Chase Freedom(SM) Card Review

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You’ve probably seen numerous promotions about the latest card from Chase, the Chase Freedom® Visa – $50 Bonus Cash Back, and the recently expired $250 promotional bonus for signing up for the card; but if you are like me, you never really took a look at the merits of the card to see if it was worth applying for. From a superficial glance, I would say it looks like a solid gas station card as it offers some great cash back percentages.

Now, the main gimmick of his card is that you can convert dollars to points to whatever else but that’s not something that appeals me. I only want cash back, you can keep the rewards and the airline tickets, I want greenbacks. In fact, the only reason why I’m using the Citi mtvU card and the Thank You Network is because I can use it to pay off student loans.

One almost cool thing is that they’re offering a 0% intro for up to 6 months on purchases, and 0% intro for 12 months on balance transfers. As with any card I’d ever consider (except a business card), this one has no annual fee.

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18 Responses to “Chase Freedom(SM) Card Review”

  1. philskaren says:

    I have the Chase Perfect Card and I like many of the features, but 3% cash back on groceries would be very nice. However, I do love how the Chase Perfect Card has the rewards automatically added to your balance the next statement instead of waiting for a check. Althougth the $50 bonus would definitely be worth waiting for.

    And I still have the song from the Chase Freedom commercial in my mind….

  2. ginny shelton says:

    I like the free chase card commercial. Where did the song come from and who sings it. Thanks.

  3. Jerry P says:

    Commercials are scientifically designed to get your attention and make you identify with the product. BUT…a nut singing in falsetto while pinching his nose causes me to instantly change channels.

  4. Dan says:

    I’m upset with the latest Chase Freedom Visa “offer” for teens. My 18-year old daughter got an invitation to sign-up for the Chase Freedom Visa Signature card with a promise of getting $250 back the first time she spent a penny.. yada yada yada.. Reading the very very small print for 30 mins, I finally found out where the letter stated that she would be automatically switched to a Platinum card if she didnt qualify, and that the benefits and conditions would be different for the Platinum card. Excuse me? Chase knows my daughters age from accessing her credit report. This is a scam to get kids excited about getting $250 back, when there is no chance that these teens have the credit history to qualify for their $250 cash-back “Signature Card.” It’s a seedy bait and switch offer. And even though it might be legal, and is stated in confusing small small print that you have to dig for… I don’t feel this is an honorable offer.

  5. James says:

    This bank is a scam. One thing to be careful is that after the first year, starting year 2, Chase will charge you 30 bucks as a reward program fee even though it posts there will be no any fee. This bank is shitty.

  6. Peter P. says:

    This is the WORST card I have ever owned. The customer service is very arrogant and rude. Talk to the card holder like trash like you are begging for their mercy to get their money. Though I always pay on time and cover beyond the total amount I have to pay at that moment. They are not flexible and try to squeeze the blood from the crab. Please do not use this card. Use Citibank, American Express or Discover card, they have better service and kindly understand customers. I owned this card more than a year but just delay my due date payment one day due to my financial institution discrepancy, they even not waive your late fee. They have made tons of fee from my purchase but they willlose more than they think because we will never ever use CHASE CARD including my friends, relatives…etc.

  7. SR says:

    I have the Chase Freedom card for a year now. Recently, they reduced my credit limit even when my credit score was excellent. Reason: “used only a limited amount of your credit access line”. I have a amex card for few years now and I don’t use it for more than a couple hundred dollars and “never” had amex complained about it.

    I think these are signs of things to come.

  8. bill sullivan says:

    Chase Visa Freedom Card??? Run as fast and as far as you can!!!This card is built to be so confusing that you are forced into paying interest charges. I have carried a Chase Visa card for 12 years…use it to pay for everything…and pay it off at the end of the month…haven’t paid an interest charge in all that time. Unfortunately I was talked into a Chase Freedom card and it has been a nightmare. It seems that they have catagories that you have to sign up for that cover the charges you make. The problem is that not all charges fit into these catagories and are carried into a “finish it” plan. This plan cannot be paid in one payment…has to be spread over 2 months…then a third payment for the interest accrued. That means I am forced to pay interest for 3 months on charges that will not show up on my monthly charges. Can you imagine having a card that you are not allowed to pay in full??? Incredible…and borderline illegal….run fast…run far

  9. Dana says:

    I agree with James. After a year, they said I have to pay a mandatory annual fee for their Ultimate rewards program. I said I didn’t want to join that rewards program but they said I had to. They still advertise as having no annual fee. DECEIVING!

