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Castle Window Installation Review

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I ordered nine windows and three sliding doors from Castle Windows about a month ago and, as promised, they were custom manufactured and delivered within a month. I spoke with their installation scheduler last week and scheduled the installation for yesterday, with the crew scheduled to appear between 7am and 9am (they were driving from Mechanicsburg, PA – 2 hours away). Yesterday, they appeared at 8am, windows and doors in hand, ready to get to work.

Just a brief word about the crew, there were two of them, they were Castle guys, and they were consummate professionals. I’ve seen a lot of construction or home improvement companies just subcontract out the work after they’ve secured the contract. In fact, you can make a very comfortable living selling construction work and then, after you’ve secured the contract, subcontract the work out to some other outfit. Castle didn’t. Why would I even care who performed the work? I care because I don’t want to overpay (which you certainly would if they subcontracted out the work) for the work by going through a middleman taking his/her cut.

What surprised me the most was that these two guys (only two!) installed all nine windows and three sliding doors in six hours. This includes removing the old metal windows and sliding doors, disassembling the security sensors, dismantling the molding, installing the new windows and sliding doors, pumped in the installation, caulked the trim, reinstalled the molding, and cleaned up the workspaces (vacuuming with a dry shopvac)… in six hours. Two guys. It was amazing and it was top quality work too.

After I inspected each of the windows and doors (opening each window, testing each latch, sliding open each door, testing each lock), one of the guys ran through the operation of the windows for completeness sake. After that, I signed some papers, shook each of their hands and they were on their way. Overall, I had a great experience throughout with Castle Windows and I’d recommend them.

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167 Responses to “Castle Window Installation Review”

  1. Maplewood Home Owner says:

    We are in a Castle NIGHTMARE as I type. After the contract was signed, NOTHING has gone as promised. The installation has been (and still is) a nightmare! We agreed to have four windows installed and 1 storm door installed. The salesman told us NUMEROUS times that the windows would be installed from the OUTSIDE. Not the case. The installer told my wife that he couldn’t carry the windows up the ladder to the second floor so he proceeded to jack-up all of our interior trim in the process. Then the installer found that the storm door was the wrong size so he would need to order the correct size and have someone come back and install in a few weeks. He even tried to leave without putting our old storm door back on (it is winter after all) but my wife insisted he do so.

    When finally a new crew arrived with a new storm door (about a month later), the two men took three hours to jerry-rig some kind of frame around our doorway because apparently THAT door was the wrong size as well. They never told us that the door was the wrong size. Just built some ridiculous frame to essentially cover up for the small door. The storm door doesn’t latch or lock properly (not even with the bizarre rectangle of wood jutting out of the frame built to mount the latches) and we can’t even get to our door knob without scraping our knuckles!

    We called the salesman once again to complain both about the door and the window trim, and he told us the Head of Production would be sent out to take a look. Turns out the day of the appointment must have been his day off because who showed up at our front door? Not the Head of Production, but the original installer who messed up all of our trim! So now my poor wife cannot even bring up how messed up all of our window trim because he’s the guy who wrecked it in the first place! We’re now waiting for ANOTHER storm door to be ordered and our trim situation is up in the air.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Maplewood Homeowner,

      My name is Kathy and I work for the owner of Castle windows, I would like to speak to you to make sure that all your concerns are met. Please give me a call, you can reach me at 1 (800)360-4400 ext 269.

  2. New Home Owner says:

    Now I am worried, just sat through a 4 hour session with Craig to get an estimate on 11 new windows and thought I would see what others are saying. Now I am extremely worried that we may have made a mistake by signing that contract last night, oh man, hope we did not as these comments are extremely troublesome to me. I must say he was not rude or anything in comparison to any of these other comments.

    Craig was very kind and patient, he did not push anything on us and he tried to get us the best price for the windows. However, I hope we will not regret this as this is our first home and we really don’t want to run into any problems or regret this decision by taking on this project. I must say though the presentation to just get an estimate was extremely long. I understand that the sales representative need to sell the product and the company but God almighty, cut it back some, especially when appointments are schedule in the evenings when folks are already tired from work and other things.

