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Castle Window Installation Review

I ordered nine windows and three sliding doors from Castle Windows about a month ago and, as promised, they were custom manufactured and delivered within a month. I spoke with their installation scheduler last week and scheduled the installation for yesterday, with the crew scheduled to appear between 7am and 9am (they were driving from Mechanicsburg, PA – 2 hours away). Yesterday, they appeared at 8am, windows and doors in hand, ready to get to work.

Just a brief word about the crew, there were two of them, they were Castle guys, and they were consummate professionals. I’ve seen a lot of construction or home improvement companies just subcontract out the work after they’ve secured the contract. In fact, you can make a very comfortable living selling construction work and then, after you’ve secured the contract, subcontract the work out to some other outfit. Castle didn’t. Why would I even care who performed the work? I care because I don’t want to overpay (which you certainly would if they subcontracted out the work) for the work by going through a middleman taking his/her cut.

What surprised me the most was that these two guys (only two!) installed all nine windows and three sliding doors in six hours. This includes removing the old metal windows and sliding doors, disassembling the security sensors, dismantling the molding, installing the new windows and sliding doors, pumped in the installation, caulked the trim, reinstalled the molding, and cleaned up the workspaces (vacuuming with a dry shopvac)… in six hours. Two guys. It was amazing and it was top quality work too.

After I inspected each of the windows and doors (opening each window, testing each latch, sliding open each door, testing each lock), one of the guys ran through the operation of the windows for completeness sake. After that, I signed some papers, shook each of their hands and they were on their way. Overall, I had a great experience throughout with Castle Windows and I’d recommend them.