  10. John says:

    Here’s the scam part I find the most deceptive. You sign up for this card because they advertise 5% back on popular purchases right? Well it turns out you can only get 5% back on $800 worth of purchases OVER A THREE MONTH PERIOD – so your max savings is $160/year for the 5% portion of the card. SLIMY!! So its really just a 1% back card, period. I would have never signed up. Lesson learned – don’t sign up for a card before you understand their entire program!!!

    • TT says:

      Wow… john, thanks so much for the info, i was tempted to apply because of the 5% cashback, now i know it’s a lie, thanks so much

      • mac says:

        Wow- thanks for that insight. I was looking for what’s the catch on this 5% cashback and now I see it. Too good to be true.

  11. HN says:

    I’ve had this card for over three years and I’ve been getting their $250 cash check for 7 times already (total $1,500), I dont know what’s wrong with the others but this is the only card I use everymonth, my reward average is about $25 month for about $1300 monthly balance. Remember, you have to pay you balance in full every month to avoid the high interest rate, other than that, I have no problem with it

  12. JT says:

    I found this article while searching deals for this card. My wife and I have had this card for a few years now and have been making at least $7-800/yr back with it. If you have a branch near you, and a good banker, have them explain it to you. You get (minimum) 1% back on everything, 5% in rotating quarterly promotions (like my discover), deals for going through their rewards site first when shopping online (I use it for free shipping and extra points back sometimes), and if you have a checking account with them they give you an extra 10% bonus on your points earned and 10 extra points per dollar (so my wife’s $3 coffee earns her like a $13 purchase). Get the brochure and explanation in a branch. We also used it for tons of BOGO movie tickets (the search that brought me to this link). We have probably saved at least another $100 just in movie tickets. All you complainer people… follow the rules… use it, pay it off in full every month… no excuses, never late, never over limit… I hope people don’t ruin the promos, I’m not sure I want others to share in this deal.

    • JT says:

      Oh, I just reread the post by HN. That reminded me… it is tuff to figure out what you are going to make with the card. So we just look at what we spend and what we make back. We run about $2-3000/mo on the cards and average about 2-3% back depending on what their quarterly promotion is. When the 5% gas promotion ends we might switch to their Real Cash debit card for a few things. The banker showed us a calculator, probably on the chase site, that shows groceries, drug stores, gas, fast food and coffee shops (yes coffee shops are a category, scary) that each make up to 3% back. Anyway, I hope that helps.

  13. Candice says:

    I opened a chase card in october of 2008 and wasn’t offered any bonuses… They also changed my “overstock” chase card to a “freedom” card in october of 2009 without me asking.
    Do you know if there were any bonus offers during those time periods?
    Or is there somewhere I can view past offers from Chase?

  14. TJ says:

    JT points out that a checking acct will get you another 10% on your points earned. It does not read that way.

    Don’t believe everything their agents tell you. I opened a Chase checking account to become a “10 and 10″ member. They claimed I would receive 10% in additional points on everything I bought. I know– too good to be true. But everyone I spoke to (try it out yourself) said I would get a combined 11% in points on every DOLLAR I spent. Throw in the quarterly stuff for the add’l 4% and you could get 15% in points. Well, after beating through several agents because the points weren’t adding up on my bill, I got to an “escalations manager.” She straightened out MY confusion. That 10% is 10% additional points based on your points earned, not dollars spent! This, despite the points summary screen “point blank” saying 10% points per dollar spent!” I spent a lot of time checking this out and they are thoroughly fraudulent in their representation. If you spent $4,000 one month- you would get $40. You then would get 10% of the $40– $4. NOT $400 as advertised. Again, now that I’ve been duped I feel like an idiot for having believed I was getting something for nothing, but if you think of Chase as one of the banks too big to fail, and Henry Paulson squeezing the CON-gress for $700 Billion Dollars; They can’t kick the economy back to life, then throwing staggering amounts of available tax dollars from their cash vaults back at the public doesn’t sound to proposterous. Well, George Carlin has a lot of appropriate material to describe the “business man.”

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