRIBLE, windows were crooked, not sealed properly- exactly as a previous customer mentioned above. In addition, the contractors broke some of my personal items in the room. In the company’s defense, they did send another contractor to correct the horrible job but not without several phone calls and persistence. I am still waiting for the last two windows and arguing for reimbursement for the damage to my things. I wish I had read these reviews before I signed this contract.

      • Kathy says:


        I would like to hear from you in regards to your concerns. I want to make sure that all of them were treated properly. I can be reached at (800) 360-4400 ext 269.

        Thank you,

  19. Dawn says:

    wow……..reading all this I got it…I was left with my mouth open in disbeleif when this sales person left…I was just reading above to see if anymore complaints…omg…Talk about a aggressive horrible sales person
    I was called ” Stupid” ” Cheap” And asked if I drank cause I’m “Stupid”…Real nice guy when he walked in…Talked about family animals ect…Then……..holy crap
    got the whole deal about windows…took forever…I just want replacement windows…I’ve leaved here for 30yrs …
    He was trying and i’m saying trying to compair what I have with what i want to replace…I had a patio built 20yrs ago…so as I’ve been replaceing windows I put them out on my Patio, ( which is now done) so he was trying to say, look at those windows they are double hung…I said no they arent, so he said to me…what do you drink or are you just Stupid!!!!!!!!!!
    He was arragant and mean..oh and most importantly…I said well how much are the windows…… says this in the ad…He again called me Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He said how stupid are you…the price of that window is for a basement……….well goes on but…I told him to get out…..he told me that ad is just for them to get into the house..I told him to leave…he proceeded to call me cheap and stupid!!!!!!!!!
    I called the company….and told them what happened…and they actually wanted to send someone else to my house??? LOL…I said after he told me the Ad is a Lie and the names I was called they couldnt give me windows for FREE!!!
    I have a Carpet Cleaning Bussiness for 30yrs…we NEVER send False Advertisements or LIE to OUR Customers!!!!!!!!!! Castle Windows is Horrible!!!!!!!! and never did get a price but sure it be a rip OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Dawn,

      I am very concerned with your comment, we would never let any of our employees talk to any customer or potential customer like that, I really would like to hear from you so I can look into it. As far as the advertisement that is not false, as a business owner you know that it is illegal to have false advertisements. I am not trying to sell you anything or try to set an appointment with you, I just simply would like to know who the sales person was and try to find out who you spoke to in our company when you called to express your concerns. Please call me at 1 (8000 360-4400 ext 269.

      thank you,

  20. RunAsFastAsUCan says:

    OMG!! I just threw out the salesman after 15 minutes. He gave me 4 different prices to choose from. The first three would turn blue gray anywhere from installation to 1 year on the outside. Only the top of the line would stay white. I told him his prices were to high. He said tell me what you want to pay and we will build you a window at that cost. Oh yea, breakage wasn’t covered, nor we’re the insulated and the cold would be transferred right through the. I am a woman who has flipped 5 homes and have done this before. When I said I wasn’t comfortable and wasn’t going to buy, he sat back and stretched his legs out and said, “Tell me why?”. I told him to pack up and get out. I stood up and went towards the basement door where my 6′ burley son and his friend were working. By the time I turned around, he had left. I guess he didn’t want my boys throwing him out!!!

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Run,

      I would love to look into this for you but you did not leave any information for me to look into. We would not employ or should I say continue to employ someone that is aggressive like that. If we were to get a call about any such avtivity we would investigate and take all the nessesary steps to make sure that this would not take place. We have been in business for almost 40 years and I can assure you that we would not be able to continue to do business if that was the way we conducted business.
      I encorrage you to contact our office and ask for Kathy at ext 269. If there is someone working for our company conducting business that way we would like to know about it.

      Thank you,
      Customer Care officer

  21. RunAsFastAsUCan says:

    Stony Point, NY. FYI

  22. RunAsFastAsUCan says:

    Give window king a call. They are in the Bronx but service the Tri state area. There windows are superior quality and the pricing was excellent!

  23. Heather says:

    I am also in Northern New Jersey and since August of 2009 I have been having problems with my castle window purchase and install. First off, my salesman was extremely arrogant also. He spent 2 hours giving me a bunch of BS about thier “quality custom made product” which is a complete lie. He pretty much said I needed to do all my windows not just my slider. I finally got fed up as my husband and I had to leave. (He also wouldn’t acknowledge me as a decision maker and focused only on my husband. In the end told him let’s see how the slider workable out, then take it from there. THANK GOD! Not only am I waiting for a third door to be done since its STILL WRONG! But today is the last chance, I will file a claim in small claims court.
    All this because we didn’t have time to do it ourselves. Next time my husband will take a couple vacation days and so it all himself.
    Everything is unorganized about this company. One guy sells, yet knows nothing road about the windows, then another guy measures, and another guy (subcontractor, not castle employee as I was promised!!) Installs! Well, my door was too small and yet another guy comes out and is trying to talk me into keeping the door and they reframe it! What the hell does that do to solve the problem with it being several inches too small!! After my logical explaination of square peg rectangular hole (I used props to explain this also to get my point across) he said I was bring difficult and wanted to only speak with my husband.
    I files a better business bureau complaint, which the also lied in that also, and in the middle if winter on a 5degree day they decided to install a “custom” door, after telling me that size isn’t available. Umm, its custom dumbass! You took out a door that size, put the same size back!
    Bowed the door doesn’t open or close properly. The framing is shit, I didnt even paint the molding. (They tried to put insanely oversized moulding up to hide thier mistakes) because I had to re spackle properly! There is nothing about this that was professional, I know kids at co-tech that are more talented than this!
    Spoke to Victor, told him this is the last chance. All of my paperwork says custom built door and a guaranty and no subcontractor. Oh did I mention that this last replacement door from a few months ago came wrong also!? Yup, another guy comes to measure, yet someone in the office takes it upon themselves to use the WRONG measurements from the initial window (which should have been taken out of the system) si when we rake ANOTHER day off work for this, they show up and say “oh, this is too small” honestly…. So I not have a reason to complain?
    I’m glad I wrote everything down and kept my records because I have all the ammunition I need to defend myself, get all my money back and go to Home Depot to buy a better constructed door and install in ourselves!

  24. P Rauso says:

    Dont buy from here.Salesman make deals thay cant live up to.Then try and strong arm to collect.Goodluck dealing with these people

  25. Seven says:

    Thus far my experience with Castle has been horrible. I ffound out that they attempted to submit a archetectual change request to my HOA posing as me. When I found out prior to them faxing it to my HOA, I was given this bogus explanation on how they were goingto fax it to me to sign. It does not work that way. All arch request require a form that I must sign. Then I found out that they have been harrassing my HOA about approval. Meanwhile, they have not communicated with me at all. They LIED and said items were ordered when they had not been. I found that out when I spoke to a rep. And now they are bothering my HOA. I don’t need anyone speaking for me. There service is horrible so far. I’m scared to see what the install will be like.

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