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Change Your Credit Card Due Dates

This morning, I gave you five good reasons why you should go to paperless statements [3] and I’m here to lay down another useful tip. Did you know that you can get the due date on your credit card statements changed just by asking politely? I don’t know how credit card companies pick a due date but it invariably never matches each other or your paycheck – now you can fix that with one phone call.

How To Change Your Due Date

Flip over your card, call the customer service number, and get yourself to a representative. Once you’re there and done verifying your identity, simply ask to adjust your payment due date. It’s that simple.

Each credit card will handle this different and some won’t let you change the date at all. I just got off the phone with a Citi representative and she was very helpful. She warned me that the due date floats within a 3 day window, so you you have to ask for a particular week (1st week, 2nd week, etc.), and it can take up to two billing cycles to take effect.

When it takes effect, it will make that billing cycle slightly longer. Money hackers will recognize that this gives you a slightly longer grace period for the billing cycle when your date changes, unfortunately that reprieve is short-lived.

This little tip might solve some temporary cashflow problems but if you’re in serious trouble, shuffling around the due dates won’t help.

Have you done this before? If you have experience with other issuers, please let me know!

(Photo: andresrueda [4])