    Again let me hope we did not get ourselves into any trouble here, our 11 windows are schedule to be installed in March so now we wait and see what happens.

    • Jim says:

      Did you shop around? Despite all the comments, I’ve never had a problem with my windows. In fact, any problem I did have they’ve come out and resolved quickly.

      • Mass homeowner says:

        Which is it, you never had a problem or they fixed the problem right away?

        You sound too much like a Castle employee!

    • New Home Owner says:

      Yes we did, infact we had 4 basement windows installed by another company before and we had no problems, the only thing was the price we thought was a bit high for 4 windows but overall the workman was clean and efficient and the windows are great to date. We are still waiting to here from Castle Windows so maybe we will be more fortunate than the others in being disappointed and will actually love our windows as the one he showed us and the samples were really excellant quality window.

    • Maplewood Home Owner says:

      We had a perfectly fine time with the salesman (although he did promise that the windows would be installed from the outside, which they weren’t). Our troubles (seemingly endless troubles) started with the actual installation and customer service thereafter. Good luck.

    • Tony peer says:

      They installed 19 windows in my house in east Greenwich,RI about 4 months ago and everything is perfect.
      They deliver and install few days before the original date.
      The installation crew was professional and friendly.
      They were done in about 6 hours.
      I didn’t plan To buy expensive windows as these but its worth every penny!

  3. Susan says:

    Can a slider from Castle really cost $3000??? That’s what I was quoted.

  4. R.B.Giles says:

    Dear Castle Windows – to the Owner,
    The collection notice you sent to me is invalid for the following reasons:
    1. The supposedly “free estimate service” was rendered on January 28, 2013.
    2. I cancelled the entire order and the measurement appointment on or about Friday, March 01, 2013, first by telephone and then by written notice which was sent to Castle via mail, USPS.
    3. No services were rendered, no measurements were taken, no door was constructed.
    4. Castle was not harmed, not injured and suffered no financial hardship.
    I do not appreciate strong arm tactics, intimidation or “used-car-salesman methods” and no one can legally force me into purchasing something I do not want and $5,678 for a door is extremely overpriced!Is this the only way you people can make your numbers? You are instructed to cease and desist efforts to collect on a bogus claim and to stop trying to violate my civil rights and rights as a consumer.

  5. Linda Burns says:

    I have Castle windows in my home, I love them, but the Castle Window that was in our area went bankrupt and I haven’t been able to have the windows replace that have broken seals and a window that when I open it, it falls forward. (Have you ever had a window hit you in your nose?).Anyway, can you tell me if there in any place locally that I can call and arrange to have my windows fixed. I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

    PS, I had Castle Windows put in the home I sold to more here, so I am a repeat customer.

  6. Stephanie says:

    After calling Castle Windows and after having managed properties for over 20 years it was immediately evident to me that their business practice is horrible. They proceeded to ask me if the MAN of the HOUSE would be home as if I couldn’t make a decision on my money or my home without the other homeowner available. Then when I noted that I have never been treated this way by a company and that they were harassing to deal with they basically told me I was harassing them.

    All in all I would go with a different company based on principle alone.

    Must also mention I told their manager that I needed an estimate for my Insurance company since we had damage in the storm and they said they did not provide these to customers. LOL

