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Chase Freedom(SM) Card Review

You’ve probably seen numerous promotions about the latest card from Chase, the Chase FreedomĀ® Visa – $50 Bonus Cash Back [3], and the recently expired $250 promotional bonus for signing up for the card; but if you are like me, you never really took a look at the merits of the card to see if it was worth applying for. From a superficial glance, I would say it looks like a solid gas station card as it offers some great cash back percentages.

Now, the main gimmick of his card is that you can convert dollars to points to whatever else but that’s not something that appeals me. I only want cash back, you can keep the rewards and the airline tickets, I want greenbacks. In fact, the only reason why I’m using the Citi mtvU card and the Thank You Network is because I can use it to pay off student loans.

One almost cool thing is that they’re offering a 0% intro for up to 6 months on purchases, and 0% intro for 12 months on balance transfers. As with any card I’d ever consider (except a business card), this one has no annual fee.