  7. Barrie says:

    We recently purchased a large window from Castle windows. The window is a large picture window in the center with two casements on either side. It took approx. two months from the original contract date to the date of installation. On the day of installation, they tried to piece boards together for the inside casing of the window frame and we would not accept this. The installer left and went to Home Depot to get more wood to fix it. Bad sign right from the start! After correcting the wood frame, the window was installed, caulked with a non paintable caulk and flashed on the outside with metal trim. The trim does not lie flat. I contacted the service department the following day about the non-paintable caulk and was told that someone would come back to replace the caulk – in two weeks. When the individual came to replace the caulk, he dug out the non-paintable caulk, did the worst job imaginable re-caulking the window with a Lowes brand caulk and put a 3″ scratch on my brand new vinyl window frame. He tried to make the metal trim on the exterior lay flat but was unsuccessful. I called back to the service department and was told that they should not have replaced the caulk at all, that I should have used a different primer – depends on which service department person you speak with apparently – and then left a message for the Virginia service people to call me the next day. I was not called. So, I called again and was told that Castle will come back to my house and look at the caulk and the scratch – the earliest appointment that could be worked out is 24 May – I can’t take off work and they don’t work weekends – they did for the install and they did for the recaulk- but not to investigate the poor caulk job, scratch or problem with the metal trim.

    The window was a quality window until they screwed up the installation. And the warranty is a hassle every time you call. Poor customer service and conflicting information given out from their people.

    We were told not to touch the caulk or would void our warranty – had to use Castle caulk – then their own people come and caulk with Lowes brand caulk????

  8. New Home Owner 2 says:

    I have a few complaints and haven’t even had windows installed yet so I am slightly concerned… Sales pitch was extensive, impressive, professional and convincing. Appt was made for installation during a bad rain storm who were notified in advance we as customers paying a LOT of $ for “quality” windows did not want the work done in our newly bought home just so the 2 Hispanic men could trash our new floors & carpet… They were Told by their “boss” to install them anyway!!! Seriously??? Sorry but that’s not your call. We gave them $20 for gas/food so we didn’t look like @$$holes for sending them away. So new appt was made following week “8-10”. Then another phone call was made to confirm “8-10”. Then another phone call was made to change it to the day prior, No, sorry, we had already requested time off work! So then another phone was made to reschedule a new time “1-3”. Ok, we were told it takes approx. 6-8 hours to install 9 of our windows, what if there are complications, will they still be working on them until 9-10pm??? I am extremely nervous about this stupid decision we made already… Now we’re pretty much screwed I guess. Great, I can’t wait!

  9. robert coyne says:

    I had windows replaced by them in 2012. Never had a problem from start to finish. I was going to have the rest of my home down this year. They had a problem with the first date to install them. (two windows smashed at the factory)They never called me until the day of the install to tell me this. On the second day they where going to install them, they never called me to tell me they would be two hours late. So I called the factory and told them I could not wait for them. And I was very upset they could not call to let me know they would be this late. The service manager gave me the run around there phone had no service where they where at. So I told them forget about the windows I was sick of all the problems. And he told me I could not get out of there contract. What kind of company dose that to someone after they screwed up from the star. And also I will have to go into arbitration with them to get this taken care of. If your looking for replacement windows stay away from CASTLE WINDOWS.

  10. windowcustomerinpa says:

    Maybe someone had a good experience, but I’d be careful.

    They installed incorrect balances in a window so it won’t stay open. It took 2 scheduled appointments to finally get a technician here to tell us why it wouldn’t stay open. They had to order parts to fix the ones that (and I quote the tech) “…are clearly not the correct ones for this window” (so why did they install it???) . After that appointment there was no word from them for 2 months, so I finally called them to find out the status of my parts. First conversation was that they had no record that parts were needed or ordered. Then after another month of no contact, again calling them, I was advised the parts were conveniently being shipped at the end of the week. I set the appointment to have the correct balances installed. We got a call the day of the installation to say their technician called in sick and there is absolutely NO ONE else that can do the work. I paid for windows in November and in July I still have not got a working window, but they have my money. If you ask for a supervisor, the phone rep will do all they can to not pass you up the line. If you do stick to your guns and get a manager, all they can do is say “I’m sorry” and will do nothing more to resolve the problem (all Mr. Installation Manager said he could do was give me the sick technician’s phone number so I could take it up with him and schedule the next appointment…guess he’s a great boss too). I WILL NEVER HAVE A GOOD THING TO SAY ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND THEIR TREATMENT OF ME. Taking 8 months to get a working window is ridiculous and not having any party responsible for any part of the resolution process lends me to believe this is just a volume installation provider, not a quality customer service provider.

  11. Cheryl says:

    I have had this company replace windows in three locations. I now have a problem with the locking mechanisms and they do not call back

  12. Central NJ says:

    Just had 21 double hung windows replaced in our home by Castle. Windows are nice and we thought we got a fair price for them. Salesman plays the game and you have to as well until you get the price you are looking for. There was an issue about way the windows were going to be installed, that is I wanted the new windows installed to the house frame not to the window’s inside sash/sheet rock. I was told these were replacements windows not new construction and would cost a few hundred bucks more for installation. I was not happy since salesman never discussed this but the manger was nice and we worked out a deal that was workable for everyone. The installation took time due to the extra labor as I expected and with three guys it took 1 day and a few hours. Installers where professional and knew what they were doing. Only issue is that they were not careful walking around my house, I had to put down sheets to save the carpet on my steps. Worker got grease on our new furniture when he was moving it, making my wife freak out but we were able to clean it up. Since they had to come in the house for this installation I just needed to watch and double check them to make sure things went smoothly. In summary I think their windows are very good quality and the lifetime warranty will help when we sell one day. I never expect anything to be perfect … because it never is with construction, just work it out and if they are reasonable (castle was for me) it can turn into a good experience. I do have to touch up the trim/sheet rock on the inside of the windows but I expected that. Overall, I would rate them a 8 out of 10 and would recommend them. We tried to get a price for a bay window but they were way over priced. We’ll see if they call me back with a real quote … part of the game I guess 🙂

  13. Theresa says:

    I called Castle to replace 2 windows in my house. We first saw Castle at the Mt Laurel Fall Festival and spoke to a representative there. The rep told us that they need a minimum of 3 windows. I told him we replaced all of the other windows in our house and just need these 2 done. He spoke to a manager on the phone and got “approval” for our 2 windows. We set up an appointment. Today I received a call from the office of Castle windows stating they can’t install 2 windows.They asked me ” Do you want a door or insulation replaced.” I told them no, just windows. They responded our policy states we can only replace 3 or more windows and whoever told me that 2 windows was alright was not trained properly. She then said “sorry, we can’t help you”. and cancelled our appointment. At this point, I wouldn’t want the windows if they paid me to take them! How rude and unprofessional. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Imagine what their customer service is like after the windows are installed! If installing 2 windows isn’t enough work for them, I guess warranty work would be impossible!! Sorry Castle windows, I’ll take my business elsewhere, to a company that cares about their customers!

  14. Andy says:

    No offense Theresa but no company is going to waste their time with only 2 windows. Unless its some guy that installs cabinets, paints, does car detailing, and windows on the side. A company would lose money in gas and overhead on only 2 windows. Get real and stop complaining about the company, they owe you nothing… Sounds to me like you are trying to take the cheap way out and trying to take advantage of someone.

  15. Missy says:

    Hey Andy,

    You must work for Castle as well. Anyone that takes the time to come to the their defense like you must be employed by them.

    I just purchased 5 windows. Hope I dont get screwed too. Fingers crossed.

  16. marie says:

    I just purchased 5 windows and a bow window hope I made the right decision being a senior doesn’t help I think the price is good its $8560. I sure hope so but I don’t know and that’s a lot of money with just being an Social Security

  17. Muttnut says:

    wow – getting estimates now. My estimate for a slider and 11 windows was 9K, from a company that is known to be overpriced. I am getting more – but will not use a company that has this many complaints. always check BBB

  18. Muttnut says:


    I did have one double window replaced. Only one.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I used Castle twice and got screwed both times! They are the worst. Do yourself a favor and go with a small, local outfit. Castle can’t get anything right!!

  20. Gil ruffing says:

    I had castle Windows install my siding Windows soffit and facial to the entire house in 2006. Castle window gave me a life time warranty which appatently meant their company in pittsburgh’s lifetime. I can’t believe any one still sells Windows under this name.

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